The 5 Best Galaxy Projectors For Your Parties & Kids

The best Galaxy projector is the hottest new trend for decorating parties, weddings, and other events. They create a fantastic ambience that is perfect for any event. Luckily for you, this trend is relatively cheap and easy to achieve. 

Starlight projectors are generally LED lights that are placed on the table to create a starry night. Some may have a motorized spinning arm that rotates and projects shooting stars while others only project stars. These lights can be set to change colours or stay on one specific colour. The effect is very realistic and adds a beautiful ambience to any event.

In this blog, I will walk you through the best galaxy projector on the market today. we also help you choose the best star projector for your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Galaxy Projectors in NZ

So you have decided to throw a starlight projector party and need some help figuring out how to choose the best one for your event. There are many different aspects of a good light show, so let’s get right into it.

Size: The best starlight projectors will come in a wide array of sizes. From small projector lights to full-size planetarium star projectors, there are many options to choose from. The size is important because you will want the lights to fill the room with light while still being able to see around you. 

Light Modes: There are different ways to view the starry night. Most projectors will offer a static mode where the lights stay in one position and a programmable mode which is how you control the lights. The static mode is excellent for outdoor events where there are moving people and items in your area that can be hit by light beams, such as trees or sticks. The programmable mode is great for indoors where there isn’t much of a chance of getting hit by the light beams during your event.

Remote: The remote controls that come with the lights are typically a simple button and trackpad remote. The more elaborate ones will have touch-sensitive buttons that you can adjust without needing to be right next to the projector. This will help keep your guests away from the lights at all times as they will never know when you are about to change them up!

Rotating Vs Still: Some lights will rotate while others will stay in place as they project their image. If you are planning to put your lights on a ceiling or wall, you may want to get a model that rotates and projects the image of stars onto walls or ceilings. This way, everyone can enjoy the view at all times.

Realistic Vs Stylised: Some lights are meant to look like a realistic starry night, other light projects make the stars look more like strings of lights with a pattern. The realistic ones will create an experience that is very true to life and the stylised star projectors add more of a theatrical look.

Batteries Vs Plugged-In: Most lights will come either with power cords or battery packs. Some party planners prefer having extra batteries on hand in case the power goes out during their event.

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The Best Galaxy Projectors NZ


1. Astronaut Projector Starry Sky Lamp Galaxy Projectors

This projector can light up a very large room. The astronaut’s head, which can be rotated with magnetic attraction, can be switched on and off by remote control. The arms can be moved, allowing you to set it in different poses. It comes in a variety of colour combinations and can be changed by remote control.


2. Star Night Light Galaxy Projection 

Light Galaxy Projection

Star Night Light Galaxy Projection is an amazing night light that offers 7 different stage lighting effects. It has a wireless remote control, which helps you adjust the brightness and a projector that projects high-resolution stars and moons on the ceiling, which are rotated alternately. The LED-Lit stars also rotate alternately and give you an amazing experience.


3. Multi-Angle Star Projector

Star Projector

This is a star projector which can project a variety of colours in a 360-degree rotation. It is compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistant, and can also be controlled by your mobile phone. The LED lights can be turned on/off and controlled to flash according to the music rhythm or clapping your hands, resulting in a romantic and colourful projection.


4. Polar Light LED Projector with Bluetooth Speaker

LED Projector

The only LED Projector Lamp is not just a projector but also a night light and speaker. The projector is designed with an eye-catching starry sky on the changing polar light. The four soothing basic colours create a galaxy space for your child. The 3-in-1 projector not only emits an aurora atmosphere light but can also be used as a night light and speaker.


5. LED Starry Planet Projector w/Bluetooth SpeakerPlanet Projector

The 3in1 LED Starry Planet Projector is the perfect companion for any occasion. This innovative light projector will add a ‘wow’ factor to your party. The 10 planets of the solar system have switchable designs and multiple colour ocean waves, combine with the galaxy mode, to create a beautiful starry sky projection. The built-in speaker, playing music via Bluetooth, allows you to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere at your party. With 4 different colours and a timer, this light projector is a must-have addition to your living room.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post on how to choose your best Galaxy Projector. We are confident that the tips we provided in this blog will help you find the perfect one for your home



Are Galaxy projectors safe?

Yes, the lasers in these best galaxy projectors are usually low-wattage and very safe in most cases. But keep in mind that you should never look directly at the projection or use a halo projector near your head. 


Where should a star projector be placed in a room?

It is best to place it in the centre of the room. This way, the entire room will be illuminated. The projector should be placed at least 7 ft from an object and at eye level to ensure better projection. 


How does a star projector work?

A star projector works by projecting thousands of tiny light particles onto a surface, creating images or pictures of projected stars with perfect firefly-like constellations.