Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet in NZ

A motorcycle helmet is the single most important piece of gear you can carry when biking. It protects your head and faces from the elements, as well as other vehicles on roads or in case there’s an accident.

Wearing helmets while riding a motorbike is a legal requirement in NZ. There are different types of helmets that offer various levels of protection depending on what level of risk you might face while riding. 

These include modular which have an open front section that allows some wind in but still protects from head injuries, dual sport helmets with visors that can block sun or rain and off-road dirt bike helmets which offer less ventilation and lighter weight due to having fewer vents and less protective features like padding around them.

The best motorcycle helmet is the one that does not cause you any problems, that fits you well, and is comfortable, but which one is right for you? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can find a suitable helmet for you.

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How to choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet 

What kind of helmet should you buy?

Motorcycle helmets are an important safety gear for motorcyclists. There are four main types of motorcycle helmets to choose from; full-face lids which cover the entire head and can protect you in case of a crash, open face designs that leave your face exposed, flip front models which are open from the front and can be closed as well. 

The fourth type is an adventure and Motocross Helmets both enclose the head, but instead of having a visor like in an ordinary helmet; adventure riders have an extra protective piece.


How comfortably should a helmet fit?

When trying on a helmet, you should look for one that fits comfortably and has light pressure all around your head. If it’s too tight or uncomfortable then chances are this will get in the way during an unexpected emergency situation. so take care when picking out what type of helmet is right for you.


What other things need to consider?

New helmet technology has introduced a micrometric fastener that can be easily plugged in and then detached, even with gloves on. Double-D fasteners are a bit stiff but also safe to lock the strap.

The Pinlock system is optional, but it’s worth having for those who ride often in mist or foggy conditions. Simply put the plastic insert fits into your helmet’s visor and creates an extra layer that blocks out moisture to improve visibility while also preventing condensation on hot days.


The Best Motorcycle Helmets NZ


1. Arai Renegade-V DragonMotorcycle Helmet

The Arai Dragon is the newest helmet from Arai. This helmet has a unique style that will appeal to riders who like to stand out from the crowd. Its sleek, low-profile shape and four front intake slots combined with four side exhaust slots create a highly effective internal airflow. This ventilation system allows hot air to escape while drawing cool air into the helmet through the front intake vents and directing it across the rider’s head through channels created by interior fins. 


2. Arai Profile-V Sensation Blue MattArai Profile-V

The Arai Profile-V Sensation Blue Matt helmet is a strong outer shell designed to glance off impact forces while maintaining integrity, working with a softer one-piece multi-density EPS inner liner to absorb the energy of an impact. It has dual intake vents, brow vents and a 3-way chin vent flowing cool air into the helmet. The five exhaust ports on this full-face motorcycle helmet work to remove hot air from inside the helmet.


3. Arai Profile-V Bend BlueBend Blue

The Arai Profile-V Bend Blue motorcycle helmet is a full-face helmet that provides riders with the ultimate in protection, comfort and style. It offers full ventilation to keep you cool at all times.

 This helmet has 11 ventilation points, including 5 intakes and 6 exhausts. Dual intakes flow cool air into the wearer’s face while dual brow vents channel fresh outside breezes through its totality of channels to keep you feeling refreshed all day long. This helmet has been designed to be lightweight, stylish and comfortable for both long and short rides.


4. Arai SZ-R Frost BlackFrost Black

Arai SZ-R Frost Black helmet is a new open-face helmet from Arai. This is a very light and comfortable helmet, ideal for touring or commuting. The shell uses our latest VAS design, which means that it’s more aerodynamic than ever before. It features the revised visor, the option to fit a PRO Shade and featuring RX-7V diffuser technology for efficient ventilation.


5. Arai QV-PRO Black FrostBlack Frost

Arai’s QV-Pro is a sport touring helmet that combines the advanced VAS (Variable Axis System) technology of the RX-7V with its rounder, smoother and stronger shell. The intermediate oval fit offers more coverage than most other helmets on the market, while still providing a comfortable fit for riders who wear eyeglasses. Large ducts and vents feature massive inlet and exhaust openings to help keep your head cool on hot days.