Top 5 Best Party Speakers NZ

Whether it’s a big gathering at your house, a birthday, a reunion, or just a friendly get-together, nothing livens up the mood like some music. And with party speakers, you can provide tunes for everyone at the party without being tied to a single device or location.

These RGB speakers are designed to be portable, powerful, and easy to use, so you can enjoy your favourite music wherever you are. They’ve been engineered for simplicity: plugin, turn on and play. The speaker’s smaller size means you can bring them with you to the beach, the pool, or wherever else you plan to have a little get-together. And with Bluetooth capability, they’ll connect to your smartphone so that you can stream your music directly from it.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best party speakers on the market. Whether you are looking for a small Bluetooth speaker or a large sound system, we have you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

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How to choose the Best Party Speakers for you

Party speakers come in different sizes and shapes and with different audio features. To help you make the right choice for your needs, let’s take a look at the features to consider before buying a speaker.

Portability: If you plan to move your party speaker around a lot, you should look for one that is compact and lightweight. A good fit for portable speakers are those that are easy to carry in one hand, you can also carry them in your backpack with no hassle. They should be easy to carry around and are designed to seamlessly blend into any situation.

Functionality: If you’re going to use your party speaker for the car or outdoors, look for one that is waterproof. Waterproof speakers are usually IPX-rated, but make sure you check that before buying. Also, look for a speaker with an aux-in feature; this will enable you to connect an external audio device like a smartphone directly to the speaker without Bluetooth.

Power and Frequency: You should consider the power of the speakers when you make a purchase. Better quality party speakers have a good overall sound quality and provide deep bass, which you can feel especially at high volumes. Party speakers with active features will allow the volume of sound to be controlled by music.

Durability: With longer use, the material used on party speakers could wear out over time and decrease its quality. Look for speakers made out of tough, high-quality materials that can withstand continuous use. You should also think about the warranty period offered by the manufacturer and the kind of customer support they can provide you with.

The battery life: Party speakers are usually battery-powered, and have a long life on a single charge. Most of the best party speakers offer up to 4 to 14 hours of playtime. As a best practice, you should charge your speaker once every two months.

Look and Style: Lastly, you should consider the design of the speakers. Look for one that is sleek and can blend into any situation. Also, think about the features such as LED light show, sleep timer, and Bluetooth connectivity to help you decide on the style and look you will like.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers in New Zealand


The Best Party Speakers to buy


1. Philips Bluetooth Party Speaker

Party Speaker

The Best Party Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker with a powerful sound and the ability to connect to speakers and smartphones. With five knobs on the top of the speaker, you can easily adjust the sound quality and volume. Powered by a battery, the Best Party Speaker is able to play for up to 14 hours. The Best Party Speaker features a microphone input and guitar input. It also comes with a karaoke effect, party light effects, and an output power of 160W.


2. iDance Bluetooth Party Speaker

Portable Party Speaker

The iDance Bluetooth party speaker is a portable speaker that can take you anywhere. This speaker is packed with all the features you will ever need: a karaoke party system, a disco light, with a powerful 8-in-1 speaker. With a built-in microphone, this portable speaker is ready to take on your next gathering. With 200w of powerful Bluetooth, this speaker will give the party an amazing sound.


3. Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM -Party Speaker

Ultimate Party Speaker

Ultimate Ears Party Speaker is the most advanced speaker of this generation. With a built-in rubber strap, you can easily carry it around with you and you can also control the audio with the control on your phone. The speaker has four input channels and can switch music between different devices. It has a 24-hour battery backup with a 50% volume level, this speaker will last you all day. The IPX4 rating protects the speaker from water.


4. Altec Lansing SoundRover Wireless PA speakerWireless PA speaker

Altec Lansing SoundRover speaker is a portable on-the-go speaker with incredible sound and a stylish design. With output supporting powerful 180W peak power handling, this speaker can fill your home with crystal-clear sound. The included microphone allows you to take calls and perform presentations from your smartphone or tablet. This speaker also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours and includes a USB smartphone charger. The sound 360-degree speaker has vibrant LED lights which can be synced to a light show of your choice.


5. Lenoxx BTD300 Bluetooth Party Speaker

Lenoxx Party Speaker

This speaker is perfect for parties and lets you have a great time. The main feature is the built-in Bluetooth system that lets you effortlessly stream music from your phone and connect wirelessly with friends. The speaker has a full-function remote control, wheels and handles and an LCD display. The adjustable disco lights on top and front make it the talk of the party. The speaker also has a karaoke and echo function.



Is 1000 watt speakers loud?

The wattage or the loudness of speakers are found in decibels. But when it comes to party speakers, the decibels do not necessarily have to relate to their volume. Generally, 1000Watt speaker is quite loud and you can use them for an outdoor party or house party. It will be enough loud to host a party of 100+  people.


How loud should party speakers be?

Most party speakers should be set between 70-75dB to avoid damaging your hearing. To get an idea of how loud this is, normal conversation is about 50-60dB.


How many watts is a good speaker?

The average wattage for a home speaker is 15-30 watts. For larger gatherings, you’ll want something with 50 or 200watts of power.