The 5 Best Portable Monitors in NZ

If you work with a lot of different screens and sometimes have to go back and forth between them, the best portable monitors are the perfect solution. They are lightweight and come in a variety of sizes and resolutions to match your screen. 

With the best portable monitors you also no longer have to worry about the space being taken up by a permanent stationary monitor. With these monitors, you can move them around and take them with you. They provide you with more screen real estate, as well as more flexibility.

In this blog, we will take a look at the best portable monitors that are currently available and will help you decide which one is best for you.

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How to choose the Best Portable Monitors for you

When you are checking out the best portable monitors, there are a few things to think about; cost, resolution, size and weight. Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

Screen Size: You will want to look at the size of the monitor. While there are monitors that have a huge screen, most people find that a 15.6″ monitor is a good size. Larger monitors tend to be too heavy for people to travel with. Most people don’t need more than 17 inches either. It is mainly just a personal preference when it comes to size.

Resolution: When you are checking out the best portable monitors, you will also want to look at the resolution. The higher the resolution, the better. Most people who decide on a larger size monitor want to use it for work in a professional setting and that means they need a high-resolution monitor.

Brightness: Brightness refers to how bright the screen is. These monitors are often used outside and have a lot of light in the background, so they tend to be a little brighter. Most people find that screens with a brightness of at least 300 nits are sufficient. Some people decide on a higher number when they want to read in a dark room.

Weight: When you are looking at the best portable monitors, you will want to think about how much weight they will take. You don’t want to carry around a monitor that is too heavy and can be very annoying. Some of the monitors are so lightweight that they are actually more convenient than some of the permanent ones. The weight of a monitor is also important if you have other things in your bag and it can be very difficult to find space for them.

Stand: There are also portable monitors that have a stand for them. These monitors are perfect for people who work from their laptops and sometimes want to be able to view the screen. They can give you a little more screen size and also an easy way to place your monitor on the table.

Inbuilt Battery: There are also monitors that have an in-built battery that you can use to charge up. These monitors are best if you are going to be away for more than a day and need to stay on all the time. Orotec Portable in this list has an inbuilt battery.

Connectivity: When you are checking out the best portable monitors, you will want to think about how you are going to connect your monitor. You may want one that has multiple connection options or a specific one. Most of them have HDMI, VGA and USB.

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The Best Portable Monitor NZ


1. Kogan Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Kogan Touchscreen Portable Monitor

The Kogan touchscreen monitor is a portable monitor that allows you to use it with your laptops, desktops, smartphones or even your Nintendo Switch. The 15.8″  Full HD display has a 178° viewing angle, an IPS panel for more immersive colour, and 16.7 million display colours so you can easily view your work in all its glory. The monitor is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and is also super easy to carry with a foldable cover stand. The blue light filter mode is great for those who are struggling to adjust to a new screen.


2. Asus ZenScreen MB16A

Asus ZenScreen

The Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor gives you a portable monitor that provides a pleasant viewing experience. The ultra-thin design measures only 10.55mm at its thinnest point and is easy to carry around. The IPS anti-glare screen offers an immersive experience with its accurate colour reproduction and is designed to prevent eye fatigue and alleviate eyestrain. This portable pc monitor also features USB-C hybrid-signal connection, which allows you to power and display it at the same time.


3. AOC Slim Profile 

AOC Slim Profile

The AOC Slim Profile 15.6″ Portable Monitor is an affordable, lightweight, portable monitor that delivers a big-screen viewing experience every time. It features an HD screen at a resolution of 1366 x 768 which is perfect for watching videos, surfing the web and even gaming. The monitor comes with a single USB 3.0 cable for both power and display signal, and both PCs and Macs can be used with the monitor. The monitor’s tilt, auto pivot, and VESA compatibility make it easy to adjust the display to your exact liking.


4. Orotec Touchscreen Monitor  

Orotec Touchscreen Monitor

Orotec’s portable touchscreen monitor is your ideal buddy for your computing project. The 1920×1080 display provides sharp and clear images even in broad daylight. With an IPS-All sight, you can see the entire screen clearly and easily. Type-C port supports mobile phone and computer mirror mode. The built-in battery stand gives you the freedom to take your monitor with you on the go.


5. ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Monitor

ViewSon Portable Touch Monitor

A great solution for both work and home, the NEW ViewSonic TD1655 Portable Touch Monitor can be used for work and play. The unique, versatile design is perfect for both work and home, providing easy travel and portability. The 10-point touch projective capacitive panel is perfect for multi-touch interaction, and the FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution provides an amazing, crystal-clear viewing experience. The built-in 2×0.8w speakers ensure that you can enjoy the performance, while the 1xMini HDMI 2, 2xUSB 3.2 GEN 1 Type-C, and Kensington lock slot ensure that you are at the cutting edge of connectivity.