7 Best Ice Maker Machine in NZ

An ice maker is a great invention for people who use lots of ice or have trouble keeping enough in their freezer. An investment into an ice maker can save you tons as it costs less than 5% of the cost per bag to buy cubes and produce up to 2-3kg within minutes.

If you are looking for the best, most reliable ice maker or machine on the market, then this blog post is for you. We have done all the research so that we could give you a list of ten top-rated models. The following reviews will let you know what each has offered.

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Best Ice Maker in NZ – Top 7 Picks

1. Heller 10kg Ice  Maker


Heller 150W 10kg Electric Ice Cube Maker

The Heller 150W 10kg Electric Ice Cube Maker is a revolutionary ice maker that can be used to make ice cubes of various shapes and sizes. This product has an elegant design and is made from premium quality materials. This ice cube maker is suitable for home use as well as office use.

It produces up to 10kgs of ice every 24 hours, which is enough for the whole family and friends. The ice bin holds 600g of water at a time and can produce 9 cubes per cycle. This machine has a large 1.7 Litre water reservoir which allows you to make plenty of ice before needing to refill it again. This cube maker comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can set the temperature at your desired level. 

It has an LED light indicator for easy operation. This device has a transparent lid, which allows you to observe the whole process of ice making. It also has a manual defrost function that makes it easy to remove the frozen block from the inside without any hassle or mess.

The water shortage alarm indicator will go off if the water tank runs out while the full bin alarm indicator will let you know when it is time to empty your bin. The removable ice bucket makes it easy to store your cubes and remove them as needed.


2. TSB Living Ice Maker


TSB Living Ice Maker

The TSB Living Ice Maker-Hzb-12Sa is a great Sliver & black colour instant ice machine and is a great iced drink maker. It produces up to 12kg of ice in a 24 hour period. It has two different shapes of ice cubes, which are the standard cube and the half-moon shaped one. 

It has a 2.2L water tank that allows you to make more ice before refilling the water tank. This model comes with a LED control panel that makes it easy for you to operate the unit and choose from two different sizes of ice cubes, or bullets. It also has an inspection window so you can see how much water is left in the tank and when it needs refilling.


3. The Fraser Country Ice Maker


The Fraser Country Ultra Freeze Ice Cube Maker

This Portable Ice Cube Maker is the perfect way to make ice on the go. With its sleek, compact design and rapid freezing technology, this machine creates up to 9 single-serving cubes in just 8 minutes. The portable ice maker’s non-stick surface makes it easy to clean after each use. It also features a freezer tray that can hold up to 4 cups of water for making large batches of frozen treats in one session.

It produces up to 12kg every 24 hours for those more social occasions with friends and family. The melted ice water will flow into your reservoir again without wasting any energy on making fresh batches each time they’re needed due to its efficient design. 

With its see-through lid, you can watch the ice maker in action and check how much water is left without ever having to open up. The water tank indicator will light up and remind you to add more water when there is not enough. When the ice maker has an excess of cubes, it will tell you so that it can make some new ones. 


4. Home Portable Ice Maker 


Home Portable Ice Maker Machine

This 3.2L Home Portable Ice Maker Machine is perfect for any family gathering or house party. This handy machine makes on average 67 ice cubes per hour, and the bin stores up to 1kg of ice – which can last you all day long.

It also features a full-size basket and water deficiency alarm with a display so you’ll never have to worry about running out of cold drinks again.  You can easily choose from bullet-type ice shapes in small, medium, large sizes and they’re ideal for keeping cool beverages at your fingertips. 


5. Maxkon Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

Maxkon 3L Portable Bullet Ice Maker Machine Water Dispenser

The 12kg of ice this machine makes in a day will be enough to satisfy even the most demanding needs, and it’s not just for cold drinks either- perfect cubes can make your favourite frozen treats that much more special. 

The ice maker is a great way to make sure you have plenty of iced drinks on hand. It’s super easy to use and produces enough ice for the entire family in no time at all thanks to its quiet, portable design that can fit anywhere from your kitchen countertop or office desk. 

With this clever little machine, there are no more trips back and forth between the freezer and fridge. You just fill up the built-in water reservoir, set desired cubes size (smaller chunks will produce faster), then press go. 

It features an easy-to-use panel and LCD display, taking control over the whole process. For your peace of mind in any situation where noise would be an issue (such as when hosting parties), this ultra-quiet design won’t keep interrupting those important conversations with friends or work colleagues. 

This portable machine is durable enough for home use while being small enough not to bother anyone else too much around them by taking up precious counter space as other bulky appliances might do. 


6. Portable Ice Maker 

2.4L Portable Ice Maker Easy Sizes S/L with LED Display

The Portable Ice Maker is the perfect addition to your home, office or boat. It can produce up to 12kg of ice per day and has an extra-large 2.4L water tank which means less refilling is required. The Portable Ice Cube Maker is a modern design-led control panel that has a 750g ice cube container. The interiors are foamed for a strong structure and the exterior is made from high-quality plastic.

It has a Low water alarm system that lets you know when you need to fill more water, and it has a transparent lid, so you can see through the ice-making process. . You can also choose which size the Ice comes in from small all the way to large. 


7. MAXKON Ice Maker Ice Cube Machine

MAXKON Ice Maker Ice Cube Machine

The MAXKON ice maker is a great addition to any home or office.  It is the best way to keep your beverages cool and fresh. It produces up to 12kgs of ice per day and has a built-in 2-litre water tank. This machine comes with an LED display that shows the amount of ice left in the machine and whether it is working properly. 

There is also a handy transparent lid on the top so you can see when it needs emptying. This machine produces two different sized cubes, small or large, ideal for drinks or food preparation. 

This portable ice maker makes up to 9 pieces of ice cube per cycle, which keeps your drinks colder for longer. It also features an easy-to-clean design that allows you to maintain the machine with ease. 


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