The 5 Best Grain Free Dog Food

Good nutrition is important for your dog. It is important because it can contribute to your dog’s overall health, as well as their well-being. As a pet owner, you should know that feeding your dog grain-free dog food can help provide your dog with the nutrition and energy it needs to thrive.

However, if you feed your dog a grain-free diet, it is important to make sure that you are feeding your dog the best grain-free food for their size and age. In this blog, we have analyzed the best grain-free dog food for your dog and the best types of grain-free food that you should be looking for.

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How to choose the best Grain Free Dog Food

The first step in choosing the best grain-free dry dog food is understanding what ingredients are typically used in these bags. There are two major types of ingredients that you want to look for: meat and plant-based proteins (this includes vegetables).

Meat-Based Proteins: It is essential to look for meats in your grain-free dog food that were raised without added grains. This means the animal was fed an all-protein diet exclusively and the meat was not fed any grains. For example, 100% lamb contains more than 50% of meat as meat and less than 50% fat and protein by weight. The best meat sources are fatty cuts of lamb, buffalo, venison or chicken since they have little risk of containing any grains.

Plant-Based Proteins: Plant-based proteins are typically made from peas, potatoes, rice or wheat. Unfortunately, many grain-free dry dog foods contain wheat and/or corn as their main plant-based proteins. As long as a plant-based protein source is listed as the first ingredient (since this is most common) you should assume that the remaining ingredients are purely for flavour and appearance and not for nutritional purposes.


Is grain-free dog food better?

Grain-free dog food is not necessarily better than regular dog food. Some dogs have no adverse reaction to grain in their diet while other dogs develop skin, coat or intestinal problems. The decision to switch from one type of dog food to another should be based on your dog’s individual requirements and your ability to identify potential problems.


What is considered grain in dog food?

Technically, anything that is in the grain family is considered to be a grain-based ingredient. This includes wheat, barley, rye, oats and corn. Many grain-free dry dog foods use alternative grains such as tapioca or brown rice.


Difference Between Gluten & Grain Free Dog Foods

The biggest difference between grain-free dog food and gluten-free dog food is the meat source. Dogs with wheat sensitivities can be very allergic to gluten in grain products. Although some grains are less allergenic than others, most dogs will develop an allergic reaction to grains regardless of which specific grain is used.

There are two types of gluten sensitivity in dogs: one is associated with foods containing whole wheat, rye or barley and the second type occurs due to contaminated wheat or corn products.


How much to feed your dog?

Your 2-5 pound dog will need 1/2 cup of food daily, and your 5-10 pound dog will need 1 cup. Your 10-25 pound dog will need 2 cups of food, and your 25+ pounds will eat 3 cups per day. If you have an active large breed or an active small breed, you may want to increase their intake to accommodate the increased activity levels.

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The Best Grain-Free Dog Food NZ


1. Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Kangaroo Dry Dog FoodGrain Free Fog Food

The Black Hawk Grain Free Dog Food is a nutritious blend containing high-quality kangaroo meals, chicken meals, peas and sweet potatoes. This novel, high-protein recipe is complete with vegetables, fruits and oils. This Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is perfect for dogs prone to dietary sensitivities or those who wish to exclude grains from their diet. 


2. Addiction Grain-Free Mega Multi Protein Dry Dog FoodMega Multi Protein

This dog food is perfect for any dog who has a big life. MEGA is made with a savoury medley of protein-rich New Zealand free-range Lamb and Beef along with fruits, vegetables, and amino acids that offer your dog all the nutrition they need to thrive. MEGA also includes Glucosamine for joint function for strong legs and mobility. With antioxidants and phytonutrients to help fight against damage from free radicals.


3. Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Beef Tinned Wet Dog Food

Black Hawk

Black Hawk Grain Free Dog Food is a superb dog food formulated to help with skin and coat health. It contains an omega fatty acid called emu oil, which is of special significance for dogs as it helps keep their skin healthy. This food also has a fresh and high-quality ingredient list that includes ingredients such as fresh beef, chicken and potato that are great for your dog’s health.


4. Meat Mates Grain Free Freeze Dried Lamb Dog Treats

Meat Mates

The Meat Mates Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Lamb Dog Treats is a freeze-dried, single-source meat treat that contains no preservatives, flavours or grains. These treats are perfect for any dog with sensitivities to different animal proteins or grains. Made from the finest ingredients, these delicious treats come in natural lamb flavour and provide an excellent reward during training. These healthy and wholesome treats are made without fad fillers or other additives and are guilt-free treats that can be given daily.


5. Addiction Grain-Free Viva La Venison Dry Dog FoodViva La Venison

The Viva La Venison Dry Dog Food is a great dog food because it is made with pasture-fed, free-ranged venison which is the first-time protein in the food that makes this food perfect for dogs who have allergies. A generous amount of fruit and vegetables enriched with probiotics make this dog food great for your dog’s overall health and vitality. This dry dog food has no wheat, corn, soy, gluten or artificial preservatives and by-products so it’s great for sensitive stomachs.



We hope you enjoyed our blog on how to choose the best grain-free dog food for your pup. There are so many options for your dog, that it can be a bit overwhelming. We are here to tell you that you can make the right decision for your pup! Use our blog post as a guideline and you will know how to decide which grain-free dog food is right for you and your pup.

This blog is for general information to help you to find the best food for your pet if you have any concerns related to your pet’s diet. You can consult your pet specialist. If you have questions regarding the product, please directly contact the online store where the product is listed.