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PC fans are a key component of any PC build. This essential pc part is necessary to keep your hardware cool and prevent system crashes that stem from overheating. Without a good set of PC fans, your GPU and CPU won’t be able to perform to their full potential. 

The best PC fans are very straightforward devices. Simply plug the fan into your motherboard and it will get to work cooling down your PC so you can continue working on it for hours on end.

There are a lot of different fans out there for you to choose from, There are a lot of different fans out there for you to choose from, but which are the best? Which are the best fans to run in your rig, and which users should pay more attention to? This blog will give you some helpful tips and tell you the top 5 best PC fans out there. 

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How to choose the Best PC Fan for your PC

When choosing the best pc fans for your computer, we recommend the following things:

Fan Size: You’ll want to measure your case and make sure that the fan you want to put on your PC will fit in the case or not. Most PC cases will have dimensions clearly printed on the side of them. If there are no measurements printed, look up the size of your old fan or download a measuring tape app and take some measurements.  Make sure you get a fan that is the right size for your case. Fans come in different sizes ranging from 40m to 120mm to 200mm fans.

Fan RPM: The speed of the fan is measured in RPM. The higher the RPM, the faster the fan will spin. This helps to dissipate heat out of your system and keep your computer cool.

Noise Level: Fan noise is measured in decibels. The lower the dB rating, the quieter the fan will be. An average PC case has a noise level of around 40 dB, which is quite loud and may affect your performance. Look for under 30 dBA fans for a quieter option.

Airflow: The amount of air that a fan is able to pull in and push out of your case is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The more airflow, the cooler your system will be. This can help prevent overheating and reduce stress on the hardware inside your computer.

RGB Light: RGB lighting is a growing trend that can be used to create attractive lighting effects in your computer case. RGB fans are not as common as regular red or blue LED fans, but they can have many other colours like white, green or even pink. 

Design: Most PC fans are designed with black and grey colouring and plastic components. However, there are some that have a more unique design like a hexagon-shaped fan frame or a turbine-like body for higher airflow.


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The Best PC Fans NZ


1. Corsair AF140 Dual Fan Pack 140mm 

Corsair AF140 Dual Fan Pack

Corsair AF140 Dual Fan Pack allows you to cool your PC with the right amount of style. The sleek, lightweight and elegant design ensure that the fans fit seamlessly into any build, while the high-grade LEDs offer a stunning visual experience. The high static pressure, combined with the strong airflow provided by the AF140 fans, allow for use as a case fan.


2. Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation Fan 140mm 

Corsair ML140 Magnetic Levitation Fan

This is a premium magnetic levitation fan with a 2,000 RPM control range. You get full control between low noise and high performance. It is a heavy-duty fan that delivers both high static pressure and high airflow. This fan is able to harness magnetic levitation technology to provide lower noise.


3. Corsair ML120 Triple Fan Pack 120mm 

Corsair ML120 Triple Fan Pack

This is an advanced 120mm PWM fan that delivers more airflow and higher static pressure at lower noise levels of 25 dBA. Four hub-mounted RGB LEDs output a vivid blast of light and colour with a control range of 400 to 1,600 RPM and a max noise level of 25 dBA.


4. Xigmatek Galaxy II Pro ARGB 3 Fan Kit 120mm

Xigmatek Galaxy II Pro ARGB 3 Fan Kit

The Galaxy II Pro ARGB 3 Fan is designed to ensure high performance and low noise. The fan speed is adjustable from 600RPM to 1,500RPM, and the long-life hydro-bearing fan ensures low noise and high performance. 11 fan blades are designed to provide enough airflow for your system. The fan features Smart RGB Remote with 7 different modes, to adjust the fan speed, RGB colour and more.


5. SilverStone FW81 Case Fan 80mm

SilverStone FW81 Case Fan

SilverStone FW81 is a cooling fan that is designed for maximum airflow and minimal noise. The mixed fan blade design for noise reduction is combined with a PWM design allowing 1200 ~ 3000rpm fan speed control by the motherboard. The high-efficiency system thermal solution not only keeps the system cool but also protects the motherboard from overheating. The 4-pin PWM design is perfect for motherboards with a 4-pin CPU fan header.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post, which walks you through how to choose the best PC fan. Every PC fan is not created equal and we know this can be confusing when you are trying to decide which fan to purchase. We are here to help you out by providing you with useful information on the best PC fans to purchase. Above are those tips to help you make the best decision possible when you are choosing your next PC fan!