The 5 Best Hair Straighteners For Every Hair Type

Your hair is a highly valuable asset and so it should be treated as such. With that in mind, the best hair straighteners need to be used with care and attention. Hair straighteners are a great way to make your life easier and your hair look better. They make styling your hair much easier and are also a lot more reliable than a regular curling iron.

Hair straighteners work by using a flat platen, which is made from ceramic and uses infrared heat to straighten your hair. The flat platen is heated in a very specific way so that it evenly and quickly heats up your hair. This means that there are no temperature thresholds, and your hair is protected from being burnt. The ceramic platen is then moved through your hair, which also protects it from being burnt by the heat.

There are a lot of different types of hair straighteners out there. In this blog, we will be sharing with you my top 5 picks for the best hair straightener and help you pick out the best hair straightener for your hair type.

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How to Choose the Best Hair Straighteners for you


What are the types of hair straighteners?

Although there are many different hair straighteners on the market, they all use the same basic principle. They all have a flat platen that is heated up to a specific temperature, which in turn heats up your hair. There are no temperature thresholds with these straighteners, meaning if you set them to one certain level you can be sure that your hair will not burn.

There are two types of the best hair straighteners:

Ceramic flat platen: If you’ve got fine hair and don’t want to damage it, then ceramic flat platen will be the best choice. They’re also a lot more affordable and are lighter than titanium flat plates.

Titanium flat platen: If you have thick, coarse hair, then the titanium plates will be a great choice. They heat up quickly and evenly, which makes them ideal for those with thick hair that takes longer to straighten out.


What other features should you look out for?

Here are some of the most important factors you need to look out for:

The plates: The ceramic plates of a hair straightener are important, as they will protect your hair from burning or being damaged. The titanium plates are very strong, but also quite expensive and heavy.

Heat and speed settings: Hair straighteners come with a range of different heat settings and speed settings, which is great if you have thick or wavy hair that takes a lot longer to style.

Temperature display: Most modern hair straighteners come with a temperature display, which means that you can be sure that your hair is protected from any damage. 

Ionic technology: It is used in a lot of hair straighteners out there. The idea behind it is to emit negative ions from the flat platen, which in turn reduces frizz and static in your hair. They also leave your hair feeling very smooth, which makes them a great choice for those who have thick or wavy hair.

Additional accessories: Look out for some additional accessories, such as a heat guard or travel case. The heat guard is great for those with thick hair, giving you added protection from the flat platen. The travel case will allow you to take your best hair straightener on the go and keep it protected from damage. 

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The Best Hair Straighteners NZ


1. VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair StraightenerHair Straightener

VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hair Straightener has a unique curved design that is able to create more styles than a traditional straightener. This makes it steady, lightweight and easy to control. The heat-up time only takes 30 seconds, so this will save you a lot of time in the mornings. It also has 12 digital heat settings that range from 180°C-235°C, which allows you to adjust the temperature depending on your hair type. This best Hair Straightener will give you smooth and frizz-free results without damaging your hair strands.


2. Remington Advanced Coconut Therapy Straightener

Coconut Therapy Straightener

The Remington advanced coconut therapy is a straightener that is designed to achieve the perfect hairstyle in a quick and efficient manner. This straightener features up to 230°C of digital heat control, which allows the heat to be adjusted depending on your needs. The ceramic-coated plates work with moisture ions and UV filters to reduce frizz, static, and damage from use. The temperature sensor ensures that the straightener will not overheat due to human error or time in between use. The device itself can be used within 15 seconds for an easy styling session without waiting around for too long.


3. Dyson Corrale Straightener Dyson Corrale Straightener

The Dyson Corrale Straightener is designed to produce healthier hair. It has 3 precise heat settings and an integrated sensor system that regulates the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, ensuring that you don’t exceed your chosen temperature. This device also offers flexing plates with reduced reliance on heat, without compromising your style.

The OLED screen on the Dyson Corrale Straightener shows you the set temperature of your plates. So you always know when it’s ready to style and what heat you’re using all while having a powerful performance that can be used anywhere, anytime and even while travelling abroad. You can use cord-free for up to 30 minutes at a time.


4. Remington Adjustable Waver

Remington Adjustable Waver 

The Remington Adjustable Waver is a good hair straightener for those of you that suffer from curly hair. It has an adjustable barrel that creates 4 different types of waves with the help of the barrel adjustment dial. This straightener also has a temperature lock function, a 5 variable temperature setting from 150-210°C and will heat up your hair in 30 seconds, meaning it is ready to use quickly anytime. 


5. Platinum+ Hair Straightener Platinum+ hair straightener

The GHD hair straightener is a great product. It is a platinum+ hair straightener that uses ground-breaking technology to predict the needs of your hair based on thickness and styling speed, to provide salon-quality results. The GHD platinum+ delivers 70% stronger hair, 20% more shine and 2x more colour protection. The infinity sensors in this straighter monitor heat 250 times a second which guarantees the even distribution of 185 degrees Celsius, the optimal heat for lasting results with no extreme heat. 

This straightener can be used by all types of precision people and has an easier method for sculpting curls, waves or straight styles with its rounded barrel that can be used effortlessly as it features a unique wishbone hinge which holds high-gloss, -milled plates in perfect alignment.