Top 7 Best Monitor Stand in NZ

The monitor stand is a versatile accessory that can help you organize your workspace and make your computer easier to use. It can also provide a comfortable chair for you and add some space between your computer and the desk.

A monitor stand also helps to reduce your neck and shoulder pain by raising the screen to eye level, making it easier for you to sit and work. It helps in organizing your desktop and prevents various materials from piling up on your desk. 

There are many monitor stands available in the market at different price points, but finding the best monitor riser can be a difficult task. We have gone through a number of monitor risers and have come up with the best monitor riser you can buy.  

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How to choose the best Monitor Stand

When it comes to choosing the best monitor stand, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. Here are the things you need to note when buying the best monitor riser:

Adjustable Height: One of the key features of a monitor riser is its height. Choose a monitor stand with adjustable height as it allows you to adjust the height of your computer screen accordingly.

Monitor size support: Choose a monitor riser that is compatible with your computer monitor; most of the stands come with specifications to allow you to check this information.

Sturdy Base: Make sure that the stand has a sturdy base on which you can place your computer.

Storage space: Another key feature of a monitor stand is its storage space. A monitor riser with multiple storage slots is ideally suited to organize your desktop and keep all the essentials handy.

Look and Style: A good monitor stand should be aesthetically appealing and blend in well with your furniture. It should not look like an extra piece of furniture that has been added to the room just because you needed a place to put your computer screen.

Easy to assemble: A monitor stand that is easy to assemble is undoubtedly a good buy. The monitor riser should be easy to assemble and require minimal effort to tighten and tighten the screws.

Built-in cable manager routes: If a monitor riser has a built-in cable manager, it will help you save space and keep your cables organized and tidy.

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The Best Monitor Stands NZ


1. StarTech Height Adjustable Monitor Riser Monitor Stand

The height adjustable monitor stand is perfect for anyone who needs to work with a monitor that’s up to 32” in size. The modular columns can be customized to be exactly the height and width you need, and the height-adjustable stand is built to last with a 10kg weight capacity. The drawer at the bottom of the stand keeps cords and other peripherals organized, and the included cable manager routes cables in the monitor riser.


2. StarTech Height Adjustable Monitor Riser Monitor Riser Stand

This monitor riser stand from StarTech comes in silver and black and is made from a steel surface area and an aluminium base. The riser stand is adjustable to three different heights and has a stable platform for a monitor up to 32″. It has a weight capacity of up to 10 kg.


3. Brateck Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation

Sit-Stand Workstation

Brateck Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation is a versatile, ergonomic and powerful monitor riser that lets you work like a pro. With its sleek design, Brateck is a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. It provides a range of improvements to your home or office workstation, such as neat and efficient cable management, the best-in-class design and a desk clamp mounting.


4. Kogan Monitor & Laptop Stand Laptop Stand

This Monitor & Laptop Stand is a multifunctional monitor and laptop stand. Featuring a quick charge port, wireless charger and built-in USB 3.0 dock, this is an ideal laptop stand for work and play. The robust steel frame and durable MDF board are designed for the longest-lasting laptop. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 15kg, this laptop stand can support your most powerful gadget.


5. Gorilla Arms 2 Level Monitor Stand


Monitor Stand

The Gorilla Arms 2 Level Monitor Stand is the perfect addition to your studio or home office. The versatile stand allows for the perfect balance between your work area and using the surrounding space. This monitor riser is a great choice for those who work with electronics or require a lot of space. The heavy-duty aluminium feet are designed to provide stability and durability. The sturdy, durable and quality E1 environmental MDF is a great choice for any studio or home office.


6. Pago Slim Sit-Stand DeskSit Stand Desk

The Pago Heavy Stand is a super slim desk designed for your modern home. It is durable with scratch-resistant MDF construction and a max. the load capacity of 10kg. It is height adjustable from 8-40cm to accommodate all workspaces. With the Pago Heavy Duty Slim Sit Stand Desk, you can work without straining your back or neck.


7. Kensington Glass Monitor Stand

Glass Monitor Stand

The Kensington Glass Monitor stand is the perfect companion for your computer and your monitor. The sleek and stylish design is perfect for any room in the house with its modern and minimalist look. The ports are strategically placed to allow the monitor riser to be used with your laptop, monitor and any other peripherals you might have.