The 7 Best PC Cases in NZ

PC cases play an important role in the PC game. These cases are responsible for keeping everything inside safe and running optimally, but only when you invest in a quality case. The best PC case must do a great job it can do to keep everything inside safe and running optimally. 

The best PC case protects all internal components from heat, meaning the processor, motherboard, graphics card, and RAM will be running better. So, the case must be made of good material which can tolerate heat and at the same time offer the right airflow to keep all these components cool.

A good PC case must also be spacious enough to accommodate all components in your computer while providing adequate space for ventilation. If you are going to install lots of hardware in your gaming rig, you will need a spacious case.

This blog will give you information on the best PC cases for your gaming computer and help you to choose the best case that is most suitable for your needs.

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How to buy the Best PC Case for you

There are a lot of brands out there in the market. So how do you pick the right case? Here are some tips you can use and help decide on what you really want.

PC Case Size: The first thing you want to consider is the size of your case. The shape and size of the case are important. The small case may look good but it will not fit too many components in, while the large case may look cool but it won’t fit in your budget.

You should pick a case that has enough space to accommodate all of your components inside without making a mess or having limited airflow which can make it hotter inside.

USB Ports and Connectors: You will also want to look at the number and arrangement of your USB ports and connectors. Do you have a gaming mouse, keyboard, and extra USB thumb drive? How about speakers or headsets for your audio?

And, do you need a wireless router or modem port too? The more ports you use (if needed), the more points of connection for cables to plug in.

Built-in Cooling: Although you would think the best PC case has a big fan to keep the components cool, that is not always the case. Of course, it is better to have an option of additional cooling if needed.

You want a good amount of space in your case without having too many fans or vents sticking out. If you decide to add more fans or vents, make sure they are contained by filters so that dust won’t get inside and get stuck.

Drive bays: If you have separate drives for storage, this is an important feature to look at. If you want some extra storage space, a bay for two drives is better than just one. However, if you need just one drive bay and no additional features, then it does not matter how many drives it has.

Sound: You should look at the sound system of your best PC case as well. Some gaming computer cases come with removable or built-in speakers to help give you a better gaming experience.

Case Material: The material of the case is important. Just like the rest of your computer, you want a good-quality case made from solid material.

The best PC cases come in steel and aluminium frames, which are sturdy and durable. The best cases are also made of tempered glass panels and can be painted to match your taste or theme.

Case Expansion Slots: If you want to add more components to your computer case, you will want an expansion slot in the back of the case. They will usually be different sizes, so be sure to match them to your motherboard.

Design: Some gaming cases have a sleek, modern design while others may be themed with an aggressive look. If you’re building a gaming rig, you want your case to match the rest of your gaming components.



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The Best PC Case NZ


1. Corsair Graphite 780T Full Tower Case

Corsair Graphite 780T Full Tower Case

This case is made for high performance, which is perfect for all the gamers out there. Rounded corners and sleek design are perfect. It also has latched side panels so you don’t have to struggle with screws or anything to get inside. Aesthetically pleasing and even those with a smaller budget will enjoy this case because of its affordability. The 780T offers plenty of airflow out of the box and it also has a three-mode fan controller that’s easy to use in case you need to adjust depending on how hard your PC is running atm. They also offer space-saving SSD bays as well as modular HDD cages so it’s easy to access your components when they need upgrading too.


2. Xigmatek Overtake Full Tower Case

PC Case

The Xigmatek Overtake Full Tower Case is a new generation RGB PC case with tempered glass on the front and both sides. With a massive space inside, it supports CPU coolers up to 180mm high, and 380mm long GPU cards. Lots of mounts for up to 11 × 120mm fans are available for excellent cooling performance. It is a perfect choice for those who want an elegant way to show off their PC’s vibrant RGB lights. The 8mm-thick chassis has excellent airflow and ventilation, making it perfect for your next build.


3. Lian Li PC-O11WX Aluminium ATX Chassis

Tempered Glass

Lian Li PC-O11WX is a full aluminum and tempered glass tower case with a uniquely designed front panel. It is built to more tower-like proportions, designed for high-end workstation-type systems with a built-in 3x120mm fan or a 360mm radiator on both the top and bottom panels. This PC-O11 mounts E-ATX and smaller motherboards, with space for VGA cards as long as 430mm. In addition, it has an internal 3.5″/2.5″ drive bay and a front-mounted USB 3.0 port.


4. Xigmatek X7 Full Tower Case

Full Tower Case

Xigmatek X7 Full Tower Case is the best choice for building your system as it supports E-ATX Chassis Structure and an extraordinary 1.2 mm thickness. It also features a two-sided tempered glass side panel and a superior airflow and ventilation design with multiple fan placements for up to 8 x 120mm fans. It features a 7 x AY120 ARGB MB SYNC fan and multiple USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 slots. The HD Audio jacks allow you to connect your headphones, speakers, and other audio devices.


5. Gigabyte Aorus C700 Glass 

Tower Case


The Gigabyte AORUS C700 GLASS Full Tower Case is a high-quality, luxurious case that offers a breath of fresh air for gamers, modders, and builders. This case includes an aluminum metal design and tempered glass panels in black on both sides. The two-tone color scheme with a black and silver exterior. The Gigabyte AORUS C700 GLASS Full Tower Case has E-ATX motherboard support and liquid cooler compatibility of up to 420mm. It includes 4x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 3.1 Gen-2 Type-C port.


6. In-Win 303 Mid Tower Case 

Mid Tower Case

The 303 Mid Tower case from IN WIN provides a clean and elegant way to house your gaming PC. The design is balanced with simple, yet beautiful minimalistic touches. The LEDs provide an eye-catching accent along with indicating the PC is activated, and the tempered glass side panel is easily accessible for quick removal without any tools needed. It’s not just easy to take off the side panel, it also provides a well-cooled environment. With three 120mm fans at the bottom of this sleek enclosure and two 120mm fans on top, there should be plenty of airflow for those hot days at your desk.


7. Corsair Crystal Series 280X Micro ATX Case

Micro ATX Case

Corsair Crystal Series 280X Tempered Glass Micro ATX Case is the best pc case because it has one side that is tempered glass. The tempered glass makes the case look clean. The case has six 120mm cooling fans and a 240mm radiator on the roof, front, and floor. This means that it will have plenty of air to cool the computer. This case can hold up to two 3.5” drives and three 2.5” drives which mean you can store more data on the computer than other cases would allow you to do so with just two 3.5” drives or three 2.5” drives respectively per normal pc cases.