Top 5 Best Leaf Blowers in NZ

Raking leaves is a tedious and time-consuming job. With the help of the best leaf blower, you can put them into neat piles in no time at all. There’s never been an easier way to clear up your yard without having to get messy with rakes or waste money buying bags for disposal later on.

We all know that fall is the time of year when leaves start to pile up, and it can be difficult to vacuum them up. That’s where a leaf blower comes in handy. Leaf blowers are like vacuums for leaves, but they blow air instead of sucking it up.

These machines come with two different types of blowing heads: one that blows just leaves away from your feet, and another that blows both leaves and debris into piles so you can easily pick them up again. 

Even though it’s not the most exciting chore, leaf blowing is an essential part of fall cleanup. This post will cover how to choose the best leaf blower that can tackle all your tasks. If you’re looking for the best leaf blower this season, then check out our blog post on the Best Leaf Blowers. We’ll also show you how to choose the right one for your needs.

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How to buy the Best Leaf Blower for you


Corded blowers have been the most popular type for decades, they are lightweight and more powerful, but in recent years cordless models are catching up. They are more powerful, lightweight batteries to run longer and are portable to carry anywhere.

Cordless blowers are more convenient to use than gas-powered models. After all, you don’t need an extra tank for your yard work and there’s no risk of spilling when handling it. For longer tasks, you can buy a blower that comes with spare batteries so you can change once the first one runs out.

If you have a large garden with lots of stubborn wet leaves and other debris, consider purchasing a gasoline-powered blower. These come in both handheld or backpack models but can be heavy as well as noisy due to their engines needing regular maintenance. 


What else should you look out for?

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a leaf blower is ergonomics. A heavy machine that’s not well-distributed will be tough on your arms, back and shoulders even in small gardens; but if you’ve got an area large enough for clearing then this becomes much more difficult as it could cause issues with blood flow or lead to stress fractures from poor posture while using them over long periods time frames.

Look out for straps/grips which make handling easier by distributing weight differently between hands than other models available. Some leaf vacuums also come equipped as noise-absorbing headphones which can make them more comfortable than models without these extra features. 

The last thing you need is a blower that starts easily and has all the features to get your job done. There are some models available that feature detachable nozzles, and collapsible tubes. It can be handy if you are short on shed space. There’s also something else to consider is storage or how easy it is for you to store? The other important thing is if it is easy to empty the collector or bag. 


The Best Leaf Blowers NZ


1. GreenWorks Blower Vac G-MAX

Leaf Blower

This  Vac G-MAX is a powerful and versatile cordless blower that can be used as a blower or vacuum. It has an ergonomic design to provide comfort during use and features variable speed control with high and low switches for easy operation. The 300km/h max blowing power of the Leaf Blower Vac G-MAX 40V will allow you to clear your yard quickly, while its 45L collection bag gives you plenty of storage space. 


2. GreenWorks Blower G-MAX

GreenWorks Blower

Blower G-Max 40V  is a professional handheld leaf blower with powerful performance and excellent reliability.  Its lightweight, compact and user-friendly design makes it easy to use. With its new axial fan design, the blower has higher airspeed and longer service life. The variable speed dial allows you to adjust the blowing power according to your needs.


3. Leaf Blower 26ccLeaf Blower

This leaf blower is very handy and easy to maintain. It has a powerful wind speed that can blow away fallen leaves, grass clippings, twigs, pebbles, etc. The product is made of high-quality material which makes it durable and long-lasting. This blower’s easy to start function helps you to start the machine easily. It has a 2-stroke gasoline engine. This leaf blower is highly portable so you can take it anywhere in your house or garden for cleaning purposes.


4. Mako 18v Blower with 2.0Ah 

Mako 18v

The Mako 18v Blower is a lightweight and compact blower that has an easy-to-carry handle with a tube in 2 parts. The airspeed of the blower is 190km/h, which will allow you to perform your task quickly. With this blower, you can blow away leaves and other types of debris from your lawn or garden area.


5. 20V Cordless Leaf Blower  


Cordless Leaf Blower


This 20V Cordless Leaf Blower is the perfect way to keep your lawn and garden clean. Not only does it have an ergonomic handle, but also features a compact design that can easily fit into small spaces for those extra tricky spots. It has a high speed of 120MPH and a low speed of 50MPH. The cordless design makes it easy to carry around your yard.