Top 15 Best Heaters To Keep You Warm In This Winter

When the temperatures start to drop, and the nights come in, you need a heater to keep you warm. The best heaters can heat up a room or lounge quickly, can be easy to operate and energy-efficient. But the best thing about a heater is the convenience of heating up a room or lounge with ease.

There are many types of best heaters available in the market nowadays, but the most popular ones are portable heaters. Portable best heaters are the perfect solution for people who are looking for a simple, mobile and affordable type of heater. Because they are portable, they can be taken anywhere, and they can be used as a backup option to household heating.

There are many different types of best heaters that are available today that can help you keep your room warm. But with the wide variety of heaters available to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is the best. Sometimes you just need a heater that is a little more reliable and easy to use than the rest. That’s why we came up with a list of the top ten best heaters that are more economical and better looking than the old ones.

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How you can choose the best Heater for you

The best heaters come in different ranges of power rating and many types. Before you buy a heater just think, are you looking to keep your room warm for the whole day or just need a quick heat here and there. are you looking for something to keep you warm while sitting in a lounge on a chair or sofa?

when you look for the best heaters, some questions strike in mind How much money do you want to spend on a heater? is it will be a great fit for your place or the heater’s reliability and functionality.  will it be quick or slow heating? weight of the heater and many other things. All these things can help you before you give a go to buy the best heaters for you or your home. 


The Types of Heaters 

1. Fan Heater 

Fan heaters blow air via a heated element which works quickly and heats up a small area in minutes. These blow out the air evenly and are very lightweight.  Many modern fan heaters come with a timer auto turn off and thermostat to maintain the warmth in the room. 

It is very easy to fit them in a room and these heaters are safe to use overnight. They are cheaper and can be the best heaters than others if looking to heat a small area or for short time. However,  fan heaters tend to be noisy and can not always keep the room warm for a longer period. Good for small spaces. 


2. Panel Heater 

Panel heaters are very efficient work like heat pumps and they use electricity only to turn on. They are wall-mounted and produce small heat and have less heat output. so it is safe to use especially when kids are around. However, you still need to be careful while the heater is on. Panel heater’s functions are like oil heaters or convectors. 


3. Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters have a visible light that gives direct heat to a particular area or object. It heats up the room very quickly and converts the cold air into warm air immediately but they can hold up the heat for longer. Try not to use radiant heaters when you are not present around because they don’t come with any timer to turn it off or the thermostat so it is always safe to use in your presence. 


4. Oil-column Heater 

These types of heaters are good for medium-sized rooms and easy to heat up. Oil-column heaters heat the oil inside their metal blades. They need to be set to give warmth and a comfortable atmosphere. Some of the oil-column heater models come with a timer control or thermostat. 

You can keep them in the dining area, in the living room or in your room. oil-column heaters take more time to heat up. The disadvantage of an oil heater – it is heavy to move from one place to another.

The oil heater might not be good for the larger room or big area and not safe to keep close to gasoline or any cloth or curtain as it can get very hot when on. However, it works better with panel heaters or fan heaters.


5. Oil-free Column Heaters 

These types of heaters work much faster than oil column heaters because it uses an element more than oil. They are safe to use and easy to heat up very light weights as compared to oil-column heaters. These are good for medium-sized rooms but not good enough for the larger area or high ceilings. 


6. Flame Effect Heaters 

They look like a traditional fireplace. It lights up in different 3D effects and LED settings and heats up the room easily which everyone loves in winter or in cold weather. It is cost-effective, safe to use and low maintenance. It is available in different settings so you can adjust the temperature according to your comfort.

It can turn off automatically when moved while operating. You have to be careful while operating the heater or when moving because it does not have wheels and the surface can be hot after you turn it off. 


7. Ceramic Heaters 

Ceramic heaters are similar to fan heaters and are very lightweight. They are portable and available with tip-over switches so they can automatically switch off. Ceramic heaters are safe to use as compared to the other heaters as they do not emit radiant heat and distribute the heat evenly all over the room but can take a little while to heat up the room. 

Ceramic heaters blow air across a heated element which means they can heat up the entire place by converting the cold air into warm. However, they can be noisy and can not keep the room warmer for a longer time. It has an adjustable thermostat. The air gets heated up via PTC positive temperature coefficient ceramic element. They are also available in tower models and have narrow bases. 


8. Convector Heaters 

Convector heaters are also known as convection heaters. This heater may take a longer time to heat up the room and has a built-in fan that helps in circulating the heat all around the room. 

Convector heaters are less noisy than the other types of heaters and work quietly and do not disturb your sleep. They are also lightweight and portable, great for small houses. 


9. Micathermic Heater 

Micathermic heaters are very useful heaters for large apartments and lounges and have the properties of both radiant heaters and oil-based column heaters and also give you the warmth that you are actually looking for in winters. This heater works efficiently and takes less than a minute to start. 

Mica sheets are used in micathermic heaters rather than oil to heat up and have radiant lighting and background. This heater is quick in heating up the room and has a self-regulating thermostat system to maintain an even temperature. Micathermic heaters consume very little energy. Mica heaters can be noisy sometimes and their radiant heating releases heat rays so if it gets too hot it can cause safety hazards.  

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The Best Heaters NZ


1. Smart Ape Glass Panel Heater

Smart Ape Glass Panel Heater

The Smart Ape 2400W and 2000W Smart Glass Panel Heater is a heater with a sleek design and sleek LED display. It is able to heat up to 45 degrees Celsius, with features that include the ability to adjust the temperature and set schedules. You can operate this heater via the Smart Life app on your smartphone.  You can set the timer up to 24 hours.  This heater comes in two sizes, the 2400W and the 2000W in Black and white colour.


2. Xiaomi Viomi Smart Heater

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Heater

The Xiaomi Viomi Smart Heater is a device that is designed to provide heat in an energy-efficient way. The device uses natural convection and radiation to provide heating. The heater can also be set in a wide range of temperatures from 5-35 degrees Celsius and an intelligent constant temperature system ensures that the indoor temperature remains relatively constant. The heater has also been designed to ensure that it is compact in size so that it would not occupy much space in your house.


3. Kogan SmarterHome Flame Effect Heater

Kogan SmarterHome Flame Effect Heater

The Kogan SmarterHome 1800 and 2400 W Flame Effect Heater will make any room feel warm and cosy, without the fuss of installing radiators. One of the best features of this heater is that it’s easy to use with a variety of features. It includes a timer with 9 hours and adjustable temperature ranges of 18°C-34°C. This heater also comes with 7 customisable Multi-Colour flame effects and thermal cut-off protection for overheating when you’re not around to watch it.


4. Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater Dyson heater

Consider Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater – Black Nickel if you’re looking for the best space heater on the market. “You get to choose between dependent and distributed settings to use as a personal heater or to heat an entire room,” the manufacturer says.

Some users were put off by the price, but many others believe it is well worth the cost, citing its speed and functionality as well as a plethora of useful features. The Dyson Hot+Cool Fan Heater – Black Nickel is one of the best space heaters available if you don’t mind spending the money.


5. Heller Aluminium Panel Heater Wi-Fi

Heller Aluminium Panel Heater

The Heller Aluminum Panel Heater is an appliance that is easy to use. This heater has a LED display, a timer with a 24-hour setting, a Wi-Fi function which allows control from a remote location and adjustable thermostat control. This device also has a safety tip-over switch, power indicator light and IP24-rated waterproof. It also includes an X-shape aluminium heating element. This heater can be used as a free-standing or wall-mounted model.


6. Heller Ceramic Tower Heater

Heller Ceramic Tower Heater

The Heller Ceramic Tower Heater is a great heater because it has two different heat settings. It also has an oscillating feature so you can make sure that the warmth reaches a wide area of your room. The LED display tells you the temperature and range of temperature, which can be anywhere from 10 degrees to 49 degrees Celsius.


7. Goldair Ceramic Tower Heater 

Goldair Ceramic Tower Heater 

The Goldair 2000w Ceramic Tower Heater is perfect for any bedroom, office, or living room that needs a little extra warmth without the use of bulky space-hogging radiators. With the Goldair Ceramic Tower Heater, you won’t have to worry about getting burnt or leaving your rooms filled with too much humidity from excessive heat. This heater has 2 heat settings, an adjustable thermostat and automatic oscillation so it can warm up a whole room. It has a safety tip-over switch and overheats protection.


8. Lenoxx Electric Wall Mountable Heater 

Lenoxx Electric Wall Mountable Heater 

The Lenoxx Electric Convection Panel Heater is a great heater because it is portable, easy to use and gives off plenty of heat. The set-up for the wall mount or castor wheels is super easy and quick to do. It can heat up the selected area with 2 settings: 1000 watts or 2000 watts. The unit also has an adjustable thermostat, overheating protection and an overheat indicator light.


9. Lenoxx Convection Oil Column Heater 

Lenoxx Convection Oil Column Heater 

The Lenoxx Electric Convection/Radiant 11-Fin Oil Column Heater operates on 2400 watts which is the standard wattage for most other brands of electric heaters as well. It has 3 settings namely 1000, 1400 and 2400 watts as well as an adjustable thermostat so you can always have the desired temperature that you need. No matter what setting is being used it also has a tip-over switch to prevent accidents and overheating protection in case there are problems with the heater like short-circuiting.


10. Goldair Fin Oil Column Heater

Goldair Oil Heater

The Goldair 61cm Fin Oil Column Heater is a great heating solution for small to medium spaces. It features 3 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat so you can easily heat up your space. It is also silent and has an integrated carry handle that makes carrying the heater easy. The Goldair is perfect for small bedrooms or home offices, which means it’s very convenient and nearly impossible to overheat your space.


11. Dimplex Mica Thermic Heater

Dimplex Mica thermic heater 

The Dimplex 2kw Mica thermic heater is a well-made and efficient heating appliance. The heater has a 2.0kW heat output, which provides more than enough heat for the average home. It also has a 7-day timer, thermostat, and integrated cord storage spaces. It operates silently, is safe to use in an area with children or pets and can be placed against walls without risk of overheating them.


12. Spector Tower Heater

Spector Tower Heater

Spector Tower Heater is a tower-style electric portable ceramic heater that includes a turbofan heating system, LED display, 3 heat settings and an overheat protection setting. The 8 Hour timer and silent operation will help you personalize your comfort levels for an uninterrupted sleep when needed. Also included with the tower-style electric portable ceramic heater are a built-in handle, cord wrap and easy storage.


13. Portable Infrared Tower Heater 

Portable Infrared Tower Heater 

The Portable Infrared Tower Heater is an exceptional product. The 1800-watt heater provides enough power to warm a 3m² area. Another great feature of the product is that its safety tip-over cutout protects you and your household from any accidents. The base of the tower is weighted for stability, and all surfaces are cool-touch for extra safety and comfort, including the handle. Lastly, this heater has been designed to be waterproof so you can enjoy using it outdoors too.


14. Kogan SmarterHome  Ceiling Strip Radiant Heater

Kogan SmarterHome  Ceiling Strip Radiant Heater

The Kogan SmarterHome Ceiling Strip Radiant Heater is a dual heating power setting heater suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has an adjustable temperature range up to 45°C and gives you the ability to control your heating with schedules, on/off settings, as well as set timers for up to 24 hours. This stylish design also includes a curved appearance with an LED display and remote support that is space-saving and allows it to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. 


15. Infrared Instant Heater 

Infrared Instant Heater 

The Infrared Instant Heater is an effective appliance to use during the winter months. It warms up a room in 5-10 seconds and it has 4 different heating settings. The heater can be mounted to the ceiling or on the wall which makes it perfect for all types of homes. The heater does not disrupt airflow and is completely windproof, making it better than traditional heaters that rely on heating up a metal coil.


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