Top 5 Best Key Finder in NZ

As the saying goes, a place for everything and everything in its place. But what happens when you can’t remember where you put your things? Losing your keys is more than just an inconvenience- it can be a major security issue. That’s where a key finder comes in handy. 

A key finder is a device that helps you track down your misplaced belongings by making a noise or vibrating when you press a button on the device. This handy gadget can come in very handy if you’re always losing your keys, phone, or other valuables.

These devices use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, so you can easily track them down if you lose them. Plus, many key finders also come with features like alarm systems and distance tracking, so you can be sure that your keys are always safe. Check out our top picks for the best key finders and see how they can help make your life easier!

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How to Choose the Best Key Finder for you

When looking for a key finder, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. 

Key Finder Size

The size of the key finder will vary based on how many keys you need to attach to it. If you have multiple keys, you’ll want a larger key finder that can accommodate them all. The good news is that most key finders are designed to fit comfortably in your hand so they’re easy for you to store. That being said, you will want to ensure that the size of the key finder is suitable for your needs.


Key Finder Battery Life

The battery life of a key finder also varies, but usually, it’s between six months and one year. One way to make sure you don’t have to worry about running out of power is to choose a key finder that has a battery status indicator. This way you can know how much charge is left on the battery and whether or not it’s time to replace the batteries.


Range of key Finder

There are a few key finder models on the market that have a range of up to five miles, meaning you’ll never lose your keys again. Other key finders will only work within a range of 100 feet, like with some car fobs that use wireless technology. If you’re more concerned about finding your keys in the house or around the neighborhood, you’ll want a key finder with a shorter range.


Key Finder Price

Finally, you’ll want to consider your budget when choosing a key finder. A good way to ensure you find a key finder that’s within your price range is to set a budget before you begin. That way you won’t end up spending more than you’d planned and can avoid going over your limit. Most key finders fall somewhere between $20 and $90, but there are some models currently on the market that cost as little as $10.

With these things in mind, you can make a more informed decision about the key finder that’s right for you. The following models are some of the best-selling and top-rated options available today.

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The Best Key Finders NZ


1. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is an amazing little device that can help you find what you have lost within 130 yards, even when offline.  You just need to click the button on the tag to control various IoT devices. It’s also easy to scroll through a history of where the tag has been so you can retrace your steps. If you happen to lose your phone, don’t worry! You can also use other devices like your laptop or tablet to locate your belongings by using the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag as a receiver.


2. Orbit Key – Candy Red


A sleek, durable design along with Bluetooth technology turns the Orbit into the most complete key finder. Using your Orbit as a remote, you can now take that perfect selfie or group shot from up to 30m away. When out of range the last known GPS location will be shown on the map. With a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months, the Orbit key finder is built to keep you organized and never lose your keys again.


3. Apple AirTag (4 Pack)

Apple air Tag

The Apple AirTag is a lightweight solution for finding your keys, wallet and other belongings. The design is sleek and unobtrusive which means that you can clip one on to various items in your purse or backpack without creating any extra bulk. In the event that you misplace an item with an Airtag attached, it will be tracked through the Find My app.


4. Nut3 Smart iTag Key Finder

Nut3 Smart iTag

If you’re like me, you’re constantly losing your things. The nut is the solution to your problem! It’s a small, wireless tag that can be attached to any item you don’t want to lose. Just open the Nut app on your phone and it will tell you exactly where your tagged item is. The connection distance between Nut and your phone depends on the Bluetooth signal, but it can be as far as 30-50 meters when used outdoors. 


5. Tile Pro Tracker

Tile Pro Tracker

The Tile app is a free, robust solution for tracking your lost items. With the Tile Pro Tracker, you can locate missing or stolen keys and other devices while they’re still in the range: up to 120m (660 feet). The loudest volume of all Tile trackers ensures rings even when it’s buried beneath papers on your desk at work! And with a non-replaceable battery life of up to 1 year, you won’t have to worry about battery replacement.  It was rated IP67 by an international standardizing agency, which means that resistance against dust and water has both been proven.



Is there such a thing as a key finder?

Yes, in the market there exists a device called a “key finder,” which helps people find lost keys. The device is wireless and can be attached to or put into your pocket or purse when not needed. It has an alarm that makes noise when reaching a preset distance from your belongings, so you know where they are no matter how far away they are from you! 

The Tile Pro is the best tile tracker for those who are looking for something more durable than the Tile Mate. The Tile Pro can stand up to changing outdoor weather or tougher conditions and has a longer range of 120 meters. Additionally, it has the loudest ring out of any tile device.


Is Tile or AirTag better?

The AirTag is better than the Tile models because it was able to locate lost items much faster. Whereas the Tile Pro takes some time to find a lost item, the AirTag is a better key finder in response to finding an item quicker.