Top 5 Best Garden Art in NZ

Do you want to make your garden more beautiful?  This blog will show you how to find the perfect pieces of art for your space. There are many different styles and themes available, there is sure to be something that fits with what you’re looking for.

Adding art to the garden is a great way to make it more interesting and beautiful. Nothing pleases you more than adding space for artwork, whether modern or old pieces from your own garden.

The perfect outdoor art installation doesn’t just happen. It requires a little bit of thought and planning before you install your new creation, but it will be well worth the time put into choosing an appropriate design that is both aesthetically pleasing as well functional for its intended purpose in any given space.

There are several different types of garden art that you can use to enhance your garden. Some popular options include birdbaths, statues, and fountains. Although they all look beautiful in a garden, each has its own unique benefits and features. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular types of garden art so that you can choose the best one for your yard.

Best Garden Sculpture in NZ

Guide to Pick right Garden Art for you 

When you’re creating an art installation, it’s important to consider how your work will be viewed. If positioned amongst planting or open view, make sure that the surrounding plants don’t completely cover up any of what little remains visible. 

Think about scale when deciding what kind of artwork is right for how much space that will fit into – do you want big pieces all over? Smaller ones are only visible from far away but still being noticed because they’re so well hidden among plants someone passing by wouldn’t notice at first glance.

A hedge can create an interesting backdrop for showing off art, and soft planting to contrast it. Long grass is wonderful in this scenario because of its varying textures that make up one productive scene combined with other plants like flowers or herbs growing together while you enjoy your sculpture among their beauty.

Do you want to keep up with the latest trends in home decor? Or do something more traditional and classic. No matter what style is right for your house, just make sure that when deciding which art pieces are displayed throughout it’s not something ugly.

7 Best Garden Ornaments in NZ


The Best Garden Arts NZ


1. THAR XL corten

Garden Art

The Thar XL Corten Steel Garden art is a majestic piece that will bring an artistic sense to your home or garden. It is made from high-quality, laser-cut steel, the art is naturally weathering cor-ten steel.


2. Flax pod xlcorten

Flax pod

The flax pod design will be the perfect addition to your garden or outdoor space. As with all our artwork, it is made from high-quality laser-cut steel and gives an authentic Kiwiana statement in any landscape setting. 


3. Takahe medium corten staked

Corten Staked

Takahe is an old-fashioned reminder that you can find anywhere. This little fellow will be equally at home hiding behind a bush in your backyard, or on display outside to show off its natural weathering steel colouring. As with all our artwork, it’s made from high-quality materials like laser-cut corTen.


4. Garden Ornaments Black Chicken Statues 5PCS

Statues Decorations

These long-lasting, durable garden ornaments are the perfect way to bring some colour and life into your yard. These black chicken statuettes will also provide a focal point that everyone can enjoy. It’s perfect for when you need instant decoration


5. Vibrant Solar Peacock Garden Ornament Vibrant Solar Peacock

This beautiful solar peacock is a great piece of decor. The solar panels in this ornament are automatically charged through daylight; the LED lights take approximately 6 hours to charge and can light for up to 8 hours at night. The metal body of the peacock will not rust or corrode. This art can be a great gift for any occasion as well.