The 5 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers in NZ

Gardeners and garden lovers alike know the importance of their lawns. The best part about having a lawn is that you get to enjoy it all summer long. With the right lawn mower, you can take care of the details. Choosing a petrol lawn mower is a great way to get started. You will finish your yard in no time and save yourself from having to push or pull that heavy machine around.

They are more powerful than a battery-powered mower. The petrol lawn mower can tear through thick weeds and tall grasses with ease. The best petrol lawn mowers are also highly efficient and can cut a full yard in about 20-30 minutes. They are ideal for big yard owners and can take care of your yard all summer.

In this article, we will be discussing the best petrol lawn mower for your needs. We will also be looking at what features to look for when buying petrol lawn mowers. We will also be looking at the different types of petrol lawn mowers and what makes them different from each other.

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How to Choose the Best Petrol Lawn Mower in NZ

There are a few things to look for when choosing a petrol lawn mower. We will be looking at these things in this section.

Engine Power: The best petrol lawn mower out there will have a powerful engine. This is usually measured in CCs or Centimetres Cubed. The measurement for engine power is the amount of air and fuel that the engine can process. You will want something that is at least 100 CCs or higher. A powerful engine means that you can use your lawn mower for longer periods of time without it overheating and shutting down on you. It also means that you won’t have to worry about older or wet grass slowing down your machine’s performance.

Cutting Blade Size: The size of the blade that the mower has will determine how quickly you can get your job done. The larger the blade, the more work it can get done in a single pass. A large cutting deck also means that you can cut larger lawns faster and more efficiently. If your lawn is on the smaller side, then you may want to consider a smaller blade size so that you do not struggle to get around certain areas of your yard.

Adjustable Cutting Height: You will want to be able to adjust the height at which your cutting deck. The adjustable cutting height function allows you to choose between multiple cutting heights. Adjusting this allows you to get the best look for your lawn. Taller grasses can be harder to cut and more prone to clumping up, but they provide a great look and feel when they are cut at the right heights.

Self-propelled: The best petrol lawn mower for you will also have a self-propelled feature. This means that the mower can go on its own, with the help of a motor. This leads to more consistent cuts, as you will never have to worry about trying to push or pull a heavy machine.

Electric start: The best petrol lawn mowers will also come with an electric start feature, which is helpful in cold or rainy weather conditions. You can get started much faster and without having to worry about starting up a hot engine.

Adjustable Handle: You want to make sure that you get a comfortable handle on your lawn mower. The right fit will prevent you from getting fatigued and help you cut your grass faster so that you can spend more time enjoying your yard. Also, the adjustable handle means that it will fit perfectly on any operator of the machine. If your hands are slightly different sizes, then the adjustment function can allow you to adjust the contours of the handle so that it fits perfectly in your hands.

Grass Catcher: A grass catcher is a helpful utility that you can use to collect your cuttings as you go. This can be very helpful in preventing clumps of grass from forming on the edges of your lawn. They also make it easier to clean up after you are finished with your lawn mowing.

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The Best Petrol Lawn Mower in NZ


1. Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm 196cc

 Petrol Lawn Mower

The Hyundai Lawnmower 510mm is an efficient, easy to use, easy to manoeuvre and high-quality machine. The design and function of the machine make it perfect for all terrains with a cutting width of 510mm. It starts up automatically with a recoil backup system that is also adjustable for height levels. Another great feature of this mower is the grass catcher which can be adjusted for size depending on your desired volume of waste material in one load. It also has a self-propelled four-speed drivetrain which means less effort in sweeper mode and provides 4km/h speed when propelled by you.


2. Hyundai Lawn Scarifier Aerator 400mm 212cc

Scarifier Aerator

Hyundai Lawn Scarifier Aerator is a great lawnmower for small to medium-sized lawns that has a wide 400mm working width. It has an easy single-dial height adjuster and a 45L grass and moss collector. There are 19 hardened steel blades in the deck, which gives it its durability and strength. It has a 4-Stroke OHV petrol engine, which is great for starting and has low fuel consumption. It is very convenient to empty the grass collector and with the soft grip feature, it offers comfort while using. The lawnmower comes with a 3.6L fuel capacity, which would be enough for medium size lawns.


3. Hyundai Lawnmower 460mm 139cc


Hyundai Lawnmower 460mm is a brilliant machine to use as your next lawnmower. The powerful 140cc engine provides the power needed for cutting your lawn. Its tough steel deck has taken many a fall, and it folds for easy storage and transport. It also makes sure that you’re able to adjust the height from 25-70 mm by using 7 different levels, giving you precise cuts every time. It has a 70L capacity grass bag and a cutting width of 460mm. It has an idle speed of 2800rpm, and an OPC (operator present control) lever for safety.


4. Hyundai Lawnmower 400mm 79cc

Hyundai Lawnmower

The Hyundai Lawnmower has a 400mm cutting width making it suitable for a small lawn. It is rust-free and the polypropylene deck construction ensures that it will stand up to years of use. The Hyundai Lawnmower is lightweight and therefore easy to manoeuvre. The individual wheel height adjustment makes it so that you only have to adjust the wheels once. Just 3 steps in 25 -75mm for you in your lawn mowing process. This machine also includes a handle mount pull-start meaning no more back pain from bending over to turn on an engine.


5. Honda HRU19M2 Domestic Push MowerDomestic Push Mower

This Honda HRU19M2 Push Mower is a fantastic lawnmower because it provides an 11-step height adjustment system and double blades for efficient cutting. These features make this mower not only durable but also a convenient and truly effective tool to use in your yard. It also has an automatically activated choke for easier starting. This lawnmower has 200mm wheels that can be adjusted to suit your needs as well as a 54-litre catcher that can collect cut grass quickly and efficiently.