The 6 Best Power Banks in New Zealand

Are you travelling a lot and your mobile battery does not last long for a day or a couple of days? You must need a portable power bank to keep your smartphone running continuously.

Usually, a Smartphone has 3000 to 4000mAh which is not enough to last for a couple of days because the functions and the features which we use in our phone are consuming more battery.

To keep your smartphone always working, you need an additional power backup. Here we have listed the best power banks. 

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What needs to consider before buying? 

It is important for you to know about a good portable power bank before you buy one. There are three types of power banks available and they have different capacities. Low capacity power banks hold less than 5000mAh and medium capacity power banks have 5000 mAh to 9999 mAh and high capacity power banks have more than 10,000 mAh. Battery capacity measured in mAh or milliamp hours. The higher the number is the better the power bank is. 

There are two types of USB ports – USB-C and micro USB. You can plug both kinds of ports in the power bank to charge your phone. Nowadays USB-C is getting popular and most android phones have a USB-C port and iPhone’s Lighting cable have a USB-C port on the other side which connects to the power bank. 

iPhone and some high-end Android phones have fast charging options. so better to buy a power bank which also can charge your phone quickly. Most of those phones can charge up to 50% within 20-30minutes. 


Here we have made a list of our best power banks which have been chosen after researching and reading reviews in various places on the internet.



1. ALOGIC Ultimate 27,000 mAh Powerbank with Power Delivery and Wireless Charging

ALOGIC Ultimate 27,000 mAh Powerbank

This ALOGIC brings a solid black coloured power bank that has the capability to charge 4 devices at the same time. You can also charge this power bank while charging your phone wirelessly with the help of its Qi-enabled devices.  

If you are someone who spends a lot of time travelling and worries about the low battery of mobile phones or other gadgets then this 27000mAh power can solve your problem. It is the most powerful and portable power bank in the market.

With its full charge power bank, you can charge your mobile phone about 5 times. It has two USB-A ports with an output of 15W (5v/3A), 60W USB-C with PD


  • Durable and portable indeed
  • Fast charging
  • Smart LED display


  • Costly


2. Griffin Powerbank 10000mAh

Griffin Powerbank 10000mAh

The Griffin Power Bank has 10,000 mAh which helps you to charge your smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

You can use this product to charge your smartphone approx 3 times in situations like power outages. When it’s fully charged, that means it adds up to 56 extra hours of talk time and 34 hours of internet usage, as tested on the iPhone Xs.

The USB-A with 12w output gives you two times faster charging than a wall charger, and an additional 5W USB-A port allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

When this power bank is low on battery a micro USB cable that is included with the product is used to charge it. A quick tip on the power button will show you the battery charge capacity with the help of the built-in LED power gauge.


  • shape and size allows easy carrying
  • 2 times faster than a normal wall charger
  • allow two devices at a time 


  •  Common design


3. Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank with QI

Goal Zero Sherpa 100 PD Power Bank with QI

This stylish grey colour goal zero sherpa 100 PD power bank comes with QI charging and has a beautiful outer cover great for your everyday use and for charging your other gadgets.

With the power of 94.72  watts, the sherpa 100PD has the capacity to charge all the USB-C type devices like laptops, phones, cameras etc. Its fast charging technology gives your device more power in less time.

It uses 60W USB-C  power to charge devices. If you are a person who doesn’t like managing cables, this product allows you to charge your QI compatible devices to get charged from an integrated QI-charging pad. This power bank is one of the airline approved devices and is great to carry while travelling. 

This product has two 2.4A USB ports useful for GPS devices, fitness trackers etc. It takes up to 3 hours to get fully charged up to 45W, USB-C take 2.5 hours to charge (60W).


  • Wireless charging
  • small rubber pads to prevent falls
  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere 


  • Big in size
  • Slow wireless charging


4. Belkin: WW, Power Bank, 10K, USBA, Ltg input

Belkin: WW, Power Bank 10K, USBA,Ltg input


The Belkin  WW Power Bank is made up of high impact white plastic cover which means it can withstand falling from heights. This slim look power bank is specially designed for iPad and iPhones and is highly compatible with them. It has two USB types – A  ports and a lightning port. 

The 2.4 A lightning input quickly recharges the power bank and the same could be used for charging your devices. You can use the  Lightning cable to charge this power bank, the same as the iPhone.

It is Mfi-certified which means it is safe for iPhones/ iPads/ iPods since it is approved by apple. 

It also consists of 4 LED lights to indicate battery level, a 12W fast charging lightning port, a 12W USB for quick iPhone charging, and a USB to charge a second device at the same time.


  • LED lights to show power level
  • Fast charging
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Great battery backup


  • 2 USB ports


5. Promate: 30000mAh High Capacity Portable Power Bank

5. Promate: 30000mAh High Capacity Portable Power Bank

This brand new Promate 30000 mAh high-capacity portable power bank has high speed charging and quickly charges your phone and other devices. This modern design power bank comes in white colour and It has Titan-30 sports and urban minimalist design and the slit design that gives it extra strength to its outer cover. 

This product provides you with 4 variants in colour: black,  white, red and blue.  It includes a powerful  30000 mAh li-polymer backup battery, a quick charge 3.0 port  (fastest and most capable USB charging technology available) and a  2.4 A USB port.   

It charges your device 4 times faster than a normally used charger and can continuously charge devices up to 80% in just 35 minutes, it takes a maximum of 8 hours to charge .and has a warranty of 2 years. The same cable can be used to charge your device and the power bank itself (USB-C). 


  • strong outer cover 
  • gets charged quickly


  • Dirt may remain in the pits on the outer shell


6. Teclast A30 Power Bank 30000mAh with Digital Display 

Teclast A30 Power Bank 30000mAh Digital Display

This Teclast A30 white colour power bank with the capacity of 30,000 mAh is only designed to charge your phone and other devices quickly.  You can charge your device several times. The LED power display of this power bank enhances its look. It shows the percentage of batteries left in the power bank.

It is compact and portable and easy to carry. This Power Bank also consists of three inputs of 8 pins, type-c and micro USB for 2 USB output. So you do not need to worry if you forget to charge your phone at home, as this little power bank has the capacity to charge phones many times. 

This product comes with a data cable and 1 English /Chinese manual to guide you with more details of this product.


  • LED display to see a battery backup
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  •  Does not have Qi charging


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