Top 5 Best Leather Sofa in NZ

Your home is completed when you have a comfortable and stylish living room. And the perfect way to make your living room stand out is with leather sofas. Leather sofas look luxurious, they’re also durable and easy to maintain. Most of them come in a variety of colours like black, brown or tan that will match any decor style you might want for your living space. 

These sofas are a great addition to any home and It is also a popular choice for furniture for many people. Who wants a classic piece of furniture which never goes out of style? Leather sofas are expensive, and everyone knows that it is always worth buying them. 

As with any big purchase, it’s important to do your research and shop around before making a final decision. If you’re planning on buying a leather sofa, here are some tips you should consider before you make your purchase.

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How to buy the Best Leather Sofa for you

Right Size and Shape

The right shape and size of a sofa depend on the amount of space you have in your living room and how much seating you need. For smaller spaces, a loveseat or chair may be a better option than a full-sized sofa. If you have a lot of guests over, go for a sectional with more seating. As for shape, sofas come in many different styles from traditional to modern. Just make sure the one you choose will fit in with the rest of your furniture.



Durability is the most important factor to consider when buying a sofa. As with all sofas, the material of your choice needs to be durable enough to stand up against regular use and the demands of daily life. If you live with pets or young children, it’s important that your sofa is made from a strong and sturdy material that can resist scratching and other damage.

There is both good-quality leather and manmade leather that are incredibly durable, so you’ll have a wide selection to choose from. When buying a leather sofa, it’s advisable to go for the best quality you can afford as this will improve your chances of finding something long-lasting and reliable.

A good-quality leather sofa lasts a lot longer than a lower-quality one. If possible, consider purchasing an extended leather warranty for added peace of mind.


Material choice

Leather sofas are available in a variety of different textures and finishes, so the first step to finding your perfect sofa is deciding on what type of material you prefer. Here are some examples that you might come across when shopping for a leather sofa:

Bonded leather is one of the most common types of faux leather and tends to be less expensive than real leather. Generally, it consists of a thin layer of top-grain or split-leather that has been glued to a manmade backing. The advantages of bonded leather are that it’s less costly and can also come in a huge choice of colours and finishes.

Down-filled leather is the softest type of leather you’ll find, making it great to cuddle up on. Down is a natural insulator that helps keep the sofa as warm as possible, even during those cooler months. Many people also opt for a down-filled sofa due to its luxurious feel and soft, sumptuous texture.

Strong ‘pull up’ effect, oiled leather is the most natural-looking leather you can find. It has a deep sheen that really stands out in low light conditions, giving your sofa a polished appearance. The downside to an oiled leather sofa is that it needs regular conditioning and can be prone to staining.

Chrome-tanned leather is the most durable of all the different types of leather, making it a great choice if you live with children or pets. It’s stretch-resistant and low maintenance too, so will keep your sofa looking sleek and stylish for years to come.

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The Best Leather Sofas NZ


1. Florence Chesterfield leather Sofa 2 seater

Leather Sofa

The Florence Chesterfield Leather Sofa is a traditional British-style 2-seater sofa. It is made from a solid wood frame and filled with high-quality foam, making it both comfortable and durable. The environmentally breathable PU fabric ensures that you stay cool and comfortable, while the 35D foam cushion provides ample support.


2. Black Leather Sofa Black Serie

Black Leather Sofa

The Black Leather Sofa is a 3 Seater sofa. It has a Modern Contemporary design which is a perfect addition to your living room. This sofa is crafted with real leather comfort to provide you with a cosy and relaxing environment. This three-seater sofa comes with anti-sag springs that keep the whole frame firm and sturdy. The backrest provides opulent comfort while the unibody frame ensures durability. It has an elegant look that blends well with the decor of any home or office space.


3. Liberty Black Series Jackson 2-Seater Leather Sofa2-Seater Leather Sofa

The Liberty Black Series Jackson 2-Seater Leather Sofa is designed to complement any room in your home.  The clean lines and minimalist design of this Sofa make it an ideal fit for a contemporary living space. This sofa is built with a durable hardwood frame and covered in generous fibre padding. It also has anti-sag springs to ensure long-lasting support.


4. TSB Living Romatlink Recliner Sofa Brown

Recliner Sofa Brown

The TSB Living Romatlink Recliner Sofa Brown is a classic recliner sofa with a manual mechanism. The reclining mechanism is easy to use. It has an adjustable angle that allows you to find your most comfortable position and enjoy your favourite TV show or movie in style. This classy design sofa features a soft brown finish and padded arms for added comfort and it is easy to assemble.


5. Liberty Black Series Black Leather Sofa 

3-Seater Leather Sofa

The Liberty black series 3-seater sofa is a modern contemporary design that will add a touch of style to any living room. The leather material used in this sofa has been specially selected to give it an elegant and sophisticated look. It also makes the sofa durable and comfortable to sit on, while its anti-sag springs ensure that it will last for many years to come. The unibody frame of this sofa is extremely strong, making it suitable for families with children or pets.



Is a real leather sofa worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth spending a lot on leather sofas if you are looking for a long-lasting, high-quality piece of furniture. Leather sofas are not only stylish, but they’re also durable. It has an inherent water resistance which means spills can easily be cleaned up without worrying about leaving behind stains or dirtying the fabric underneath.  Additionally, leather gives a certain level of sophistication and luxury to a space that other materials may not be able to replicate.


What are the advantages of a leather sofa?

Leather sofas are known for their durability and comfort. They can last for many years with the right care, and they often conform to the body over time to create a custom seating experience. Additionally, leather is a natural material that is easy to clean and care for. This material is great for families with small children, pets, and even teenagers! It can be a little more expensive than other materials such as micro-fiber or fabric upholstery. Leather also comes in many different colors and styles that add to its appeal and versatility.


What are the disadvantages of leather?

One disadvantage of the leatherette sofa is that, over time, it can become stained and discolored. Another, leatherette sofas can be quite expensive compared to other types of sofas. However, one of the most common issues people have with leatherette sofas is that when it is old, the material gets brittle and cracks.


What is the best grade of leather furniture?

The most expensive and luxurious type of furniture is made from full grain leather. It’s durable, yet soft enough to touch with your hand – perfect for those who love the feel! Full-grain animals are typically raised on farms where they live their whole lives; this means that every part has been used ( brains included) so there won’t be any waste or excess material left over after production like some other types might incorporate into their work process. The result? An item built stronger than any artificial alternative could ever hope