Top 5 Best MacBook in New Zealand

Apple has been in the computer and electronics market for years. They have also been developing new technology at a rapid pace. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that Apple’s best MacBooks are some of the most popular laptops on the market today.

The best MacBook is available in three different models: MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Retina display- which is Apple’s latest release to date. All of these models are top sellers because they offer something unique to you while still maintaining their affordable price range. 

There are many different configurations to choose from, and these days there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to find all of the features you want in one device.

If you’re looking for the best Macbook,  there are many factors that need to be considered. The best option is the MacBook because it’s lightweight and has a great battery life. It also has the newest operating system, which makes it easier to use than ever before.

Best Laptops in New Zealand

What is the best MacBook?


Apple packs the new MacBook Air with an M1 chip, which is one of the fastest ultrathin laptops around. It’s also now a laptop that lasts all day on battery and offers better performance than previous iterations while still maintaining its familiar design. With this speedy Mac comes iOS apps for the first time ever-a great step forward in Apple’s world domination plans.

Alongside these boosts to its power and endurance, this laptop also brings iOS apps to Mac for the first time ever. With M1 there’s no point missing out on getting yourself a sleek device like the MacBook Air as soon as possible.

MacBook Air with an M1 is the best Mac for most people. It took a familiar design and turbocharged it, making this one of the fastest ultrathin laptops around! Alongside this speed, boost comes all-day battery life that will keep you going without having to worry about plugging in your charger any time soon. With M1’s enhanced processing power, iOS apps now run on MacBooks as well which means there really isn’t much reason not to buy one.

The best MacBook Air was designed for people who need a reliable laptop that is light and portable. The Pro, on the other hand, has more powerful specs which make it ideal if you are looking for something to handle demanding programs or want longer battery life.

Well, Apple recently updated the MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 connections. If you’re still using one of those old Intel-powered laptops that were not yet upgraded to M1, then it’s worth a look at their top model which has four USB C inputs. 

The best MacBook Pro may not be as powerful now as the new Air and Pro models, but it still has a lot of great features. The 16-inch screen is perfect for those who need more space to work on projects while maintaining portability.

Particularly impressive are its speakers: they’re loud enough so you can enjoy music without headphones or external speakers! With an Intel processor inside this powerhouse laptop yet retains excellent battery life–allowing your productivity levels to skyrocket.


The Best MacBooks NZ


1. Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro Touch Best Macbook

Apple has created a high-quality 13-inch touchscreen for your MacBook that allows you to multi-task with ease. This brand new MacBook Pro has a 10th-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and features up to 3.8GHz Turbo Boost speeds.

This powerhouse will never leave you underwhelmed when it comes to getting things done quickly – sports, streaming movies, coding projects, games or whatever else may come up. 

The bright, Retina display features true tone technology and is capable of displaying millions of colours for accurate representation in any lighting condition so you can be sure every image looks amazing from inside the classroom and outside in the sun as well.

This best MacBook is Slim, portable and powered by an Ultrafast SSD that delivers a blazing-fast performance so you can have extra time to enjoy life’s moments rather than waiting around for things to load. 

This new layout has four Thunderbolt 3 (USB) ports, so plugging in never meant easier transferring large data files or external monitors at lightning speeds when you’re travelling around town or just working from home.  It has Up to 10 hours of battery life and features 802.11ac Wi-Fi. 


  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Upgrade Graphics  
  • More RAM and SSD Storage 


  • Large Bazels


2. Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro MacBook Pro

This Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful and innovative laptops on the market. It has a 16-inch screen that looks similar to its predecessor, albeit with some slight modifications in colouration and resolution for an even more stunning viewing experience.

The new display size offered by Apple’s latest model provides users with twice as many pixels as ever before while maintaining support for Retina displays due to its 3,072 x 1,920-pixel density at 227 PPI (pixels per inch). A full HD 1080 video will be reproduced beautifully without blurring or scrolling across such large screens.

It introduces the revolutionary Touch Bar – a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to what you want to do. 

It comes with a 6-core Intel Core i7 processor that delivers the fastest performance in every task.

The 16″ MacBook Pro also features our second-generation True Tone display technology, which uses advanced multichannel sensors to dynamically adjust the white balance for a more natural viewing experience. 


  • 512GB of  SSD Storage
  • Large Display
  • High-Quality Speakers


  • Expensive 


3. Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Apple MacBook

This silver finish slim and sleek MacBook Pro is the most powerful laptop available on the market, and it’s also surprisingly lightweight. This MacBook Pro can last up to 20 hours with a single charge and housing more power than nearly any other laptop in existence. 

The new M1 chip and 16-core Neural Engine in Apple’s best MacBook Pro make it a more powerful laptop.  has the best power-per-watt performance of any processor, it brings MacBook Pro speeds and battery life to a whole next level with incredible speed that will blow you away all while maintaining longer running times than ever before. 

It features a 13-inch Retina display with real tone and has a Magic Keyboard and has 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU and has 8GB of unified memory. 


  • Great for gaming 
  • Awesome  battery backup
  • 265GB fast SSD


  • Only two Thunderbolt ports


4. Apple MacBook Air 13-inch MacBook Air

This space gray finish MacBook Air is an ultra-slim laptop with a new Apple M1 processor and macOS 11 Big Sur. It comes with the new processor that replaces Intel CPUs of past models M1 is an ARM-based chip from Apple – think iPhone processors but in your computer. 

The screen on the best MacBook Air is so good that it’s not much different than its predecessor, but there are a few things to note before you buy. One difference in particular sets this device apart from others.

The Retina display comes with Apple’s True Tone technology and automatically adjusts color temperature based on ambient light. It has a 400-nit LED display just like before (2560 x 1600 resolution) it has ​​256GB of SSD storage. 

This device boots up faster. Mac OS Big Sur feels quick and responsive, and a new operating system with bright colors that really make everything much easier to find on your laptop. 


  • Great performance with Big Surf
  • Long last Battery
  • Quieter while in use
  • Value of Money


  • Same design 


5. Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro 16-inch MacBook Pro

The new 16-inch best MacBook Pro is the perfect combination of form and function. With an increased display size, this machine will revolutionize how you work on your travels or during a long day at home.

This  new MacBook Pro is an attractive and innovative laptop. The sleek design made it possible for Apple to fit a larger screen into the smaller, more slim frame of the computer without compromising its functionality or modern look.

The thin bezels on either side of each display are also nice because they give your eyes nowhere else to go but that lovely screen in front of you. Apple has also increased the resolution to 3,072 x 1,920. This means your best  MacBook’s display will be sharper and more vibrant than ever before.

It has an i9-core ninth-generation Intel processor that can handle 4K video editing and rendering without slowing down.  It makes this model a dream for any creative person who needs both power and portability in their work. The fully loaded option offers tons of memory (16GB) and storage space (1TB SSD). This machine isn’t affordable to everyone but with its versatility, anyone would be crazy not to at least give this beauty a chance.


  • Large Crisp Display 
  • New Upgraded Keyboard 
  • Great Sound quality 


  • Expensive 


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