Top 5 Best Impact Wrench in NZ

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any handyman’s toolkit is an impact wrench. These are used for loosening or tightening nuts and bolts, so they can be very useful for all sorts of projects around the house. 

It uses torque, which is the rotating force around an axis (typically measured in foot-pounds or Newton-meters), to generate this power. An impact wrench has two types of impacts: forward and reverse. Forward impacts are when the driver rotates one way while the bit rotates another; whereas reverse impacts are when the driver rotates one way while the bit rotates in the same direction as that of the driver’s rotation. 

Impact wrenches are a popular tool for home improvement projects, but there are many different types. The air-powered impact wrench was historically used by professionals mainly because of its power and accessibility in tight spaces or places where other tools cannot reach.

However, over recent years, this has changed as more people take up DIY work due to easier access points being made available with electric models becoming cheaper than ever before.

It can be difficult to choose which type of impact wrench you need. Read on below for some great tips on how to choose the best impact wrench. 

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How to choose the Best Impact Wrench for you

Corded vs Cordless

Electric impact wrenches are a great tool for the home workshop. They can be either corded or battery-powered, you can decide which one is right depending on where they will be used.

Corded impact wrenches are not much popular in NZ, because it does not give the flexibility to use without power, on other hand, cordless models are more popular because of their portability and can be used anywhere.



For electric impact wrenches, the power input level is measured in Watts. The higher Watt model you choose gives maximum torque to produce more pressure. The Cordless Impact wrenches come in 12V, 16V and 24Volt, generally, if you go with a high volt model it will give you more power.


Maximum Torque

The perfect tool is one that can deliver maximum torque when needed. This means choosing an impact wrench with the highest peak power. Make sure your electric impact wrench can deliver the torque necessary for tough jobs. The higher the maximum output, the better for a tough job.


Revolutions Per Minute (rpm)

The no-load speed is the number of rpm at which your impact wrench’s motor turns. Faster speeds deliver higher force when hitting a stuck fastener, so controlling this variable in machinery can give you different maximal torques depending on what kind of gear setting it has usually ranged anywhere between very little torque up to quite impressive levels.



Impact wrenches tend to be heavy power tools, and the additional working parts in electric versions makes them even more so. This can make weight an important factor when purchasing one for your toolkit. Especially if you plan on using it over long periods of time without recharging or changing out batteries.


Impacts-Per-Minute (ipm)

The impacts-per-minute of these tools refers to the rate at which they can deliver power and this is important because more often equals faster. In reality, though, all rates of any given type of machine are high enough that differences in speed will likely not be noticeable when doing work such as loosening nuts off bolts or screws. 


The Best Impact Wrench to buy


1. SP Tools Drive Brushless Impact Wrench KitImpact Wrench

The newest addition to the SP Tools family of power tools, this 16v 3/8″ drive brushless impact wrench offers superior performance for a wide range of applications. With uprated components and construction, it has been designed with longevity in mind so you can be sure that your new purchase will last as long as needed.


2. SP Tools Mini Impact Wrench Mini Impact Wrench

This is a cordless impact wrench that can be used for fastening or loosening nuts and bolts. It is powered by a 12V battery, making it lightweight and easy to use. The power of the motor makes it possible to loosen even rusted nuts in little time. It has an ergonomic soft-grip handle that allows for comfortable operation, especially when working for extended periods of time. 

There are 2 LED lights on the tool itself that illuminate the work area, allowing you to see what you are doing without straining your eyesight. It has a no-load speed of 2200rpm and variable speed trigger with brake, a powerful motor that delivers 105nm of torque and comes with a charging time of 1-hour auto cut-off in 10 minutes.


3. Madal Bal EXTOL Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench

Madal Bal EXTOL Industrial Cordless Impact Wrench is a lightweight and powerful impact wrench. The revolutionary brushless motor provides maximum torque of 250nm with a speed up to 2200/min. This lightweight cordless impact wrench has an ergonomic design for easy handling, a variable speed trigger switch. The battery pack has a capacity of 2000 mAh and provides 45 minutes of continuous running time. Charging takes approx 60 min.


4. Greenworks 24V Impact Wrench 1/2″ Greenworks 24V


The Greenworks 24V Impact Wrench is a high-performance tool with a lightweight design and a brushless motor. This impact wrench is powered by an interchangeable 24V Lithium-ion battery, which allows you to maximize your productivity. The tool comes with integrated LED lights that target areas for a clear view.

This best impact wrench has 400nm of torque and variable speeds from 0-2800 rpm, allowing you to work on multiple projects without having to change tools. It also features an ergonomic grip handle for better control while working in tight spaces.


5. Kiwi Grab Impact Wrench


Kiwi Grab

Kiwi Grab best Impact Wrench is a compact, lightweight and affordable impact wrench. It can be used to loosen or tighten rusted nuts and bolts with ease. This impact wrench has a powerful motor that delivers up to 550nm of torque, which means it can remove even the most stubborn wheel nuts with ease.

This best Impact Wrench is designed to provide you with maximum comfort and control while working on your vehicle. It features an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to work longer without fatigue.