Top 5 Best Greenhouse in NZ

In order to have a successful garden, you need the proper environment. The right greenhouse can provide this for you. It will protect your plants from the elements and help them grow better as well as make it easier on you as they are all in one place. 

The best greenhouses keep heat in with double-pane glass and sturdy construction materials such as sheet metal and aluminium framing, but this doesn’t mean they have to be ugly.  There are many attractive options available for those who want their garden space indoors as well as outdoor. 

Whether you’re growing melons, tomatoes or cucumbers, the addition of a greenhouse will improve not just your ability to grow plants but also your enjoyment.

With so many choices available it’s hard to know what factors are important in choosing the right one. This blog will provide information about different types of greenhouses as well as their features so that by the end of the reading you’ll be able to choose which type is best suited for your needs.

Best Garden Sheds in NZ

How to Choose the Best Greenhouse for you

There are many different types of greenhouses in the market but you have to consider what type of panel or frame it is made out of, but also how big that space will be. measurements can vary greatly depending on your needs. What about doors – should they open up fully into a covered area?

Do ventilation systems help reduce humidity levels in order for plants not to suffer from over-watering due to high temperatures outdoors?


The Types of Greenhouse

There’s also at least one window that opens up into this warm environment as well! They work by retaining heat from cold winter nights while radiating off excess warmth on hot days like today – but what about those who live where winters aren’t so chilly? Well then don’t worry because they’re not just durable enough against wandering animals either: freestanding structures also make great storage units too (especially if you use hooks on opposing walls).


Free Standing – The first thing that comes to mind when you think of greenhouses is free-standing structures with straight sides and a pitched roof. These generally have sliding doors, at least one window for ventilation purposes (to keep bugs out), as well as an opening where the light can reach inside without any obstruction from glass or plastic panels on all three sides; they’re 100% transparent. 

Wooden Made  – A greenhouse made of wood is typically stronger and heavier than an aluminium one. The low wooden walls of a greenhouse are often covered with glass. A wooden frame offers beauty and practicality in one package – it can keep you warm during the winter months without sacrificing fresh air flow through ventilation systems installed on all sides.

An aluminium frame greenhouse is the cheapest option for your garden. However, be aware that inexpensive models can have an unstable construction which will lead to panels dragging on the ground or sagging in most places when winds are present.  As these only resist wind by being lightweight and stiff, not durable enough against high gusts of force like seaside tower houses may do. 

A mini greenhouse is a popular choice in suburbs. Mini greenhouses are a great way to garden in small spaces. Mini versions come with different features such as being portable enough so they remain tucked away when necessary but also providing protection from inclement weather.


The Best Greenhouses NZ


1. Deal Mart GreenhouseBest Greenhouse

Deal Mart Greenhouse is the most popular hut shaped greenhouse in the market. This single-door, gabled roof, strong aluminium frame greenhouse has been built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use. The two opening windows on the roof allow for a great amount of air circulation throughout the greenhouse which helps to keep your plants healthy and growing well.


2. Salelink Greenhouse Flower Garden Shed

Flower Garden Shed

This best greenhouse is a great addition to your flower garden. The transparent cover allows you to observe the growth of the plants while keeping them warm and protected from harmful weather conditions. It features a metal frame with an anti-rust surface, so it will last for years without needing any maintenance. You can easily assemble this greenhouse by yourself in just minutes.


3. Evergreen Mini Greenhouse 1m x 0.6mEvergreen Mini Greenhouse

The Evergreen Mini Greenhouse is a great way to start your seedlings and cuttings off right. This mini greenhouse features twin lids with multi-position brackets for temperature control, 4mm polycarbonate, and an aluminium frame. It’s easy to assemble and can be used indoors or outdoors. 


4. Evergreen Tunnel House Greenhouse 2m X 3mEvergreen Tunnel Greenhouse

The Evergreen Tunnel best Greenhouse is a great option for gardeners who want to extend their growing season. The greenhouse has two roll-up doors, one at each end. This allows you to easily access your plants from either side of the structure. You can also choose which direction you want the door facing and open it accordingly. There are six ventilation windows with insect screens on this model, so you don’t have to worry about pesky bugs getting in and damaging your plants.


5. Walk-In Greenhouse Garden Shed 2 TierWalk-In Greenhouse

The Evergreen Tunnel House Greenhouse is an easy-to-install, durable greenhouse that can provide you with a year-round growing environment. The tunnel design allows for maximum sunlight exposure while providing protection from the wind and rain. This greenhouse features a roll-up zipped door for easy access to your plants, water catchment area, and anti-insect mesh screen.