The Best Pool Toys NZ

With the summer season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun activities you can enjoy in the water. Whether you have a backyard pool, plan on visiting the beach, or are heading to a water park, having the best pool toys is a must. Not only do they add an extra level of excitement and entertainment, but they also enhance your overall water experience.

From inflatable water slides and floating loungers to water guns and dive toys, there is a wide range of pool toys available in New Zealand that will make a splash for both kids and adults alike.

In this blog post, we will explore the top pool toys that will take your water adventures to the next level, ensuring endless fun and memories for the whole family.


How to Choose the Pool Toys for You

Choosing the right pool toys can greatly enhance your swimming experience. Here are some tips to help you select the best ones for your needs:

Age Group: Consider the ages of the people who will be using the pool. Some toys are designed for specific age ranges, and it’s important to choose toys that are appropriate for the users’ abilities and safety.

Safety First: Always prioritize safety when choosing pool toys. Look for toys that are made from non-toxic materials and are free from small parts that could be choking hazards.

Water Compatibility: Ensure that the toys are designed for use in water. Materials like rubber, plastic, and foam are typically good choices. Avoid toys made of wood or metal as they can become slippery and potentially dangerous in the water.

Purpose of the Toy: Consider what you want to achieve with the toys. Are you looking for toys for relaxation, exercise, or entertainment? Different toys serve different purposes. For example, inflatable loungers are great for relaxation, while water guns or water sports equipment are better for active play.

Size of the Pool: Larger pools may benefit from bigger, floatable toys like inflatable rafts or lounges. Smaller pools might be better suited for smaller toys like water noodles, dive rings, or small inflatable balls.

Storage and Maintenance: Think about where you’ll store your pool toys when they’re not in use. Some toys, like inflatable ones, can be deflated for easy storage. Others, like foam noodles or water guns, might need a designated storage space.

Variety: It’s a good idea to have a variety of pool toys to cater to different preferences and activities. This way, you can keep everyone entertained and engaged.

Durability: Look for toys that are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. This is especially important if you plan on using them frequently or if they’ll be subject to rough play.

Multi-Functionality: Some pool toys serve multiple purposes. For example, a floating drink holder can also be used as a game piece in a pool game.

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The Best Pool Toys NZ


1. Bestway Canopy Play Pool

Bestway Canopy Play Pool

The Bestway Canopy Play Pool is the perfect addition to your outdoor fun repertoire, especially during those warm, sunny days.

Its inflatable design makes it easy to set up, allowing you and your family to start splashing around in no time. The built-in sun shade is a game-changer, providing a cool retreat from the sun’s rays. And if you’re in the mood for some extra sunshine, the shade can be easily removed using the convenient fasteners.

The playful sealife design is a hit with kids, adding an extra layer of excitement to their water adventures. This pool isn’t just fun; it’s also built to last. Constructed from sturdy pre-tested vinyl, you can trust that it will withstand hours of playtime.

The Bestway Canopy Play Pool is more than just a pool; it’s a summer oasis for your family to enjoy. With its combination of convenience, sun protection, engaging design, and durable build, it’s a fantastic addition to your outdoor activities. 


2. Wahu Pool Pong

Wahu Pool Pong

The Wahu Pool Pong is the ultimate aquatic game for both team play and solo fun in the pool!

This inflatable pong table is designed for versatile play, whether you’re engaging in a competitive match with friends or enjoying a leisurely game by yourself. Its dual functionality is a standout feature – simply flip the inflatable pool pong over, and it transforms into a water float, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your pool time.

Ideal for ages 6 years and up, this versatile pool pong game offers hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re honing your pong skills or simply relaxing on the water, the Wahu Pool Pong is a fantastic addition to your poolside activities.


3. Intex Dinoland Play Center

Intex Dinoland Play Center

The Intex Dinoland Play Center is an absolute delight for kids seeking both adventure and water fun.

With a soft slide and landing pad, children can enjoy a thrilling water slide experience with added safety. The landing pad ensures a soft and secure stop at the end of the slide, giving parents peace of mind.

With a water capacity of 74 gallons, this play center offers just the right amount of water for a refreshing splash, keeping kids cool and entertained on hot summer days.

The movable Dino Arch water spray is a game-changer. It attaches easily to a water hose, creating a fun and interactive water feature. Kids will love playing under the gentle spray of water, adding an extra layer of excitement to their aquatic adventures.


4. Bestway Kiddie Raft

Bestway Kiddie Raft

The Bestway Kiddie Raft is designed to provide young adventurers with a safe and enjoyable water experience.

With an inflatable bottom, this raft offers extra comfort, allowing kids to relax and play for extended periods. The tow rope, complete with a built-in grommet, adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that the raft stays close by even in gentle currents.

The see-thru window is a fantastic feature, adding an element of curiosity and exploration. Kids can peer through the window to observe the underwater world, adding an educational aspect to their water play.

The raft comes with two air chambers, providing an extra level of safety. Even in the rare event of one chamber being compromised, the other ensures that the raft remains buoyant and secure.

Designed for ages 3 to 6, the Bestway Kiddie Raft is tailored for young children, offering a safe and enjoyable introduction to water play. With its comfortable design, tow rope, see-thru window, and dual air chambers, it’s an excellent choice for parents seeking a reliable and engaging water activity for their little ones. 


5. Bestway Swimming Toy

Bestway Swimming Toy

The Bestway Swimming Toy is a fantastic addition to any pool, designed to provide hours of fun for both kids and adults.

Its easy inflation and deflation make setup and storage a breeze. This convenience ensures that you can have it ready for play in no time, and pack it away without any hassle.

Constructed from sturdy pre-tested vinyl, this swimming toy is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of water play, ensuring countless hours of enjoyment.

The removable slide with built-in grommets is a standout feature. It adds an extra layer of excitement and allows for various play options. The cushioned landing area ensures that every slide is safe and comfortable, providing peace of mind for parents.

The water sprayer is a game-changer. It adds an interactive element, keeping the slide wet and ensuring a smooth glide into the pool. This feature adds an extra dimension of fun to the swimming toy.



What are the best swimming pool accessories?

The best swimming pool accessories include pool covers, pool cleaners, safety equipment like life vests, pool heaters, pool toys, and comfortable poolside furniture. These accessories enhance safety, maintenance, and enjoyment of your pool.


What are some fun pool toys?

Some fun pool toys include inflatable rafts, water guns, pool noodles, floating loungers, dive rings, and pool games like volleyball or basketball sets. These toys provide entertainment and relaxation for both kids and adults in the pool.


How do I keep my pool toys from flying away?

To prevent pool toys from flying away, consider using a mesh storage bag or a designated toy bin near the pool area. Additionally, weighting toys with heavy objects or using tethers can help secure them in place. Storing them indoors when not in use is another effective solution.