The 5 Best Portable Blenders in NZ

We live in a world where convenience is king. The faster we can get going in the morning, the better. The best way to get going in the morning is with a quick and easy breakfast. The best breakfast is a protein shake. However, you can’t just whip up a protein shake in a blender. You need the best portable blender.

A portable blender is great because you can take it on the go. Moreover, it will also help you maintain your healthy lifestyle by letting you make healthy smoothies or other high-powered drinks.

There are so many different portable blenders on the market, it’s hard to decide which one is best. We’ve looked at a few of the top brands and compiled a guide so you can decide for yourself. This blog is about the best portable blenders and we’ll be taking a look at the very best.

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How to choose the Best Portable Blender for you

There are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind as you try and decide which portable blender is best for you.

Usability: The most important thing is to ask yourself what you plan on using the blender for. Will it be just for shakes, or will you also use it to grind things like nuts or vegetables? If the latter is the case, heavier-duty models may be in order.

Blender Type: There are two types of portable blenders: those that are built into a bottle and those that sit on the counter. If they sit on the counter, they’ll be easier to lug around than dedicated bottles.

Bottle Capacity: You’ll also want to consider how big the bottle is that comes with the blender. A bigger bottle is better because you can make more drinks at once. Generally, bottles are 600ml, but you’ll have to check the specs of your chosen portable blender for the exact capacity it uses.

Size: The smaller the blender is, the better. You want something that won’t take up too much room in your bag, but you also need to keep in mind how easy it is to handle. A small blender is easier to carry around than a larger one.

BPA-free: Also keep in mind whether or not the blender comes with a BPA-free bottle. If it does, that means that it’s made with BPA-free plastic. If the model lacks a BPA-free bottle, you’ll want to choose another one that does have one.

Wattage: This is a measurement of how much power the blender has. Most portable blenders have around 300 watts, but more high-end models can have as much as 600 watts. This will help them in grinder mode and with juicing.

Battery-Powered: Some portable blenders are specifically battery-powered. This adds to the overall portability of the blender, though it can make it harder to blend large amounts of ingredients. They can be charged through USB ports, or with a power bank.

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The Best Portable Blender NZ


1. Sunbeam Insta Go Mini Blender

Sunbeam Insta Go Mini Blender

Insta Go Mini Blender is a small and lightweight appliance designed to blend and mix small quantities of ingredients quickly and easily. The two BPA-free 600mL, lightweight, dishwasher-safe, Stainless Steel Blades, are designed to make blending and mixing a breeze. This mini blender is a handy addition to your kitchen and with the sleek design, it looks great in any space.


2. USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

The USB Rechargeable Portable Blender is a sleek, portable and excellent blender. The design is made of a durable BPA-free material, which is dishwasher safe. It also has a capacity of 500ml, a single button on the front, a charging time of 3-5 hours and can be used up to 15 times. The blender is compatible with all types of liquids, such as milk, water, fruit juice and smoothies.


2. Personal Smoothie Blender

Personal Smoothie Blender

The Personal Smoothie Blender is a compact and powerful blender which can be used for crushing ice, frozen fruits and seeds for healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothies. The blender is compact and lightweight, which is perfect for travelling. The blender is dishwasher safe and comes with a 4 leaves blade. It is a USB rechargeable and 4000mAh battery size.


4. Soga Portable Mini USB

SOGA Portable Mini USB blender

Soga Portable USB Blender comes with a premium look and easy-to-carry design. The blade is made of hardened steel and the blender is integrated with a built-in rechargeable battery. The blender can be charged through the USB port and is therefore lightweight and hassle-free.


5. USB Charging Portable Blender

USB Charging Portable Blender

The USB Charging Blender is a stylish and powerful blender. The USB Charging Portable blender is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It is BPA-free, and has 6 piece Stainless steel blade, takes only 30 seconds to make a smoothie. This blender is a lightweight, compact and best portable blender. The USB Charging Portable Blender comes with a charging time of 3-4 hours and a usage time of up to 15-25 cycles.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about choosing the best portable blender for your needs. It’s important to know what type of blender you need for your needs and for your budget before purchasing a blender. We’ve broken down the different features of some of the most popular blenders that you may be interested in. We hope that you can find one that will work for your needs.