Top 5 Best Home Gym in NZ

Owning your own home gym is a great investment for those who want more freedom, control and privacy. With all of the best equipment at their disposal, they can be guaranteed an excellent workout without having to fork out large sums on monthly subscriptions or waiting around in vain to use the gym equipment which is always occupied. So here we have the best home gym equipment which gives you the perfect solution. 

The best home gym should be one that is customizable to the individual needs of each person. It should also be accommodating for all fitness levels and skill sets, while still challenging you to get better at the sport. The key to having a successful workout in your own home is finding what works for you. 

There are many pieces of gym equipment that you can use to work out at home, but not all will be right for everyone. It’s important before making your purchase decision to know what type of workouts you want and how much money is available in order to make sure you get everything needed. This blog provides an informative guide with some tips on selecting the best home gym for your needs.

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How to Buy the Best Home Gym for you

How much space do you need for a Home Gym?

There are many different forms of multi-gyms, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The space requirement for a home gym will depend on the dimensions of the equipment as well as your own height or proportions. 

Ensure there’s plenty of space for exercises such as overhead tricep extensions with a flat floor plan. Most machines require 2×2 meter floor space, but make sure your exercise room is big enough for your comfort.

What about adjustable Home gyms? 

The ability to adjust your seat during a workout session has many benefits. Not only will it allow you to perform exercises correctly, but also take advantage of the correct positioning for increased muscle-building potentiality and comfortability. You should feel little or no strain when in this position unless otherwise stated by an instructor because there’s nothing more stressful than being uncomfortable while working out. 

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How heavy should a home gym weight stack be?

The first decision is about how much load should you use. That depends on two factors: whether you are just going to start working out or you’re already experienced with heavy lifting. The lower-end weight for someone who has only just started lifting; is higher for the most experienced lifter.

The weight stack in a Home-gym can be as light or heavy as you want. Most home gyms have weight stacks around 40-60Kg and you can adjust the weight according to your strength.  It’s what your hands grip to lift weights, though not all at once – some people will do sets of 1-5 reps while others prefer going heavier from the get-go and getting used to it gradually. 

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What accessories do you get with home gyms?

Multi-gyms can give you a wide range of exercise options. Attaching different attachments will allow the equipment to work on various muscle groups and help increase your strength in those areas as well. Pay attention to what’s included with each gym, but also make sure it matches up with certain parts of the body like wrists or ankles – these might be great additions if they’re not already there.

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The Best Home Gyms NZ


1. Ape Style All-In-One Pull-Up Home Gym

All-In-One Pull

The Ape Style Pull-Up Power Tower is designed to help you build and tone your back, chest, arms and abs. This pulls up bar can be used for multiple exercises like pull-ups, dips and sit-ups. It has a wide range of height adjustments so it can be used by people of different heights. The power tower features heavy-duty steel frame construction with non-slip grips on the bar handles for comfort during use. Its sturdy design allows you to do full-body workouts in the comfort of your home or garage.


2. Home Gym Weight Training MachineHome Gym

This is a durable and sturdy machine, which is used for both upper and lower-body workouts. It can be easily assembled in less than an hour. The weight training machine has two functions: one for the legs and the other for the arms. The leg press allows you to work out your quads, hamstrings and glutes while the arms press helps develop your biceps and triceps. Each package weighs around 106 kg with 4 packages of total weight.


3. TSB Living T Multifunction Home Gym

TSB Living T Multifunction Home Gym

The TSB Living T Multifunction Home Gym is a well-designed, sturdy and affordable home gym that can be used to tone your whole body. It has several exercise stations including leg curls, leg extensions, triceps press-downs, lat pull-downs, knee raises, pec decs, preacher curls and arm/chest rowing. The machine is sturdy enough to support up to 200kg of weight. 


4. Ape Style Multi-Function Pull Up Home Gym



The Ape-Style Multi-Function Pull Up Power Tower Home Gym is a multifunctional pull-up bar designed to provide you with an effective and efficient workout. It features high-quality steel construction and a PU seat reinforced with 4 powerful suction caps to prevent any wobble. The non-slip and comfortable handles with rubber grids and armrests will give you a great workout experience. With the help of this gym, you can strengthen your arms, abs, back and legs as well as improve your posture. Moreover, it is easy to assemble.


5. Ape Style Multifunctional Weight Lifting Bench

Workout Bench

The Ape Style Multifunctional Adjustable Folding Weight Lifting Workout Bench is a sturdy and solid workout bench that will help you tone your upper body, arms, chest and back. The adjustable incline allows for different levels of strength training. It has a multi-bar level height adjustment to fit all users with a smooth operating leg curl for those who want to target their lower body as well. This weight lifting bench is suitable for standard & Olympic barbells and folds up easily for storage when not in use.