Top 7 Best Mirrors in New Zealand

Buying the best mirror for your home is very important when it comes to grooming. As we all spend a lot of time with the mirror in our daily routine, whether it’s looking after ourselves before going out or checking for zits in the morning. It is important to have one that is high quality and as reflective as possible so that you can see every detail.

Nowadays, mirrors are also used as decoration pieces in homes. There are many designs in the market which you can buy according to your taste or preference. Some people like traditional framed ones while others prefer frameless glass mirrors with the option of adding patterns to them, so they stand out even more. But what’s really cool about these modern-day mirrors is that they look simple but they perfectly suit every type of wall.

The best mirrors are ones that have an adjustable design and that aren’t too small or large for the space they’re being put into. There are plenty of different styles available to choose from, including framed shapes or frameless designs with either matte or glossy finishes. Whether it’s for your bathroom or bedroom, it is important to choose the best one for your house. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one.

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Things to consider before Choosing the Best Mirror 


Does the mirror go best with existing decor?

Mirrors are an integral part of any house. They can be used in so many ways to create a beautiful space, from adding light to your living room or bedroom to accentuating the style of your bathroom. It is important that you choose mirrors that work with the rest of your decor and have a good quality mirror surface. 

If you have minimalist or modern decor, then mirrors that have wood frames with minimal embellishment would be perfect. However, if you have more traditional furniture and draperies, then a mirror framed in gold leaf will look better. Regardless of how your home looks and depends on your needs.


What Type of Mirror do you need?

Different types of mirrors can be used in different ways. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are perfect if you want to make a room look larger or create an illusion of another space on the wall, while framed mirrors are great when combined with art because they frame it nicely. Frameless mirrors are also popular these days because they offer an easy way to add light to rooms that might otherwise be dark. 

When choosing a mirror for your home, make sure that the one you buy has an even and polished surface. The flat or plane-based glass will give viewers virtual images, erect and same-sized images so it’s best if these types can be used throughout any room at all times.


What size mirror is needed?

First, think about how tall your space is. If it’s short on vertical space, go with a shorter mirror that can still give you an all-around vision. If there’s plenty of vertical room, then consider going with a bigger surface area to make more of an impact. 

Next, think about your level of vanity and what kind of mood you want to project when getting ready in front of the mirror every morning. For someone who likes to take their time in front of the mirror looking flawless before heading out into the world, maybe they’ll prefer something larger and framed.


The Best Mirrors NZ


1. Amalfi Acton MirrorBest Mirror

The Amalfi Acton Mirror is a stylish and unique piece that will bring a touch of class to any room. This product has been made from metal and mirrored glass, which gives it an industrial look. The mirror itself is Arched shaped and measures 50cm x 2.5cm x 90cm.


2. Apartment Gold MirrorGold Mirror

A sleek, modern design mirror with a gold border that will add the perfect touch to any space. This solid and sturdy metal frame features a rectangular shape with an 80 x 160 cm High-quality glass mirror for clear visibility.


3. Umbra Hub Floor MirrorFloor Mirror

Umbra’s floor mirror with storage ladder is the perfect addition to any room that needs a little extra light and space. The mirror features a four-rung ladder that can be used for storing items. With beautiful wood tones, rubberwood accents and an elegant design, this mirror will give your room a warm, inviting feel. Its dimensions are H:158cm W:43cm D:0cm.


4. Umbra Mira Wall MirrorMira Wall Mirror

The Mira Wall Mirror is the perfect addition to your home. This wall-mounted best mirror is circular in shape and the frame is made of wood. This product comes in walnut colours. It has an elegant, simplistic design that will look good in any room in your house. Its dimensions are H:57cm W:54cm D:3cm.


5. Koti Georgia Feather Mirror

Georgia Feather

Georgia Feather Mirror is a unique piece of art. The mirror is made from goose, turkey and natural rooster feathers. It is a perfect addition to your home or office. This best mirror can be hung on the wall or placed on any flat surface. Its size allows it to fit in any space you want it to be in. You can also use it as an extra decoration for your party or event’s table centrepieces.


6. Madras Link Benalla Round MirrorRound Mirror

The Madras Link Benalla Round Mirror is a beautiful piece of wall art that will add style to any room. This round mirror features two hooks on the back for easy hanging. The frame is made from walnut veneer and glass.


7. Bjorn Large Low Arch Mirror

Low Arch Mirror

The Middle of Nowhere Bjorn Large Low Arch Mirror is a minimalist mirror that can be placed anywhere in the house. It can be hung in two directions, combined with other mirrors from this collection for new shapes or combinations that will add life to any space.