The 10 Best Gaming Chairs in New Zealand

Thinking about buying the best gaming chair as a lifetime investment. A good body posture is very important, but if you are spending many hours on gaming then definitely you need the best gaming chair as it gives you the support you need to stay fit. 

As each gamer is aware if you play games for long hours, an uncomfortable chair can be harmful to your spine.  While playing the game or after if you feel like your back is hurting or sore, then possibly your gaming chair is the reason. So this is the time you should buy a new comfortable gaming chair.

Obviously, you need to choose a chair that improves your general health and gaming performance. What you need is the best gaming chair that reduces strain and tension during long sessions of playing games. If your gaming chair is not comfortable while playing it can cause many health issues such as stiff neck and severe back problems.

There is a huge range of gaming chairs available in the New Zealand market but it is tricky to pick the best gaming chair. 

Here you will have a look at our selection of the best gaming chair. This can be a handy guide for you and the things you need to consider before you buy one. 


Things need to consider before you choose the best gaming chair


1. Armrests

Gaming chairs with armrests are helpful while playing games. The best gaming chair with armrests good for your wrist, forearms and elbows.  

At the point when you are looking to buy a gaming chair, pay special attention to chairs that go along with 4-directional armrests.

2. Comfortable sitting 

Gaming chairs are produced using either PU leather, network, PVC leather, or texture. Regardless of the material, your chair is produced using, guarantee it has cold froth cushioning. Comfortable sittings make your chair the best gaming chair so make sure when you buy one, it should be comfortable. 

Cold froth cushioning is incredible on the grounds that it offers help for your entire body when you plunk down for long periods. It is likewise firm yet comfortable. In addition, it is additionally more strong than most other options out there. 


3. Movable backrest

The movability of the backrest is basic to try not to hurt your spine in the long term. To test for this when shopping, move the backrest around by using the button in various positions and check how it feels. 


4. Size of the chair

There is no correct size for the best gaming chair, as you can choose the size that suits your body type.  

A very expensive chair doesn’t mean better with the best gaming chairs. You only need to get the chair that is your size, and one with a comfortable back and armrest. Then, you will appreciate long hours with little agony for every one of your efforts.

Best Gaming chairs that you can buy today 


1. Workspace Meshback Gaming ChairWorkspace Gaming Chair

The Workspace Meshback Gaming Chair is the pinnacle of ergonomic comfort. Adjustable lumbar support and a 90-130 degree recline with infinite tilt lock provide you with customized, long-lasting comfort. 

The 5-hour comfort rating means you can game for hours on end without your neck feeling stiff or sore. The adjustable lumbar support helps you sit up straight and reduces back pain.

The seat height is adjustable from 510 to 610 mm so, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for any gamer. With an adjustable headrest and padded armrests, this chair has everything you need to play. 

Pros : 

  • You can recline in the perfect position to watch your favourite Game
  • Comfortable sitting 


  • No Warranty upholstery


2. Jory Henley Legend Gaming Chair

Jory Henley Legend Gaming ChairThis  Jory Henley Legend Gaming Chair is a great addition to any gamer’s collection. This stylish chair is a great combination of black, orange and red dashing colours. The high backrest and the armrests are made of PU leather, which makes it both comfortable and durable. 

It features five quality castor wheels with 360-degree swivelling capability that allows you to glide smoothly in all directions. This gaming chair reclines and has a rocker tilt function that provides you with maximum comfort during long hours of gameplay.

With its breathable upholstery, this gaming chair will keep you cool even after hours of sitting on it. It comes with a headrest pillow, lumbar cushion and armrests for maximum comfort during long hours of gaming. 

The high backrest gives you great support while the soft PU material allows air to circulate for your optimal comfort. This chair is ideal for gamers who want to play games in complete comfort. 

Pros : 

  • Well Built
  • Ideal option for tall Height Gamer 

Cons : 

  • Bulky look



3. Darth High Back Gaming ChairDarth High Gaming Chair

This Darth High Back Gaming Chair comes in an outstanding look and in stylish black colour and in great quality leather-tone. It has a metalized plastic armrest and base. This gaming chair is the ultimate ergonomic comfort. With its padded head, side and seat support, this office chair is perfect for long hours of work or play.

This vehicle style chair has been designed for those who want style without paying an excessive amount. The seat is filled with soft foam padding which provides comfort for long periods of time spent sitting in this chair. It is perfect if you are planning on using it as an office chair or as a gaming chair.

The leather-look look gives it a stylish yet comfortable look that will fit any room. The high-quality leather-look upholstery is soft to the touch and easy to clean. 

While the gas lift height adjustment allows you to sit comfortably at your desk or table without having to lean forward or backward like most office chairs.  It also has a Castor wheelbase for manoeuvrability. 

Pros : 

  • Good for lumbar support
  • Royal Look

Cons :

  •  It required assembly



4. Pure Acoustics Black/Red Spider X Gaming

Pure Acoustics Black Red Spider X Gaming Chair

The chair has a strong metal frame and the matt finish chair can support up to 150Kg of weight and can hold you comfortable as you sit back and play video games or work on your computer. The gas piston height adjustment allows for quick changes in height for comfortable long sitting. 

The Spider X gaming chair is a high back swivel chair with breathable mesh fabric and an open back design. It features a 360-degree rotation on its axis for maximum comfort while playing games or watching movies. 

The armrests are padded and the base is sturdy and strong. The wheels are smooth rolling and silent, providing you with a comfortable ride that won’t distract you from your game. This fancy gaming chair has been designed to comfortably support all gamers

Pros : 

  • Very Durable
  • 360 Rotation axis

Cons :

  •  Assembly required 


5. High Back Gaming Office Chair

High Back Gaming Chair

The High Back Gaming Office Chair is the perfect chair for gamers and for your home office or game room.  This dashing leather-look chair is available in bright red and black colour. 

This gaming chair features adjustable height and locking tilt function allowing you to find the most comfortable position while playing games. This high-back chair features a gas lift adjustable height, which will make it easy for you to adjust the seat at any time. 

It has a soft plastic armrest, lumbar cushion, and a headrest with a PU cover. The black nylon PA casters are 100mm in diameter and have a chrome gas lift. The tilt locks at any angle between 90-118°. This chair also has a 350mm nylon base. 

Another fantastic feature of this chair is extra-cushioned lumber support that is great for long hours of sitting, and the PU leather upholstery makes this chair look great in any room. 

Pros : 

  • Perfect chair for any gamer
  • Lumbar Cushion
  • Modern Design

Cons :

  • A bit firm 


6. Gorilla Gaming Chair – Black

Gorilla Gaming Chair

This attractive Gorilla Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It has a  strong inner frame that allows you to sit in comfort while playing for up to 8 hours or all day long. 

It has Faux leather and breathable mesh upholstery that provides a comfortable experience even after hours of use. Its Padded armrests allow you to rest your arms comfortably when not in use.  It has a firm headrest and backrest and more curve that supports neck, Spine and lumbar cushioning to maintain a healthy posture in routine. 

It has a great feature of height adjustment that makes this chair suitable for many different heights without having to worry about it being too big or too small.

The Gorilla Chair is a gaming chair that can be used for work, home, or even in the office. It has a strong 5-star quality base and a 360-degree rotation function and a backrest tilt. This chair comes with a load capacity of up to 140kg and a height limit of up to 6’. 

Pros : 

  • Very Comfortable
  • Strong inner frame 

Cons : 

  • Not Ideal for Tall Person


7. Gorilla Gaming Chair – Black & Orange

This  Gorilla Black & Orange look gaming chair is a great chair for any gaming experience. This Chair is designed to provide the best comfort and support during your long hours of playing. 

This chair is ergonomically designed to promote healthy posture and reduce back pain, allowing you to focus more on your gameplay. With its 360 degrees swivel function, you can turn around without getting up from your seat. 

For added convenience, it has a height adjustment feature that allows you to change the level of the chair in order to accommodate different heights and builds. Additionally, this product comes with an 8-hour rating.

It has a strong inner frame and a solid base that keeps you sitting upright. This chair is made of faux leather and breathable mesh upholstery with padded armrests so you can sit comfortably for hours on end while playing your favourite video games. It has a soft headrest and backrest to provide comfort to your spine, neck, and wrist.

The cushioning protects from bad shoulders and wrist pain and promotes healthy working routines without any sore back and neck. You can adjust the height of the seat by using the lever underneath the seat and adjusting it according to your comfort. It has a load capacity of up to 140kg. 


  •  Firm seat and backrest.
  •  Strong Structure


  • Armrest not adjustable 


8. Extreme Gaming Chair Black/White

Extreme Gaming Chair Black/White

The Extreme Gaming Chair Black/White colour has a 350ml Nylon base, which is durable and strong. The seat backrest locks into any position you want, so you can customise your comfort. 

This ultimate gaming chair is a sleek, ergonomic gaming chair that features armrests that can be adjusted to your desired height. The headrest and lumbar pillows support the back and neck while you play, ensuring maximum comfort for long hours of gameplay. 

The butterfly tilting backrest allows you to lock in any position for added support. It also has an adjustable seat with a tilt tension control knob so you can adjust the level of recline to suit your needs. It features supportive pillows to support your back and neck comfort. 

The seat cushion is made of comfortable foam padding for long hours of play. This high-quality chair will have you sitting pretty while you play. 

Pros :

  • Very comfortable
  • Butterfly tilting backrest

Cons : 

  • Headrest lacks adjustment


9. Gorilla Gaming Hunter Chair

Gorilla Gaming Hunter Chair - Black and Red

The Gorilla Gaming Hunter Chair is a great addition to any gamer’s room. It has been designed with the avid gamer in mind, and it is perfect for those long hours of gaming. It’s designed to help you sit in the most ergonomically correct position possible.

It features a high-quality PU leather cover with an eye-catching design that will turn heads. This dashing chair is the ultimate gaming chair. It has a tilt locking mechanism that holds you at your desired angle, and it’s adjustable for 90–135 degrees.

The height-adjustable gas spring cylinder lets you choose how high or low you want to sit. It has a built-in footrest so your feet will be comfortable as well.  It comes with casters that let you move the chair around easily. This is the best chair for PC gamers and for your desktop computer. 

The other feature of this chair is, it comes with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to provide extra support where it’s needed most. The chair also includes a tilt lock mechanism to ensure you stay comfortable even after long hours of sitting. It has a Load Capacity of up to 150kg and has up to 8 hours of chair rating. 

Pros : 

  • Comfortable and Sturdy
  • Modular

Cons : 

  • A bit firm 


10. Gaming Chair Racing Executive Footrest

Gaming Office Chair Racing Executive Footrest Computer Seat Recliner Upholstered

This Gaming Office Chair Racing Executive Footrest Computer Seat Recliner Upholstered chair is the ultimate chair for game lovers. This stylish red/black colour chair is a high-quality gaming chair. 

It has a  solid metal frame with a memory foam seat and armrests. This chair is very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, and it comes with free cushions and pillows.

The back of the chair is made of linen cloth and faux leather, which makes it look stylish. The 2D PP armrests are adjustable in height, so you can adjust them to your liking. You can also tilt them up or down at any angle you want. 

The chair is made of PU leather with comfortable upholstery. The back can be adjusted to 90°, 105°, 120° and 135°. It is equipped with a 360° swivel base and adjustable seat height. 

The chair has an ergonomic design that allows you to sit in it for hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable. It also has a high weight capacity of 150kg so it’s perfect for both adults and kids. 

Pros : 

  • Incredibly stylish lines
  • Durable 

Cons :

  • Expensive


Above we have made a list of the best gaming Chairs, let us know what do think about that.


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