Top 7 Best Motorcycle Gear in NZ

Wearing proper motorcycle gear is essential not only because it will make you feel much safer while out enjoying this fantastic hobby but most importantly; accidents happen pretty often so better be prepared with the best motorcycle gear.

Moreover, you can’t just show up on a bike and hope that everyone notices your stylish outfit. If you want to look good while riding, it’s important not only for rider safety but also for your own pride in how you’re dressed when out there hitting the open roads or city streets.

There are so many different styles of motorcycle gear available nowadays; some might choose one with patches from favourite sports teams like football players do, while others prefer more practical designs such as motorcycle-specific gear which helps these riders stay safe during bumpy rides through traffic-filled environments where cars drive quickly past you without considering whether you’ll be crossing paths anytime soon.

The best bike jackets will come with a spine and coccyx protection pad, but only a few offer this as standard. It’s important that you know what your needs are before purchasing an expensive piece of kit like this- make sure it has been fitted for maximum comfort.

Motorcycle gear is an essential investment for any biker. With the right one, you will be able to ride into autumn and winter with confidence that your body stays protected from all angles no matter what mother nature throws at it. 

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How to Choose Motorcycle Gear for you 


What is the difference between Textile & Leather jackets

A textile jacket is a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want their clothes to get dirty on a day-to-day basis. They come in many different colours and styles, so you will not lack options when wearing one of these jackets around town or out biking with friends. The only problem may be that they just don’t look as cool as a leather counterpart. 

Textile jackets are not as protective of you if you end up sliding on the road. But by sacrificing some abrasion resistance, they can waterproof and protect with more pockets for storage or gear additions like insulation layers to regulate temperature during wintertime activities.

If you’ve ever had a leather jacket, then chances are it was made of cowhide. It might seem like the traditional choice for motorcycle gear because they last longer and don’t wear out quickly. 

In choosing a motorcycle riding jacket, you have two options: leather or kangaroo. Leather is the standard against which all other types of hiding are measured for quality and durability; however, they can be heavy in comparison to synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester because these fabrics require less processing time during manufacturing so their cost will most likely be lower than with cowhide/softer skins like lamb’s wool etc.

Kangaroo isn’t just lighter it offers abrasion resistance equivalent but also comes at much cheaper price points when compared head-to-head versus its counterpart from cattle species too. Leather jackets are not waterproof but they provide the best protection. 


Comfort and Fit 

Your clothing should be comfortable to wear and move in without being too tight or restricting.

A zippered front will keep you warmer and more comfortable in cold weather than a jacket with buttons or snaps. A flap of material over the zipper provides an extra layer to protect any exposed skin from the wind, plus its snug cuffs prevent it from getting blown into your clothes when walking outside during this time. 


What are the best motorcycle Pants

It’s easy to get the right pants for your textile jacket. Many manufacturers will produce a matching pair, though this doesn’t necessarily mean denim. It just means they are made of fabric that has some similarities with denim. This is often convenient because you can have two pieces of clothing in different colours and styles from one brand rather than buying separate items.

You may want to look for vents in your motorcycle pants if you plan on using them during the warmer months and a removable thermal liner so they can be as relevant for hot or cold rides. 

Consider what pockets are there, and how functional hand warmers would also prove useful but then so do cargo pockets located at thigh level which come equipped with zip closure systems. consider ankle fastening options too since these will fit over boots nicely.


The Best Motorcycle Gears NZ


1. RST Paragon Jacket 


Motorcycle Gear

Paragon 5 Ce Jacket is a jacket that has a waterproof and breathable membrane on the inside of the jacket. The outer layer is combined with the waterproof and breathable membrane on the inside. It’s double-zipped with a gutter system, which keeps water from getting in when you are riding your motorcycle.


2. RST GT CE Textile jacket

Textile jacket

The GT Textile Jacket is a high-performance textile jacket that features a waterproof, breathable lining and removable quilted thermal lining. The jacket comes with CE Level 2 back protector, shoulder armour and elbow armour. It also features the 360° connection zip allowing for easy connection to the GT Textile jean. This jacket is ideal for riders who want to look good whilst staying safe on their bike.


3. RST Adventure 3 Textile Jacket

RST Adventure

Adventure 3 Textile Jacket is a high-quality jacket that is made of the highest quality materials. It has removable SinAqua waterproof lining, removable thermal full lining and fixed comfort mesh inner lining.

This jacket is perfect for all weather conditions because it is fully waterproof (even in heavy rain) and windproof. The outer layer is made of MaxTex material which keeps you dry even when you are sweating. It also has an adjustable storm collar to keep your neck warm on cold days.


4. RST Roadster 2 CE Jacket

CE Jacket

The Roadster 2 jacket is the ultimate in style and protection. This motorcycle jacket is made from aniline waxed cowhide leather. The fixed satin lining gives this jacket a smooth, comfortable feel against your skin. It also includes adjustable waist straps to help you find the perfect fit for your body type.


5. RST R-Sport leather jacket 


RST R-Sport

The R-Sport Nylon Jacket is a perfect example of how function and style can go hand in hand. With an understated look that will give you the edge on the track, this jacket is both stylish and functional. The leather used for this jacket has been specially selected to provide maximum comfort while riding. This material is also very durable, allowing you to enjoy your new jacket for years to come. 


6. RST GT CE Leather Shortleg Pant

Shortleg Pant

The GT-CE is a short leg leather pant that is suitable for use as motorcycle-riding pants. It has been designed to be used on the street or track. It has been constructed from a combination of cowhide leather and stretches material, which allows for maximum comfort and performance whilst riding. This style of short leg pants also offers maximum protection from the elements as well as abrasion resistance. In addition, it comes complete with CE approved armour in the knee area to Hip Armour.


7. RST Adventure 3 Textile Pant

Textile Pant

The Adventure 3 is the ultimate all-season waterproof pant. It’s built with our exclusive MaxTex fabric, which offers unmatched durability and breathability in a lightweight package. The Adventure 3 also features an articulated cut that allows for increased mobility, as well as our patented sinAqua membrane that provides waterproof protection while remaining breathable to keep you comfortable in any conditions. A removable thermal liner adds warmth on cold days.