The 10 Best Microwaves in New Zealand

Do you ever struggle to choose the best microwave for your home? We know how difficult it can be because there are so many on the market and they all claim to have the best features. 

We’re all busy people. It’s hard, but not impossible to find time for cooking a meal. But what if you don’t have the time or patience to cook? You need food fast. That’s when it’s great to have a microwave around. Microwaves are quick and easy with just one button that does everything. What type of microwave is best? Read on for more information about microwaves, their differences, and which one might be right for your kitchen. 

To help you out, we’ve created this list of some of our favourite microwaves that will suit every need.

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Difference between Flatbed vs Turntable Microwave 

There are two different types of microwaves that are popular in New Zealand. Flatbed models and turntable models each provide their own set of advantages.

Turntable : This microwave has a base that rotates at the bottom of the appliance to help spread microwaves throughout. This ensures all ingredients are cooked evenly.

Flatbed : These microwaves are cooking up something great because they don’t require a rotating plate and evenly distributed heat. They provide more cooking space and are easy to clean. But expensive as compared to a turntable microwave. 

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How do I choose a Microwave?

If you are buying a microwave for the first time or just need to upgrade the old microwave, you should consider the following things before purchasing one. 

Wattage : Normally, the higher the wattage the quicker a microwave will cook the food. Wattage impacts the cooking time. 

Level of power : In most microwaves, you can change the energy level according to the type of food. You can not microwave all things at full power level. The highest setting in the microwave can be used for drinks, vegetables and soups. You can select a medium power level for regular food or readymade food. For mild heating, you should use low settings like for melting chocolate and softening butter. 

Programs or functions : Most microwaves come with an auto cooking function and automatically adjust their setting, power and time scoring to the weight and type of the food. Usually, every microwave has general standard functions like defrosting, reheating etc. 

Child safety function: Some microwaves have an auto-lock or child-lock system. It can prevent injuries and also stop your kids from using the microwave unattended.

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The Best collection of Microwaves in NZ  


1. Panasonic 27 Lt Flatbed Microwave

Panasonic 27 Litre Flatbed Inverter Microwave

The Panasonic 27 Litre Flatbed Inverter Microwave is a stylish, mid-size microwave with a generous 27L capacity. The inclusion of inverter technology ensures consistent cooking results with minimal power consumption and ensures that food is heated evenly. 

This model also features an easy-to-clean flatbed interior and auto weight sensor that will automatically adjust the power level based on the weight of your food. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, this microwave oven has something to offer for every member of the family.

This 1400w cooking power microwave has a flatbed that is ideal for reheating larger dishes. It also features 14 auto-reheat menus, 6 microwave power levels and 4 digits green backlit LCD display.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Design
  • Use any Shape Dish


  • Control Panel may not user Friendly


2. Kogan Convection Microwave with Grill

Kogan Convection Microwave with Grill

This stylish Kogan mid-size microwave is the perfect appliance for any home or office kitchen. This unit has a 32L capacity, which means that it can fit up to two dinner plates at one time.

This Microwave features an easy-to-use control panel and a sleek stainless steel design. It also comes with a bright LED Lamp inside, so you can easily see what you’re doing while cooking and serving meals. 

This Microwave is a high-powered microwave, convection and grill that can cook your food quickly and efficiently. With 1000 watts of power, you can use this microwave to defrost and reheat leftovers, or even prepare meals for two. 

The auto-reheat feature allows you to set the time for your food to be ready when you want it. It also comes with turbo defrost which makes it easy to get rid of excess moisture from frozen foods without drying them out. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Big Push Button to open the Door
  • Good Design 


  • Not very convenient Control Panel


3. KitchenAid Basic Assist Culinary Microwave

KitchenAid Basic Assist Culinary Microwave Oven 33L

KitchenAid’s Basic Assist 33L microwave oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It features a durable stainless steel design and a large door that opens like a wall oven for easy access. The stainless steel handle on the door allows you to open the microwave with ease, even when wearing an oven mitt. With 1650 watts of power, this KitchenAid microwave heats up quickly and evenly so your food cooks perfectly every time.

It has features to help you prepare your food easily. Its 3D Microwave Distribution System ensures even heating and cooking of food. Its Steam feature can be used to cook vegetables and fish with the minimum amount of water, which retains more nutrients for better health. 

The humidity sensor technology automatically adjusts the power level based on humidity levels in the oven, ensuring proper moisture content in your food. It also has a turntable that rotates during cooking to ensure even heating and distribution of heat.


  • Excellent Design 
  • Strong Built 
  • Wide Opening
  • Powerful


  • Expensive


4. Sharp Sensor Microwave- R398EST


This 34 Litre Sensor microwave from Sharp is perfect for a large-size family. It features a Smart Inverter for faster and more even heating, a Smart humidity sensor for a more intuitive approach to cooking and an easy-to-use keypad with 10 power levels. 

The 1200W Midsize microwave is finished in stainless steel that will fit in with any style of kitchen. It is a 34 Litre capacity microwave oven. It has 10 power levels and 23 auto-cook menus for convenience and for defrosting, reheating and cooking your preferred food.

The sensor microwave has a 2-stage programme cooking, auto weight defrost menus and a child lock to prevent accidental use. The compact design of the microwave means it can be positioned in spaces where larger microwaves won’t fit, such as above cupboards or under shelves.


  • User friendly 
  • Kitchen timer function
  •  Great Design and LED text guidance 

Cons :  

  • High-priced 


5. Sharp Flatbed Microwave – SM327FHW


Sharp’s 30L White Flatbed Microwave brings a level of sophistication to your kitchen with its sleek, modern design. This midsize microwave features a 1200W Inverter for faster and more even heating, along with precise power control. 

The smart humidity sensor provides for a more intuitive approach to cooking by automatically adjusting the time and power level based on the moisture content of food. Its spacious interior can accommodate larger dishes without sacrificing performance or capacity, while its flat-back door maximizes counter space and allows easy access to cookware.

The Sharp R-30L microwave oven is a 30 L capacity, a built-in model that features 23 auto menus for easy and convenient cooking. It also has 3 favourite memory cook functions to help you save your most frequently used settings. It comes with 11 power levels and has an automatic defrost function. 

Pros :  

  • easy to clean 
  • Sensor technology for  cooking 
  • Child lock safety feature 
  • LED display

 Cons : 

  •  The sensor may not work properly on a large amount of meal 


6. Samsung 32 Litter – MS32J5133BG


The Samsung Black Stainless Sensor Microwave combines the latest in microwave technology with a stylish black design. The sensor cooking options and keep warm function ensure that your food is cooked evenly while the LED display is easy to read.

This microwave has an automatic defrost option, as well as a 1-touch cook function for popcorn, beverages and frozen vegetables. You can choose from 10 power levels to heat a variety of foods quickly or use the child lock feature to prevent accidental operation. 

The interior of this microwave features ceramic enamel. It has a smart inverter power of 1000 Watts that is good for reheating, simple and fast cooking. It is perfect for small to medium size families.  

Pros : 

  • Modern Design
  • 10-year warranty on the cavity
  • Easy to use

Cons : 

  • Not ideal for cooking large food 


7. Breville Inverter Flatbed Noir – LMO550BLK


Breville The Inverter Flatbed Noir microwave has a larger cooking area than a standard 34-litre microwave. Its Power Smoothing Inverter technology provides precise power with minimum noise and to cooking and reheating easily.

This 1000w cooking power microwave has a modern look and has a Sleek black mirror finish. It features an EasyClean non-stick interior and has auto defrost and a quick minute keypad. It features a child safety lock and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This microwave has 8 useful auto cook menus and dual defrost by time & weight For cooking and reheating. It has 10 power levels which are adjustable according to your choice of cooking. 

Pros : 

  • 30 sec instant start
  • User friendly 
  • Fast and easy to clean 

Cons :  

  • Easily stick finger marks while opening the door 


8. Sheffield 20L Digital Microwave

Sheffield 20L Digital MicrowaveThis Sheffield 20L Digital Microwave is great for small families. It is a versatile kitchen appliance that will make cooking easier and quicker. This microwave has 11 power levels, 6 auto cooking menus and a 90-minute timer with auto defrost. 

The digital display allows you to easily set the time and power level, while the child safety lock prevents little fingers from accidentally turning on the microwave oven. This is very simple to use and Easily fits into your kitchen. 

Pros :  

  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to clean 
  • Compact size 

Cons : 

  •  Ideal for heating 


9. Morphy Richards 20L Microwaves

The Morphy Richards 20L microwave has a sleek and modern design that will look great in any kitchen. It has a black glass door, push-button door and comes with a 1-year warranty. This white colour stainless steel microwave has 750w cooking power and is convenient for 2 people. 

This microwave has built-in 10 auto cooking menus and digital touch controls to use. You can use it for quick reheating, cooking and defrosting meals. You can adjust the timer for cooking your favourite food.

Pros :  

  • Value of Money
  • Easy to use
  • Great Design 

Cons :

  •  Not very powerful 


10. Midea 20L Digital Control


Midea 20L Digital Control Microwave is ideal for small families and the best solution for your kitchen. It has a special mirror design surface and it is very easy to clean and you can cook your food faster than ever before.

 The microwave has a touchpad control and a white face and housing. It features a push-button door, a white painted cavity, a special mirror design surface and touch-pad control. 

This product includes an installation kit. This microwave has 6 Auto Cooking Menus and 10 Microwave Power Levels and Defrost Setting. This Microwave has 700W  power output. 

 Pros : 

  • Easy to operate  
  • Value of Money
  • Compact Design 

Cons : 

  • Not ideal for large cooking 


Microwave Accessories : 

If there is not enough space in your kitchen then you may need a 3 or 2 Tier Kitchen Shelf Microwave Stand Rack.


Microwave Tier

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