The 7 Best Induction Cooktop in NZ

Cooktops are the heart of any kitchen and the perfect place to set up your personal cooking style. Every home chef has their favourite method of cooking and therefore it is important to have a cooktop that can accommodate that style. 

The best induction cooktops are the ones that make your cooking easy, fast and simple. The best cooktops are designed with features that create a versatile cooking environment which makes cooking at home even more fun. 

How does induction hob work? These cooktops used magnetic forces to heat the cooking pot. They provide more energy efficiency and accurate heating of the food. The Ceramic Heating element in an induction cooktop is just like a magnet, when it is on it can directly produce electricity when a magnetic field takes place. It uses this electricity to heat up the pot so that you get perfectly cooked food every time. 

These cooktops are reliable, quick, and can give you the perfect amount of heat. The best Induction cooktops are very convenient, but there are so many options and models out there that it can be hard to choose. To make it easier, we have a list of the best induction cooktops that will meet your needs.

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How to choose the best Induction Cooktop in NZ

Before choosing your best induction cooktop, you should know some basic information. There are so many models out there with different sizes, power, and functions. 

Size: They are available from 30cm to 120cm in width and 53cm in Depth. It is important that you measure the cutout area of the hob. Most houses have 4 Buner Hob which is 60cm in width. So, you should check the width before buying one.

Power: The power of the Induction Cooktop is rated in Watts. It is great to have a high-power cooktop because it can cook food faster. It also creates a uniform temperature across the cooking surface, helping you to prevent your food from burning and sticking. 


What’s so special about induction hobs?

The best Induction cooktops are the most expensive type of hob. The heat from this type of cooktop is very fast and you will get the exact temperature all the time. You will never have burnt food because it reduces the need for turning traditional hobs down. In addition to that, the induction hob can be placed on any surface and at any angle, so you can cook with ease on smaller or bigger pots.  they’re up to 50% more energy-efficient than a traditional hob and they heat instantly.

The best Induction cooktop is safer compared to the Gas, Ceramic and Halogen hobs. They create a magnetic field which heats up the pot instantly when it comes into contact with them. If you touch it with your hand while using it, you will not get burned because the magnetic field of induction hobs is interrupted when someone touches it or there’s any object put between them.


What is the other feature to look at?

Here are some features that you can look for before buying your induction hob. 

Control Panel: It is the most important feature because it is what allows you to change cooking modes, the time it takes to heat up, and the power of the Cooktop. The control panel should have a good range of buttons that helps you to cycle through setting and programmable functions. It is also great if there are some indicators on the control panel showing current settings and times. 

Flexi-Zones: It is a great feature that helps you to cook different foods at the same time. Cooktops with this option will be able to cook in 2 cooking zones which are different temperature settings. The Flexi-Zone feature can save energy and money by allowing you to cook several things at the same time, so you don’t have to spend as much time in the kitchen, and your food won’t get burnt. 

Keep Warm: If your cooktop has the function, you can use it to keep your food warm, so you don’t have to worry about it cooling down and losing flavour. It is helpful for preserving food’s flavour and texture when cooking several different foods at the same time.

Timer: Induction cooktops usually have a timer that allows you to set a cooking time, and then turn it on using the timer. 

Safety Sensors: There are many safety sensors on induction cooktops. You should look for one that comes with several, so you can use it to monitor the heat of all your pots at once. This will alert you when something is too hot or too low, giving some more peace of mind when cooking.


The Best Induction Cooktop in NZ


1. Fisher & Paykel 4-SmartZone Induction Cooktop – 60cm

Induction Cooktop

The Fisher & Paykel 60cm 4-SmartZone Induction Cooktop has a large cooking area with four zones. These zones are able to be bridged together to form two SmartZones. This allows for cooking in smaller areas, which is great if you only want to cook one dish at a time. In addition, the indicator on the hob makes it easy to see what zone you’re currently using and where your pots are placed in their respective zones. The Touch controls mean that you have full control of the different parts of this hob and that it’s easy for anyone who’s using it to operate efficiently.


2. Samsung 60cm Induction CooktopSamsung

Samsung 60cm Induction Cooktop is an excellent cooktop that many people love because of its features and the way it makes cooking easy while delivering a great experience. It’s nice that it can accommodate pots and pans of different shapes, and sizes, as well as large pans due to its flexibility. This means cooking families meals is easier with the right tools. The Quick Start option also saves time by providing fast and precise control of your cooking temperature with one simple motion, which is incredible. You simply glide your finger across the LED control panel to set or adjust the heat level for each cooking zone with one easy motion.


3. SMEG 60cm 4-Zone Induction CooktopSmeg Induction Cooktop

SMEG 60cm 4-Zone Induction Cooktop is a great induction cooktop because it includes 14 points of sliding control. This means that you are able to have more precision when cooking, even at low temperatures. It also comes with an Automatic Overheat Switch Off, which kicks in if the lid is open and the plate is too hot.  SMEG 4-Zone Induction Cooktop also has a Residual Heat indicator and Child Safety Lock for added safety.


4. Haier 60cm 4-FlexiZone Induction CooktopHaier Induction Cooktop

Haier 60cm 4-FlexiZone Induction Cooktop has been specifically designed to provide you with a versatile cooking experience. The cooker uses induction technology, which offers precise heat control, as well as rapid heating for when you’re busy. It’s also cool to touch for safety – your cooker won’t heat up until your pot is placed on top of it.


5. Samsung 80cm Induction Cooktop

Samsung Induction Cooktop

Samsung 80cm Induction Cooktop is a smart induction cooktop that provides innovative virtual flame technology, which allows you to see exactly how hot each cooking zone is. The induction cooktop also has LED lighting embedded in the surface, allowing you to instantly know whether the zone is on and how powerful the heat is.

Additionally, it has a magnetic knob which allows you to control the power of each ring with one touch. Samsung Induction Cooktop also features three modes: Keep Warm, Simmer Mist and Searing. Its wide Flex Zone accommodates pots and pans of varying shapes and sizes at once, including any large cookware. All these features make cooking large family meals very easy on these smart induction cooktops.


6. Fisher & Paykel 90cm 5-SmartZone Induction CooktopFisher & Paykel

The Fisher & Paykel  5-SmartZone Induction Cooktop is a powerful, class-leading induction cooktop. It has a strong and powerful 5.5kw dual-zone that automatically detects the size of your cookware. You’ll get four cooking zones with the touch of a button for easy control, as well as separate Touch & Slide controls for easy control of each zone. The large cooking area consists of five cooking zones to provide maximum convenience and flexibility in any kitchen environment.


7. Midea Induction Cooktop Midea Induction Cooktop

Midea Induction Cooktop is a cooktop with several features that make this cooktop worth the cost it has. One of the great things about the Midea hob is its power setting which has 9 stages which can be controlled by individual timers or pan sensors to give you more control over how you’re cooking your food. The induction cooktop also comes pre-programmed with settings like auto safety switch-off and residual heat indicators to give you a safer and more efficient cooking experience.