Top 5 Best Hoverboards in New Zealand

If you are looking for the best hoverboards and want some suggestions on the best hoverboard brands in New Zealand then you are in the right place. Here we have selected the best powerful collection of hoverboards available in New Zealand.

Hoverboards are wheeled platforms. They have powerful motors which you can control with your body weight. Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters and are always a good option for a short-distance commutes even though some people use them for work every day. 

Kids mostly like them for fun, racing and playing games. Hoverboards are versatile, solid rubber tyres and durable moreover, they come with quick charge time. 

Here we have the best of the best and worth of money hoverboards that you can select before buying. This list of selected hoverboards is safe and certified.

What you need to look at before buying your best Hoverboard.

1. Speed and Distance:  Before buying a new hoverboard you need to check the distance you want to travel through the hoverboard. If you are looking only to go for a short distance then you can properly buy a small battery-back hoverboard that is not too heavy. 

If you want to ride for long distances then you will need a big battery hoverboard which can be heavy. 

Safety Certification: Safety is most important for you while riding a hoverboard. Be sure that when you are purchasing a new hoverboard it should have certification of the UL 2272 safety requirements

Weight:  Weight is an essential factor to think about before planning to buy a hoverboard. . Usually a 7 inches wheel hoverboard can carry around 100Kg. 


The Best Hoverboards NZ


1. Salelink Hoverboard

Hoverboard Offroad Chic

This ultra quality Salelink Hoverboard is the world’s most advanced hoverboard. It has a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour and can travel up to 10 miles on one charge. 

It has a  lithium battery that takes only 2 hours to fully charge, and it takes only 15 minutes to get to 80% charge. It takes 3.5 to 4 hours to charge. 

This hoverboard also features LED headlights, Bluetooth speakers, an LCD display screen, and a USB port for charging your phone or other devices. This  Hoverboard Can Handle different and rough paths such as deep grass, beaches, steep inclines, dirty and snowy paths, hiking way and bumpy pavements and many more. 

It also has a very unique feature that allows you to control the speed with your feet.  It has Bluetooth and APP Control functions. 

This Hoverboard has a battery of  36V 4.0Ah 20Cells, a 2x 350W powerful motor. It has a max speed of up to 15Km/h and carries a rider load up to 120kg. 


2. Chic Hoverboard Smart-Self balance

Chic Hoverboard blue

Chic Hoverboard blue Smart-Self balance scooter is a good gift for children. It’s safe, fun and easy to use. 

The maximum load can reach 120kg, which is suitable for adults and teenagers or even kids. This hoverboard has two colours: red and blue(or customized), it is very popular among people of all ages in the world.

This stylish  electric unicycle comes with wheel LEDs and front LEDs with low battery notification that makes it safer to use at night time. It has a 36V2.0Ah Lithium battery that lasts up to 2 hours. 

It is a brand new hoverboard, which has a 6.5inch wheel. The max climbing angle is 15 degrees and the speed is up to 12km/h, which can provide you with more safety when riding it on uneven road conditions or slopes. 


3. Tomoloo Hoverboards Q8


This brand new tomoloo hoverboard Q8 is of great quality with a maximum speed of 12Km/h and can cover a riding distance up to 15km in just one charge. 

This hoverboard has a super stylish black and red colour look and is suitable for all age groups. Its wheels have multicoloured LED lights for an extra stylish appearance and weigh only 8kg. 

It can carry the maximum rider load of 100kg. It features a 2H Charging time. It comes with a 1 Year warranty for this tomoloo hoverboard. 


4. Segway  Mini Plus

Segway Mini Plus

This extreme quality brand new segway Mini Plus hoverboard comes with superior technology for a better riding experience. It is powerful and is a self-balancing personal means of transport. 

It is well built with a robust base and a strong frame so you will feel safe and confident while riding it. It allows you to control it with a  Multi-functional remote control with an Intelligent chip and has a storage compartment for the camera and remote. Its camera resolution is 4K/60fps and has an adapter and angle adjuster and is suitable with micro SD cards. 

It features handle and knee pads, steering bars and front LED lights. It comes with a max power of 800 x 2W  and rider maximum speed of 20km/h and a range up to 35km based on riding style.  It has an intelligent follow mode and app connectivity and control. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery. 

The other amazing feature of this modern hoverboard is customisable colour atmosphere lights. It has an 11inch Non-slip tyre and IP54 high-level water resistance feature. 


Now you know the best hoverboards available in New Zealand Whether it’s for fun or a short-distance ride, you would be able to find the best hoverboards which can be suitable for you.


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