Top 7 Best Garden Sculpture in NZ

Garden statuary is a great way to add some flair and life to your garden. A stunning feature will draw visitors in and break up the monotony of planting during winter months, when outdoor areas may look sparse. Positioning your ornaments carefully can highlight certain parts that need more attention than others so they’re not overlooked.

A beautiful garden should have focal points that are both decorative and functional. Garden sculptures, planting pots or seating areas can all help guide the eye around your yard while also making it seem spacious with great use of space.

There are many factors to consider when selecting garden art. Will it complement your outdoor space, enhance the view from inside of a specific room in particular (such as if you have an open kitchen), or will visitors be drawn towards what is being shown? We recommend considering all potential angles before making any final decisions on placement so that no one aspect reigns supreme over another.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Garden Sculpture

Artists often use garden sculptures to enhance their landscapes. Garden sculptures can be found in many different shapes and sizes, with most pieces being made from metal or stone. For instance, a tall metal fountain could create a focal point in your yard, while an intricate marble bench might add some flair to the flowerbeds that surround it. 

There are many different types of materials that can be used. Sculptures made from limestone or marble are some of the most popular choices because they look great in any landscape and will last for years to come. Marble is known for its durability while limestone has more detail and can vary in colour depending on where it comes from. If you’re worried about whether your new statue will fit with your existing landscaping, choose one with neutral colours so it won’t stand out too much.

Best Garden Art in NZ

If you’re looking for a naturalistic style in your garden, there are many types of sculptures that will work well. For instance, wood is often ideal because it can be easily found on its own or mixed with other materials like metal and wicker to create interesting figures.

The best garden sculpture is determined by your personal preferences. If you prefer something modern, abstract or whimsical, then look for a piece of art that fits your taste. If you like the traditional look of flowers and plants, find an old-fashioned statue of a fountain or birdbath.

No matter what kind of garden sculpture you choose to install, there are several things to keep in mind when shopping for it. A good place to start is by deciding on the space where you want it to go, as well as the type of material that will work best in your garden environment.

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The Best Garden Sculptures NZ


1. StoneBase Bali Hand Carved Stone

Garden Sculpture

This stoneBase Bali statue is fully hand-carved stone with an amazing Pot Planter Water Feature. This antique style sculpture can change any simple garden into a new look. The small vase she holds in her right hand probably has a small hole in the bottom so water can be pumped up and out of it. It is 200cm tall, 38cm wide and 30cm deep.


2. StoneBase Easter Island Statue

Hand Carved Stone 

This StoneBase Easter Island Statue is a beautiful hand-carved sculpture. This statue can complement your garden with a sculpture handcrafted from Indonesian greenstone and it will look great both day or night in your garden.

It was early crafted by the Rapa Nui people and is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues known as moai. This sculpture is made from rock and stone, which have been bound for centuries and make this beautiful stone. It is 60cm Tall, 24cm wide, 17cm deep and weighs 60kg.


3. StoneBase Bali Statue With Pot Planter StoneBase

This is a beautiful antique hand-carved statue. It is not just a sculpture, it also features a vase planter on the top of the head. This also looks great at night light and enhances the beauty of your outdoor furniture and garden landscaping. The dimensions of this statue are 103cm Tall and 44cm wide.


4. Roman Stone Four Seasons

Roman Stone

This stunning sculpture of a woman is inspired by the Hellenistic Period of roman. Which is famous for its many historic sculptures. In this statue, a woman is holding her winter shawl for warmth and elegance. This sculpture is perfect for those who need texture and a touch of historical culture to there any indoor or exterior space.


5. Edge Sculpture Ginger Cat Figure Cat Figure

The Edge Sculpture Ginger Cat Figure is a hand-painted sculpture of a ginger cat, with green eyes and stripes that provide intricate detail. The figure sits in a sitting pose and has its head tilted to the side. It features wide-open eyes, which give it an inquisitive look. This figurine showcases the natural beauty of cats and makes for a great addition to any home or office setting.


6. StoneBase Bali Statue Hand Carved Stone 155cm 

Bali Statue

This Balinese greenstone statue is hand-carved from a single block of stone. The artisan has created a beautiful greenstone piece that will stand out in any garden or home. The goddess is holding a pot with a hole at the bottom, so water can be pumped up and out the spout into a swimming pool or pond. This statue features an intricate design that will make it an attractive addition to your outdoor space.


7. StoneBase Bali Statue Hand Carved Stone 200cm

Hand Carved

This is a hand-carved statue from the finest greenstone, this Balinese statue is a true piece of art. It’s perfect for your garden, patio or outdoor space. The pot she is holding purposely has a hole so water can be pumped up & out the spout compliments your outdoor and garden landscaping.