Top 5 Best Laminators in NZ – Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to important documents, schoolwork, or sensitive documents, a laminator can help you keep everything in good condition. Laminators are especially important for people who work with sensitive paper each day and need to protect their paper from the outside world. 

These machines are used to laminate documents to protect them from the elements and help make them more durable. A document is put inside a pouch, run through the machine with an adhesive side up, and then it comes out on the other side sealed with a protective coating.

The best laminator should be fit for anyone’s specific needs and be durable. It should also be easy to maintain and use. There are many different types of laminators in the market today. This article will help you navigate the different types and choose a laminator that is right for your needs.

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How  to choose the Best Laminator for you

Not all laminators are created equal. You need to take some time to determine what is important for you when it comes to a laminator. You should look at the following factors before buying a machine:

Laminating thickness: The thickness of the item you want to laminate will determine which machine to buy. It is important that the machine has an operating range for items 2-20 millimetres in thickness.

Laminating capacity: The laminator you buy should have enough capacity to laminate the number of documents you need. It should be able to handle single or double-sided documents as well as glossy and non-glossy items.

Laminating speed: Obviously, if it takes too long for a document to pass through the machine, it might be a problem. If you need to laminate several items in one sitting, the machine should be able to handle many of them quickly. Some laminators in the market allow you to laminate up to 10 or 15 pages per minute.

Laminating temperature: The temperature of the machine should be high enough to set the adhesive on the document, but low enough not to damage any paper. Each machine has its own setting, so you need to read reviews and find out what other users say about their machines’ operating temperatures. 

Locking mechanism: Some laminators have the ability to lock documents while they are being laminated. This protects the document from being moved or altered while it is being placed in the machine. The locking mechanism is also important if you want to keep a document from falling through the machine as it’s moving from one side to another.

Maintenance: If you run your laminator for several hours every day, you may eventually need assistance with its maintenance to keep it running well. You will want a machine that is easy to take apart and fix if need be.

Pouch jam reverse: Having a pouch jam reverse setting can be very helpful if your laminator jams – usually the machine will stop and the laminating material will be ejected. This can allow you to fix your mistake and try again with another sheet of paper

Cold pouch laminating: Cold pouch laminating is a great feature for anyone who wants to laminate something but doesn’t want the pouch or the item to get hot. This can be especially useful for things that are sensitive to heat, so it’s important for customers to check whether their machine has this feature before buying.

Other features:  Some models have Auto-sleep mode, and built-in paper cutters, which means that you can trace, cut and glue documents as your laminating machine works.

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1. Fellowes Laminator – Saturn 3i A3Best Laminator

The Fellowes Laminator is designed to provide a quick and easy way to laminate notes, reports, note cards and other small documents. It has a touch panel on the front. It can warm up in a minute and laminates pouch up to 5 mils thick. The Fellowes Laminator also has Jam Prevention Features, which prevent the laminator from jamming if one pouch sticks down in the lower roller tray. 


2. Fellowes Laminator – Jupiter 2 – A3Fellowes Laminator

The Fellowes Jupiter 2 is a reliable and durable laminator that provides high-quality results at the rate of up to 30 inches per minute. This laminator has InstaHeat Technology which allows for warming up in 1 minute and can laminate 10 mil cold pouches. The Fellowes Jupiter 2 also comes with AutoSense Technology which detects pouch thickness and automatically adjusts to the optimal laminating setting. In the event of a misfeed or overload, the reverse mode allows pouches to be removed easily.


3. Fellowes Laminator – Spectra – A3

Fellowes Laminator

The Fellowes Spectra 125 is a cost-effective laminator that can be used in your home or office. It has an allowance for 5 mil lamination and an auto shut-off function to prevent overheating. It also has a release lever on the back of the machine making it easy to remove or re-centre your documents, and a green light indicates when it is heated and ready.


4. GBC Fusion 3000l A3 LaminatorGBC Fusion

This laminator makes it easy to preserve and protect your important documents, photos, cards and more in style. It has an auto shut-off, dual-position slider switch and a release button to easily remove any misfed pouches. It has an additional cold setting for use with self-adhesive, cold-seal pouches. 


5. Leitz Ilam Laminator A3 Office ProLeitz Ilam

This laminator is a high-performance machine that is versatile, accepting all sizes up to the A3.   It is perfect for those who need their materials laminated quickly and easily. With this device, you can laminate your materials in 1 minute and will not have to wait long for the machine to get up to its operating temperature as with other models. This machine also has low energy consumption which means it will help reduce one’s carbon footprint without sacrificing performance or convenience and an auto shut-off feature when not in use for 30 minutes.



What is the difference between A3 and A4 laminators?

The main difference between an A3 and an A4 laminator is the size of the document that can be laminated. An A3 laminator can laminate documents up to A3 size, while an A4 laminator can only laminate documents up to A4 size. A3 paper is 297 x 420 mm while A4 paper is 210 x 297 mm, so the A3 is larger than the A4. You can use A3 laminators for A4 laminating work, but not A4 size for A3.


Can I use an A3 laminator for A4?

Yes, many A3 laminators can also be used for A4 documents. However, keep in mind that the maximum laminating width may be smaller on an A3 laminator than on an A4 laminator.


Which is better hot or cold laminator?

In most cases, hot laminators are better for documents and cards. Hot laminators usually have higher maximum temperatures that can go beyond 300 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have digital thermostats to control the temperature – the ideal temperature for most documents is usually around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold laminators, on the other hand, are generally best for use in applications where you want to preserve ink and toner from exposure to heat such as when printing your own posters or labels.