Top 10 Best Occasional Chair in NZ

When it comes to living room furniture, you might think of a sofa first But there’s something about an occasional chair that really ties the room together and makes your home seem welcoming when people come over for dinner or drinks. It can also be used as a cosy reading spot on cold mornings, as well as give guests their own space during the day if they’re staying with you for a while.

When deciding what kind of living room furniture to get–whether it’s new leather sofas or those nice upholstered chairs–you’ve got some tough choices ahead of you.

The Occasional chair is a versatile piece of furniture. On cold mornings, it can be used to sit and read the newspaper or cuddle up under blankets with your loved one for warmth. In the afternoon sun, you could lay down on its comfortable cushions in order to catch some rays without having more light streaming into space.

As evening falls and the temperature drops even further below zero degrees Fahrenheit (°F), this cosy chair becomes an ideal spot from which to sip hot cocoa while reading by candlelight—a perfect way to end off another long day spent being productive at home.

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What is the best Occasional chair?

Choosing the best Occasional chair is difficult because there are so many different types. There’s everything from a deep cavernous chair that will make you feel like you’re in your own personal cave, to an upright and formal looking one that looks great for game nights or playing cards with friends. 

If you’re looking to buy an Occasional chair, it can be tough deciding what’s the best for your needs. The important thing is that they suit both your style and size requirements – so here are a few tips on finding the perfect one for you.

Occasional chairs come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles depending on how formal or informal they’ll need to look like: some will have more of a comfy ‘cosy’ feel while others may try to mimic something close to furniture from another era.

Some Occasional chairs are rigid so that they can only stay in one place. Others have wheels, and you might want to consider the mobility of your furniture before buying an Occasional chair – not all people work or live in a stationary space.

You want to make sure that you are getting the perfect Occasional chair for your needs. It’s important not only to consider where it will be used but also what kind of activities may take place on them. If you plan on using an Occasional chair in a public area with lots of people coming and going, then having caster wheels is essential so they can easily be moved around if needed. 

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The Best Occasional Chairs NZ


1. Ring Occasional Chair SilverRing Occasional Chair

Ring Occasional Chair is a contemporary and modern chair with a unique round shape. The fabric upholstered seat and backrest are comfortable for long sitting. The black metal base matches well with any decor style.

This  Occasional Chair is the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. Its distinctive design will add style to your home while its sturdy frame ensures it is built to last. This chair features a soft velvet finish and a comfortable seat, making it an ideal place to read or relax after a long day at work.


2. Studio ArmchairStudio Armchair

Studio Armchair is a modern and fresh design. The square shape of the chair gives it a strong personality, with clean frame lines and soft green cotton velvet upholstery.

It’s made from high-quality materials and feels very sturdy when you sit in it. The velvet fabric on the seat cushion looks really good and the back cushions are well padded, so you feel comfortable when leaning against them. 


3. Swivel ArmchairSwivel Armchair

The Swivel Armchair is a classic retro design. The armchairs are made of high-density layered block foam and covered with fabric that is hand-picked to match the colour scheme of your home. 

This chair features a straight back and a round shape the back. The strong Pine frame will give you years of use. These chairs are perfect for any household, restaurant or even office space. 


4. Manhattan Armchair Manhattan Armchair 

The Manhattan Armchair is a beautiful piece of furniture that will add style to your living room. This armchair features an elegant grey colour with a black colour bottom base. It has a deep seat and the frame is made of solid wood, making it very durable. 

The chair also comes with a bolster cushion for added comfort. The Manhattan Armchair has been designed to last long and can be used for many years without any issues.


5. Barberra Boucle ArmchairBarberra Boucle Armchair

The Barberra Boucle Armchair is a stylish and comfortable armchair. The seat is made from a fabric that has been knitted from yarn. This gives the chair an attractive appearance and makes it durable enough to be used in most areas of the home.

This chair is made from a material called boucle, which consists of tufts of wool or synthetic fibres woven together into a tight fabric, giving it its distinctive texture and pattern. It also provides support for the body by acting as a firm springboard against which you can lean back when sitting. 


6. Lodge ArmchairLodge Armchair

The Lodge Armchair  is designed with simplicity and function in mind. It features a round-shaped backrest and wooden armrests. The seat offers a comfortable height for reading or watching TV, while the tapered arms make it easy to move around. 

This chair has a simple style that will blend well with almost any decorating scheme. The frame is constructed of solid oak wood, which makes it strong enough,  yet light enough for anyone to move around in your house.


7. Gustavo ArmchairGustavo Armchair

Gustavo Armchair is a chair that will give you the comfort and relaxation of your home. It has been designed with style, quality and functionality in mind. 

This armchair features a beautiful black frame made of mahogany material using Goat Skin leather for the seat, which gives it a very elegant look. The seat is made of high-density foam, keeping you comfortable for long periods of time.


8. Mobel Maxwell 1 SeaterMobel Maxwell

This Mobel Maxwell Sofa has a zig-zag textured fabric and soft seating. This chair provides you with a comfortable and stylish seat that will fit in any environment. It has an iron leg frame that is wrapped around the seat. 

This sofa is perfect for your living room, den, or home office. It can be used for relaxing with family and friends or working on projects at home.


9. Madras Link ChairGypsy Blue Chair

The Madras Link is a chair with a focus on comfort. The seat and back are upholstered with high-quality fabric that is soft to the touch, while the armrests are made of a solid wood frame. 

The wooden legs of this chair make it an ideal choice for both indoor as well as outdoor settings. 


10. Artiss Fabric Tub Lounge ArmchairTub Lounge 

The Artiss Fabric Tub Chair is a modern lounge chair with a criss-cross wooden base and smooth round corners. The seat material is polyester, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Its beige colour will blend in well with most home decor. It has a thick cushioned seat that measures 17cm, providing you with comfort and support while you sit back and relax.