The 10 Best Fridge Freezers in NZ

Are you looking for new fridge freezers and have you come across a fridge freeze, that looks like it would be perfect for you? But wait… what do you actually need to consider before buying a fridge freezer? There are several models, sizes, designs and types available in the New Zealand Market. But here we will discuss all types and the Best fridge freezer which suits your needs.

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Types Of Fridge Freezers

Top Mount – This type of Fridge has a freezer section on the top of the refrigerator.  They are relatively cheaper than bottom-mount fridges. Usually we use the fridge section more than the freezer. It might be inconvenient for you to bend down to look at your items in the fridge section every time.  

Bottom Mount – These fridges come with a freezer section at the bottom of the refrigerator. They are comparatively more expensive than the top fridge. But those fridges are convenient to use as you do not need to bend down and you can see all the items at your eye level.

Right or Left Side Hinge – If you want your fridge door to be open from the right-hand side then there are reversible door option fridges available also, so you can change door hinges from right to left-hand side.

Side By Side Door –  Those fridges have two doors like a cupboard. Those refrigerators have freezer sections on the left side and Fridge on the right side. They are convenient to use as well.

French Door –  These fridges have three sections – 2 Door on the top is the fridge section and one horizontal drawer at the bottom is Freezer. The freezer drawer is very spacious. 

Quad Door –  This fridge has four doors and has many sub-compartments and drawers.  You can keep your food items and beverages in a more organised way. The fridge compartments are easy to clean. You do not lose the cooling of the whole fridge when you open the one compartment door which makes them more energy efficient. 

Why do you need to consider the dimensions of Fridge Freezers before buying?

As you know, Fridge Freezer is available in various styles, sizes and designs, but you need to pick the right one according to your budget and most importantly you need to know available space in your kitchen. so you can buy the right size which will fit in the available space in your kitchen. There should be at least 8-10 cm space around Fridge Freezer for ventilation of heat.

To make the buying decision bit easier for you, we’ve selected some of the best fridge freezers available in New Zealand.


1. Kogan 532L Side by Side Fridge

Kogan 532L Side by Side Fridge

This side-by-side fridge is perfect for a big family, or someone who loves to entertain. It has a super large capacity of 532L, rapid cooling, and rapid freeze, which allows you to keep your food fresh for longer. It has an adjustable shelf which will let you organize your fridge in the way you want it. It also includes a convenient drawer for the dry goods, and an adjustable door, so you can keep your fridge well organized.

This fridge has a built-in LCD display, allowing you to see the temperature inside the fridge and adjust it with the touch of a button. The LCD display is also black glass, which helps prevent accidental temperature drops. Its inverter motor provides ultra-quiet operation, with a modern design that fits well in any kitchen.


  • Low Noise
  • Easily navigation
  • Adjustable Shelve


  • Not well Known Brand


2. Midea 474L Cross Door Fridge Freezer

Midea 474L Cross Door Fridge Freezer

The Midea 474L Cross Door Fridge Freezer is a stylish and powerful refrigerator. You will enjoy using this fridge with its stainless steel finish and smart sensor which enables the fridge to automatically adjust to the outside and inside temperatures. The compressor and fan inverter is designed to make sure the fridge is always efficient, and that it responds to cooling demand.

This fridge freezer offers a 360 ° tridimensional surrounding air cooling so that food is fresh longer. The internal space is spacious and can accommodate a wide variety of food. There are 2 independent cooling systems to avoid tainting, which are plasma sterilization and big curved surface light.


  • LED display control
  • Super Freezing & Cooling 
  • 2 independent cooling systems


  • Not well Known Brand


3. Westinghouse 524L French Door – WHE5264SC

Westinghouse 524L French Door

The Westinghouse was designed for convenience this 524-litre French door fridge. It is created for large household items. This model has mark resistant and fingerprint stainless steel exterior.

It has a sleek design appearance with the external water dispenser. So you can enjoy chilled water at any time of the day and keep your commonly used items within easy reach.

This French door configuration minimizes potential back pain from repetitive bending to keep the interior nice and cold fresh plus technology detects when the fridge needs to begin cooling, maintaining consistent temperature for optimal food freshness.

You can customize the interior of your fridge with the Flex store. The adjustable door bins and shelves provide flexibility for any situation ensuring maximum storage space at all times. There is a drink rack, which is ideal for storing cold bottles of water, soft drink, or chilled alcohol resting.

It has an automatic humidity control to maintain the freshness of your stored fruits and vegetables even when the crisper is full, the easy-glide mechanism ensures everything is easily accessible.


  • Spill safe shelves
  • Telescopic Freezer Drawer Runners
  • Fast ice option

Cons :

  • The compressor can make some noise 


4. Mitsubishi 492 Lt Multi Drawer Refrigerator

3. Mitsubishi 492 Litre Multi Drawer Refrigerator-MR-CX492EP-BST-A2

This CX designer series flat panel Fridge from Mitsubishi comes with two drawers and you can keep your large volume of food items in it. It has a vital item humanity draws so food stays fresher for a longer time.

It has an automatic ice-making system that does not require plumbing and you always get fresh ice. It has separate Drawers for vegetables and fruits so they stay fresh longer.

Its Inverter technology saves more than 30 per cent on power and makes it the quietest fridge in its class.

This 450 L fridge can be an ideal choice for an open living plan.

Its Multi airflow cooling technology helps to distribute cold air from the back to both sides of the fridge. It is very efficient to cool each compartment rapidly and evenly.


  • Removable Water
  • Tank Easy to Clean 
  • Whisper Quiet

Cons :

  • Not suitable for small kitchen 


5. Haier 514 Lt French Door Fridge Freezer

4. Haier 514 Litre French Door Fridge Freezer - HRF520FHS

This stylish French door refrigerator from Hire offers a large family-size capacity and an impressive four-star energy rating. The surface of this fridge has an anti-fingerprint coating, a nice touch for those concerned about dirty hands smudging the exterior at the front.

It has a slimline indoor water dispenser that provides free-flowing water and has been designed to fit almost any size jug or vessel without taking up useful storage space from inside.

The adjustable spill-safe shelving and easy slide crisper drawers provide flexible storage space and you can easily adjust the humidity on the crispers to create the right storage environment for your fresh products. It can fit large bottles comfortably in the adjustable door bins. It can be helpful for those who wish to keep their beverages upright.

This model features a multi-zone air system that helps to keep food fresher for longer with its ability to adjust the temperature, airflow, and humidity based on your fridge habits.

Freezers at the bottom come with full-width sliding drawers which can also be conveniently removed to accommodate larger storage needs.


  • Four Star Energy
  • Plumbing not required
  • Humidity controller


  • Small water Dispenser 


6. LG 570 Lt French Door Fridge Freezer

LG 570 Litre French Door Fridge Freezer GF L570MBL

This is a very sleek designed French Door fridge from LG. The top half of this fridge is the refrigerator and the bottom half in the freezer. There is plenty of room for storage in the top compartment as well as in the freezer for your large family.

It has a 10-liter ice maker which is smartly designed into the door to free up the top shelf for keeping up the stuff without restriction.

It has the option to get cubed or crushed ice. It has wider shelves, so you can keep your whole big platter on the shelf.

Generally, it is difficult to accommodate the large bottles in the fridge but in this LG French Door Fridge, you keep large bottles by pushing back the front half of the shelf. It is difficult to organize your frozen stuff in the freezer because most of the items come in plastic bags or in cart boxes, but in this fridge, you will get six drawers to organize all kinds of food items.

If there is any problem with this fridge you will get a notification via the LG ThinQ Mobile app and you can also remotely adjust the fridge temperature as well.


  • Does not make noise
  • Adjustable shelves  
  • Alerting for change water filter 


  • Water flow little bit slow  


7. Haier 565L French Door Fridge Freezer

Haier 565L French Door Fridge Freezer


The Haier 565-liter quad-door refrigerator is a black colour model and has a matte finish which gives a very elegant look and also prevents fingerprints and smudges.

On the top right there is a led control panel that responds to touch and it lets you set modes such as a power cool, a power freeze, or the default smart mode. In the front of the door, there is a water dispenser.

You get a good view of all the contents inside of the fridge because the LED lights on the top are bright. it gives a good view of all the contents that you have down at the bottom.

It has two drawers – one is for fresh storage such as fruits and vegetables and another one for dry items. They are also spill-proof and have five shelves. They are deep so there is no fear of your items falling when you open the door.

The tank for the water dispenser is pretty easy to clean and fill. This fridge especially comes with a huge freezer. It has four large drawers and also two shelves on top and is pretty convenient. You can store a lot of items in the fridge.


  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • Humidity controller for vegetable Bin
  • Smart Lock door system


  • The water flow is pretty slow from the Dispenser 


8. F & P Side by Side Fridge Freezer

7. Fisher & Paykel 610 Litre Side by Side Fridge Freezer - RX611DUX1

This Fisher and Paykel 610 liter side-by-side fridge offer elegance and sophistication while producing outstanding food storage solutions for large households. This is a smarter way of cooling and freezing with an overall capacity of 610 litres.

The slim door handles allow for effortless opening and the side-by-side design lets you see virtually everything in the fridge and freezer at a glance. It also allows for easier access to all your fresh foods and other items.

This fridge is ideal for families and households that use both the fridge and freezer every day while the built-in ice and water dispenser is an entertainer’s best friend producing cool water and up to 1 kilo of ice a day and the controls are located just above the dispenser for easy operation.

It also has amazing features such as the holiday mode that means it uses less energy than during standard operation when in use. There are also quick freeze and cool functions that chill or freeze food quickly.

These functions are perfect when putting large quantities of food into the fridge or freezer at one time helping them keep fresher for longer.


  • Easy to clean 
  • Wide-open spaces
  • Open door alarm
  • Water and ice dispenser


  • Plumbing required 
  • Expensive 


9. Panasonic 551L French Door Refrigerator

8. Panasonic 551L French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator- NR-CY55CPSAU

This Model NR-CY55CPSAU French door refrigerator from Panasonic has the latest smart technology – EcoNavi with inverter control offers superior energy savings and also vitamins safe, keeping your fruit and veggies fresher for longer.

This fridge is designed for modern family living. It has stylish French doors, modern and attractive, also serving a practical purpose and slim. They are perfect when kitchen space is tight and they can be opened individually.

This Fridge also prevents unnecessary cold air escaping which further contributes to energy savings inside the doors and offers more storage and the interior has been cleverly laid out including the centrally located airtight.

It has a large capacity drawer freezer which offers separate compartments and is designed for easy access, it has the inbuilt technology that really sets this French door fridge.

Apart from that, it has vitamin-safe blue and green flashing LED lights inside the crisper that mimic the Sun protecting vitamins and activating the natural defenses of fruits and veggies keeping them fresher for longer.

This fridge has advanced energy-saving technology using four smart Eco Navi sensors along with the inverter motor control. This fridge can adjust the amount of power used depending on the time of day and frequency of use meaning much lower running costs.


  • Energy efficient
  • Anti-bacterial Filters 
  • Precise Temperature for lasting freshness of vegi, meat, and other items 


  • Expensive 
  • Compressor is a bit noisy


10. Midea 462L French Door Fridge Freezer

Midea 462L French Door Fridge Freezer - JHFD462SS

This French door fridge should be on your shortlist finished in an attractive stainless steel 462-litre capacity that is suitable for households or families of four or more people.

There is a display on the top right door which lets you know at glance the temperature of your fridge and your freezer. The electronic controls offer features such as the super freeze function which seals in your food’s freshness by speeding up the freezing process. 

There are also very useful settings on this model including a holiday function that maintains a more efficient energy usage without compromising on the cool storage of your food for when you’re away.

inside the fridge section by opening the French doors immediately you’ll notice the full-width shelf design giving you greater convenience for storing and accessing food. You can even store large platters for your next dinner party as the shelves run the full width of the fridge.

There are six-door bins ideal for bottles and jars including a dairy. The compartment here, which is ideal for all the drawers, has a trackway which makes sliding them in and out incredibly smooth. You could keep your fruit and veggies in crisper bins.


  • Multi-airflow design
  • Fast freezing and cooling system


  • Only a 2-star energy rating 
  • Not well-known brand


We have selected the best fridge freezer for you, what is your opinion about those fridges, and are you using anyone above or planning to buy one? You can comment on the below section.


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