Top 5 Best Orbital Sanders in NZ

An Orbital Sander is a powerful tool that has been used in home improvement projects for years. Orbital sanders are often used to remove paint, varnish, and other coatings from surfaces quickly and efficiently. 

They usually come with two or more different sized pads that can be changed depending on the size of the space being worked on. Orbital sanders are relatively lightweight tools which makes them easy to use by people of all skill levels.

It’s similar in function and usage as other types of Sanders except for one big difference: Its design makes this particular piece more efficient at removing additional weight than its counterparts while still being able to handle large jobs.

However, there are several different types of orbital sanders on the market today and choosing the right one can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out. To help simplify this process, we’ve created a buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for when buying an orbital sander. Here’s everything you need to know about these tools in order to choose the best one for your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Orbital Sander

First thing you need to consider for what job you want to use this machine and be sure that this will actually get the job done. If it only wants to use it for basic sandling tasks like stripping paint from wood and even the plaster surface, or you want to use it for sanding large floors.

While deciding between corded and cordless models, you should consider the pros and cons of each. The corded one is ideal for the long-run task, but always needs a power outlet where you want to use it. On another hand, cordless machines give you the freedom to work anywhere, but have limited battery backup. Always check the battery mAh in cordless models and choose the model with a higher mAh (long battery backup).

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Also, check that it has dust extraction. The different kinds of filters and some even have a hose fitting for connecting into an extractor unit which will remove any fine particles of sand or other materials while producing less noise.

Another thing you need to look for is the size of your motor and body configuration. Look at both 5- or 6-inch pads depending on how much surface area you need to cover with material removal in order to achieve optimal performance from your machine.

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The Best Orbital Sanders NZ


1. Makita 18V Random Orbital SanderOrbital Sander

The Makita 18V LXT Random Orbit Sander is a compact sander that offers great performance and ease of use. This sander has a short height profile which makes it comfortable to hold.

It has  3-speed settings that give you the right speed for all your sanding needs. It features a rubberized grip to provide comfort and control, and it has Max 11,000opm.


2. Mako Orbital Sander 125mm Mako Orbital

The Mako Orbital Sander has been ideal for sanding the walls. It is compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic shape for comfortable sanding.  It has a dust collector that is easy to empty and a variable speed setting that offers precision when you need it. It has a 420W motor.


3. Madal Bal EXTOL  Cordless SanderCordless Sander

Madal Bal EXTOL Cordless sander is a powerful tool designed for sanding wood and wooden materials, and metals. The machine has two integrated sawdust extraction into a bag, 2000mAh batteries which allow you to work continuously for up to 50 min. The high speed of the motor and the battery power allows you to achieve excellent results in a short time. The maximum speed of the machine is 10000 rpm.


4. Greenlund 18V Cordless Sander

Detail Sander

Greenlund 18V Cordless Detail Sander is a great tool for sanding in corners. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and use. It has an LED battery indicator that shows the amount of power left on the battery. This sander can be used with or without a cord, which makes it convenient for you to work whenever you want. The air dust canister allows for clean sanding without any mess since there will not be any dust flying around your work area. This sander features a max 10000rpm motor.


5. ROK 18v Cordless Buzz Sander 

Buzz Sander

The ROK Cordless Buzz Sander is the perfect tool for all your sanding needs. It’s lightweight and powerful, so you can tackle any project. The sander features a 12000opm speed and automatic dust collection. The ergonomic soft-grip handles provide comfort and control while the rechargeable battery provides cordless convenience.