The 5 Best Numeric Keypads NZ

When your computer has a numeric keypad on its right side, you can use it to make performing simple calculations or operations on the computer much quicker. 

The best numeric keypads are essential for financial professionals, computer programmers, scientists and anyone else who uses a computer frequently. Aside from times when you’re not near a calculator or don’t want to carry one, using a keyboard with keys that perform calculations can really make your job easier.

This blog will discuss some of the best numeric keypad models and let you know which ones are the best for you.

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How to Choose the Best Numeric Keypad for you

Here are some of the features you should look for when choosing a numeric keypad:

Connectivity: Keypads that are wireless and have a Bluetooth option offer flexibility in your computing set-up. If you often move around with your computer, a numeric keypad that connects via Bluetooth will allow you the freedom to use it.

Compatible: The keypads must be compatible with your computer and software. Most manufacturers will have specific models that are recommended for their operating systems.

Size: The number of keys and the size of the numeric keypad will determine how easy or difficult it is to use. Keep in mind that a smaller numeric keypad may be easier to use when your hands are on the small side.

Durable: Keypads can get a lot of use in the financial and professional worlds. Look for models that are durable and will stand up to daily use.

Battery: Some numeric keypads have rechargeable batteries that allow the user to operate them for several hours without having to be plugged in.

Quieter Key Switches: A keypad that uses a membrane key switch is quieter than one that uses other types of switches. This may be an important feature if you use the keypad in an open office.

Key Layout: Some keypads have a special layout that makes using them much more natural for those who are used to more traditional keyboards. Look for a keypad that is laid out in a familiar way.

Special Functions: Some models of numeric keypads offer extra buttons that allow you to perform certain functions without having to use the standard alphanumeric keys. For example, some buttons may be reserved for storing commonly used numbers or performing mathematical operations such as multiplication or division.

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The Best Numeric Keypads NZ


1. Satechi Slim Wireless Keypad

Satechi Slim Wireless Keypad

The Satechi Slim Wireless Keypad is designed with a sleek, minimalist design and is wireless. The aluminium body is lightweight and comes with a silver finish that is perfect for any desk. With a lightweight, sleek design and wireless functionality, the Satechi Slim Wireless Keypad is perfect for a stylish, convenient setup.


2. Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad

Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad

Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad is a great way to add a number of useful shortcuts to your desk. It has a portable, slim and sleek design with a silver aluminium slim frame with a matte black finish. The powerful Bluetooth receiver is built-in and allows you to connect wirelessly with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also has a number pad and navigational arrows which makes it easy for you to navigate between the MAC OS shortcuts.


3. Targus Numeric Keypad NZ

Targus Numeric Keypad

Occasionally, you need a numeric keypad to input your numeric data and this numeric keypad is the one option for you. It is definitely made for computers and works on both PCs and Macs. This numeric keypad is full-size, 19mm keys, with an integrated ergonomic tilt that provides added comfort. It is sleek and modern and looks great with any computer or laptop.


4. Motospeed Numeric Keypad 

Motospeed Numeric Keypad

The MOTO SPEED numeric keypad is an ideal solution for your laptop PC. It is a mechanical numeric keypad with a concave design, sensitive input for your fingertips and a backlight for night-time typing. This keypad provides a comfortable typing experience, and it supports all Windows operating systems.


5. Adesso Wireless Number Keypad NZ

Adesso Wireless Number Keypad

The Adesso Wireless Number Keypad is a compact, easy-to-use and reliable wireless keypad. It comes with an 18-key US layout for use on Windows computers. It is made of spilt-resistance and whisper-quiet membrane key switches and has a compact, ergonomic design. The keypad is designed to be spill resistant and highly durable.


We hope you enjoyed our blog on the best numeric keypad. There are many different keypads on the market these days, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. We have provided some suggestions on how to choose the best numeric keypad to suit your needs and hope you find this information helpful.