Top 5 Best Gaming Desks in NZ

As technology advances, people are spending more and more time playing video games. In order to get the most out of your gaming experience, it is important to have the right tools. One of the most important tools for any gamer is a good gaming desk.

The best gaming desk will provide you with enough space to store all of your equipment and keep everything organized. It will also help you stay comfortable while you are playing.

These desks will also help you minimize eye strain so that you can play for a longer period of time. Perhaps most importantly, the best gaming table will provide you with a comfortable place to sit so that you don’t become stiff by sitting in one place for too long.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and sleek or something with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered. So check out our picks and find the perfect desk for your gaming needs.

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How to choose the Best Gaming Desk for you

First of all, you will want to take into consideration your gaming needs. For example, if you only play on your computer during the week and only for a few hours a day, you probably do not need a large desk.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough space to store all of your equipment and also want to be able to sit comfortably every time that you are playing video games, then it is important that you invest in a large desk.

You will also want to consider the size and shape of the desk that you are choosing. For example, if you plan to play in a room that has a corner, it may be best to choose a rectangular desk so that there is room for your equipment on both sides.

Second, you will also want to consider the quality of the desk that you are choosing. For example, some products that are made with particleboard and laminate finish will not be as durable as a desk that is made from durable wood. You should also try to find a desk that has a smooth finish because it offers greater comfort when playing video games.

If you are going to get a desk that is made from wood, make sure it is made from solid wood. Don’t choose a desk that is only made of thin plywood because you will end up with pain in your back and neck after extended use of the desk. Also, you should ensure that the surface of your desk is smooth so that it doesn’t hurt you when playing video games.

Third, you will want to consider the style and decor of your desk. For example, if you are a gamer who likes to have a good-looking desk set up, it is important that you choose a desk that has a stylish and attractive appearance. If you want to add some extra flair, such as wood or stone accents, to your desk, ensure that the piece is actually made from solid wood and not particle board.

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What are the types of Gaming Desks?

There are three main types of desks: standard, corner, and L-shaped.

Standard Desk: A standard desk is the most common type of desk. It’s typically rectangular in shape and has a flat surface. Standard desks are great for gamers who have a lot of gear or need a lot of desk space.

Corner Desk: A corner desk is exactly what it sounds like: a desk that fits in the corner of your room. Corner desks are great for gamers who want to save space or have a smaller room.

L-Shaped Desk: An L-shaped desk is a cross between a standard desk and a corner desk. It’s L-shaped so that it can fit in the corner of your room, but it has a larger surface area than a corner desk. L-shaped desks are great for gamers who want a lot of desk space but don’t have a large room.

Standard Desk:  If you play games for long hours and don’t want to sit in the same place for hours, a standing desk is an ideal solution. This type of desk has a higher surface that you can stand on and work or play games.

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The Best Gaming Desks NZ


1. Eureka Ergonomic Explorer Lighting Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Explorer Lighting Desk

The eureka ergonomic explorer desk is a uniquely designed surface that is equipped with over 200 lighting effects and an RGB lighting system that reacts to your music. The desk’s surface has been tailored with ultra-durable stitched edges and premium rubber feet to ensure a zero-slip base. The height of this desk can be adjusted to suit the needs of every individual and it features robust load-bearing, structural engineering design.


2. Juggernaut Gaming Desk – TitanJuggernaut Gaming Desk

The Juggernaut Desk is an elegant and spacious desk surface, providing ample space for all your gaming needs. The wide desk surface is large enough to fit a standard 27″ monitor while still having room for a laptop or PC. The desk also has an additional multi-functional shelf that can be used to store items like controllers, headsets and much more. It also has other options and extras you can add to your order such as raised feet, pedals, headphone hooks, and cups holder.


3. Gorilla Gaming Desk – Champion XLGorilla Gaming Desk

To provide the ultimate gaming comfort, Gorilla gaming has designed a  desk cover that is spill-resistant and provides a surface that is specially textured to provide you with the perfect grip. The colour compliments any décor while providing the ideal surface for your favourite mouse.

Gorilla Gaming uses a specially textured surface to enhance the grip of your mouse, allowing you to concentrate on the game in hand without losing control of your mouse. The texture also enables optimal control of movement while reducing fatigue of the hand and wrist.


4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Arozzi Arena

The Arozzi Arena desk features a high-quality MDF board with an attractive red and black colour design. It also has a practical cable management pouch for your mouse, keyboard, and power cables. The Arena Desk has an adjustable height from 70 – 80 cm (27.5″ – 31.5″).  The mouse pad’s surface is covered with strong 5 mm thick material with a catchy design and has a rubberized top to prevent slipping.


5. Gorilla Gaming Desk – V1Gaming Desk

The Gorilla  Desk is the ideal gaming solution for gamers that want a desk with a little more space and comfort. This desk solution gives you enough room to store your devices, headset, keyboard and mouse without cluttering the desktop surface. It has Scratch-resistant and durable with a strong structure. It also comes with a strong metal frame and has a sturdy construction.



What kind of desks are good for gaming?

When choosing a desk, it’s important to consider the type of gaming you’ll be doing. If you’re mostly playing multiplayer games, you’ll need enough room for your keyboard, mouse, and monitors. If you’re into role-playing games or strategy games, you’ll also need plenty of space for your books and other materials.


What is the best desk size for gaming?

The best desk size for gaming is one that is large enough to accommodate all of your gaming gear. If you have a large monitor, you will need a desk that is big enough to hold it. You also need to consider the size of your keyboard and mouse. A gaming desk should also have plenty of storage space for your games and other gaming accessories. 


Is a gaming desk worth it?

A gaming desk can be a great investment for gamers who want to improve their gameplay. A good desk can provide a comfortable and ergonomic workspace for extended gaming sessions. It can also help to organize your gaming gear and cables.


Are gaming desks sturdy?

Yes, gaming desks can be quite sturdy. They are often made of high-quality materials that can support a lot of weight. This makes them perfect for gamers who need a durable surface on which to place their equipment.