Top 5 Best MGP MADD Scooter review in NZ

The MGP Madd Gear is a leading innovator in professional athletes and action sports enthusiasts alike, with their products taking up spots at some of the most iconic sporting events across America. It has been one of the top sports brands since 2002.

The MGP MADD scooter is the best MGP scooter on the market. It has a low center of gravity and great stability, so it’s easy to ride. The MGP MADD scooter is also known for its high performance, powerful brakes, and its sleek design. 

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Each scooter in the MGX range has been meticulously crafted using only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art production technology.

Madd Gear MGX is the best place to go when it comes to scooters. If you’re looking for a beginner, intermediate or advanced stunt and freestyle scooter there are plenty of options with different features that will match your needs perfectly, if you don’t want so much as an expert-level ride then they also have more time models designed specifically for newbies.

MGP’s MGX Scooters’ handlebars and decks are made with fluted tubing. This patented process increases the power under three-dimensional loads. This is the perfect way to get around town. The MGP MDD offers a great blend of performance and style, with its great design. Whether you are looking for a new mode of transportation or just want to upgrade yours, this article helps you to find the best  MGP MADD scooter for you. 


The Best MGP MADD scooter you can buy


1. MGP MADD Gear Mgx T1 


MGP’s Madd Gear T1 Team Pro Propane scooter is the perfect choice for riders looking to maximize their performance while still maintaining a lightweight and agile feel. The Cobra Aluminum Double with 6mm Hardware provides an outstanding platform for the Japanese Chromoly Standard Diameter Headset, which is integrated with Sealed Bearings. 

MGP then adds the 120mm Corrupt Aluminum Hollow Core Wheels with 2-Tone MGP Proprietary Polyurethane Blend, giving you a lightweight yet durable set of wheels that are easy to spin and maintain speed.


2. MGP Madd Gear MGO 



The MADD Gear Origin Team stunt scooter is the perfect balance of performance and durability in a package so light that it will inspire confidence to take your riding skills to the next level. The components were hand-selected for this complete with every detail considered, including shaving almost 400 grams.

This scooter has a large wheel that is perfect for the beginner to intermediate rider. The MGP Madd Gear Mgo Team Scooter features a durable anodized finish with 180mm Flangeless MFX Soft TPR Swirl Grips and Nylon Bar-Ends. The 120mm Corrupt Aluminium Core Wheels are made of a special polyurethane blend and feature the patented Hub Decal.


3. MGO Pro Black / Green


MGO Pro Black Green - MGP

The MADD Gear Origin Pro stunt scooter is designed to strike the perfect balance between performance and durability. It has been specifically created for riders looking to take their tricks up a notch in both parks and on streets while maintaining its lightweight design without compromising strength or durability.

It is a high-performance scooter for the most demanding riders. It has been designed to give you the best possible control and stability with its 150mm Flangeless wheels, which are fitted on 6061 Aluminum Core and 120mm Ar-120 Aluminum Core. The PRO is equipped with GRIPS – 150mm Flangeless MFX Soft TPR Swirls Grips With Nylon Bar-Ends.


4. MGP Madd Gear Mgp Mgx P1 



The MGX P1 is a scooter that sets the bar for what’s possible in ready-to-ride complete freestyle scooters. It comes with quality components from head to toe, and its handpicked selection of parts creates an extremely well-balanced ride that will have you dialing your tricks faster and going bigger than ever before. The MGX P1 takes anything you can throw at it and keeps coming back for more.

With its low-rise handlebars, high-rise pedals, and durable powder coating with MGX Full Deck Wrap Water Decal, this bike is ready to take on any terrain. The 150mm Dual-Compound Super Soft TPR Swirls Flangeless Grind Grips with Nylon Bar Ends provide a comfortable ride while keeping your hands from slipping off the bars.


5. MGO Shredder Grey – MGP


MGO Shredder Grey - MGP

The MADD Gear Origin Shredder is designed for a younger rider’s street or park riding game with its shorter deck and lower bars. The origin shredder weighs just 3.31 kg, which makes it incredibly easy to control yet durable enough that you can trust your child won’t break the scooter when they try to step up their game from beginner stunts like ollies and kickflips into more advanced ones such as stalls and grinds down rails in skateparks.

This stylish, lightweight scooter features an 18-inch low riser bar that makes it a breeze to handle. The 110mm force aluminium core wheels are perfect for any terrain whether you’re riding on a smooth road or bumpy sidewalk. It also has MGP’s unique 150mm flangeless soft TPR swirls grips with nylon bar ends that provide superior comfort and control.


These are the best MGP MADD Scooters collection for you. Share your opinion below in the comment section about these MGP MADD Scooters.