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One of the most exciting decisions you’ll make is to purchase a Log cabin. It can be overwhelming but don’t worry. There are many factors that go into this decision and key terms which should help guide your research before making an informed choice for yourself as well as after purchasing one- so read on if you’re considering buying today.

Log Cabins are great for entertaining, gaming and crafts. They offer a comfortable space away from the family home or even as an office with their practicality. You can add value to your property by installing this attractive design feature today.

The construction of small detached buildings in NZ such as garden sheds, greenhouses and cabins do not require any permission from council when building in more than 10 square meters but you cannot extend them beyond 30 sq meters in size.

There are plenty more factors to consider when you decide to buy a log cabin. such as What size structure fits best into my yard – how much space do you really have available here And should there even be trees around you? Here we have mentioned some tips on how to make the right decision to buy new Kitset homes.

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What things need to consider before buying Log Cabin

Log Cabins are a wonderful investment and can last up to 100 years with proper care. They require some work, but it’s well worth the cost when you consider how long these will last. 

If possible choose natural materials like timber logs or cypress wood for their timeless look in your garden. Avoid plastic alternatives that may not match as nicely aesthetically over time.

Carefully examine what size cabin suits both yourself (size-wise) and any guests who might come visit from time to time on vacation/etc or kids running around playing.


Why Do You Need a Log cabin? 

These cabins are a stylish and useful addition to any garden. Not only do they provide extra space, but you can use them as an extension of your home or work environment too. They offer the same potential for development that requires renovation at much lower costs than adding on top of other structures in most cases.

They are beautiful, durable and practical. They can be used for all sorts of purposes from entertaining guests in your living room to playing games or working on a project with friends inside them. These versatile structures offer more than just shelter. They make additions that will add value and beauty to any home while still providing great insulation so you’re never cold at night during winter months.


What are log Cabins Made From?

They are a great way to get back in touch with nature and enjoy all its natural beauty. These buildings are made from timber and have been around as long ago as the 1800s. They are made from logs of all different shapes and sizes. The quality of your wood will have a direct impact on not only how well you can enjoy it, but also its longevity in the long run.

The best timbers for garden buildings are slow-grown because they have increased density, improved durability and less tendency to warp or split. when compared to faster-growing trees like oak which can lead to expensive repairs if damaged during construction time.

These log cabins are made of interlocking logs which join together to create a solid structure with no gaps. The tight fit between these pieces means that they will last much longer than other buildings because the wind can’t get through and dampness won’t sleep in at all. 

A great thing about these old fashioned structures is that not only do you get all kinds who enjoy history but also have an eco-friendly option available depending on how much money you want to spend.

If you plan to use your building year-round, it may be beneficial to choose a log cabin with thicker logs. They are available in various thicknesses; from 19mm, 28mm and 44 mm thick logs which will keep them warm during winter months when temperatures drop lower than normal for that time of year.


What Size Cabin Should You Buy?

If you want your cabin to feel like home, it’s important that the size of the building matches what suits your needs. Whether they are there now or five years from now and whether their family has grown by 1-5 people. It is also necessary to consider the available space for your long cabin before you buy one.


What are the types of Roofs?

Roofing can give a log cabin that “wow” factor. It’s important to consider the purpose and size of your home when picking out what type of roof you want for it, though different designs suit certain environments.

Apex : The A-shaped roof is a classic design that offers not only great visual appeal but also storage space option in the ceiling. The sloping panels meet at the centre to create an amazing look for your cabin’s exterior, which typically makes these styles tall and proud.

The reverse-apex roof : This is also called a hip chimney or hat sawtooth roofs are perfect for cabins that have long thin walls. It’s the same as an apex but with its angle flipped 90 degrees so when you look down from above everything should be backwards. This allows for more headroom in your home without taking up extra living space at first glance. It works great for the long thin cabins.

The flat or pent roof  :  You can choose between two different roof styles for your home: the flat panel and pent roofs. This is a great choice for those with limited space and budget. The single panel will have very slight gradients that allow water to run off, while more pronounced ones can be found on the pent style which makes them excellent in wet conditions like heavy morning dew when you need protection from it but not necessarily blocking its flow completely. 

Off-set apex roofs:  For those who can’t make a decision between pent and apex, this style is perfect. The ridge isn’t centred but instead off to one side giving you the additional headroom of a pent while still retaining some sleekness in your profile. 

A split level roof is two panels that meet at different heights. These roofs are typically found on single-family houses, but they can also be seen in multi-family dwellings like apartment buildings or condos with lofts even if there’s no formal lobby.

In addition to looking great from every angle (instead of just one), these designs provide extra natural light and ventilation by opening up spaces between levels where windows might not otherwise fit because it gets too hot during summertime months without any breeze flowing through them nearby.


The Best Log Cabins NZ


1. Log Cabin Corner Garden House

Log Cabin

The Log Cabin Corner Garden House Melanie is a traditional Nordic garden house with double doors. It has a generous 9.6m² of floor space and can be used as a summerhouse, office or utility room. With its apex roof and large windows, it will give you plenty of natural light during the day and great views at night. You can use this garden house for adding an extra room to your home or for use as a studio or office in your garden. 


2. Log Cabin Garden House Lea 

Garden House

This stylish Nordic garden house with bi-fold doors and 19.4m² of floor space. This Log Cabin Garden House is made from renewable kiln-dried Nordic Spruce and has tongue & groove flooring and roof plus laminated door frames for a quality finish. As well as rubber door and window seals to keep out the weather, this garden house comes complete with Low door sill with stainless steel covers.


3. Log Cabin Garden House Anna


House Anna

This Log Cabin Garden House Anna is a great place to relax and enjoy the summer. The apex roof garden house has a terrace that offers plenty of space for you to enjoy your time in the sun. This garden house has tongue and groove flooring, double-glazed windows with tilt and two doors. This means you can easily get in and out of the garden house.


4. Log Cabin Garden House Sandra


House Sandra

This is a great cabin for anyone wanting to get away from it all. The Log Cabin House has been designed with an eye on functionality and versatility, making it the perfect choice for any garden. Constructed using tongue and groove cladding and solid timber frames, the Garden House offers exceptional value for money. This versatile cabin can be used as a workshop, storage area or simply somewhere to relax when you need some peace and quiet. This Cabin Garden House also comes with double-glazed windows with tilt & turn the latch to open.


5. Palmako Log Cabin Garden House Bar Set 1.8M


House Bar

This Log Cabin Garden House Bar Set is the ideal seating for any backyard bar or bbq. The palmako log cabin garden house bar set comes with a table and has space for a bar stool. The tabletop has been laminated to give extra protection against water and other elements. This cabin is easy to assemble, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking for a good project that will add value to your home.