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When expecting, buying a pram is one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make. It can easily be confusing for first-time parents because there are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing the best pram and choosing what type and features will best suit your lifestyle and budget.

There are so many different factors to consider when you’re buying the best pram. Do you want lightweight features or ones that will last as your baby gets bigger? Does it need small wheels for getting in the car and storing around town, or larger tires if going for a long walk with your child? It’s overwhelming thinking about all of these options before even considering how nice-looking it is and whether there would be enough storage space. 

Best Prams are not only useful for babies, but they can also be a great way to get around when you have a little one in tow. If you’re looking for the best pram, then this blog post is perfect for you. 

Best Prams are great for parents and babies alike. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child to sleep or play in, while freeing up your hands so you can do other tasks like cooking dinner or cleaning the house. 

With so many different types of best prams on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your family’s needs. This blog will take you through the top 10  best Prams currently available in New Zealand.

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How to choose the Best Pram for your baby

Prams are a great option for newborns because they can fully recline. Buggy/pushchairs/strollers, on the other hand, typically face forward and work best when children have started to sit up from around 6 months old.

There are two types of prams you can purchase for your baby. The first, a convertible model that will take them from birth to walking age may either be reversible with the seat facing forward and backward or modular which would include adding on a carrycot. You could also choose to buy one where that sits upright in its own little compartment (standalone).

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What is the perfect size for a baby pram?

If you have a large house and car, and you don’t use public transportation much, then get a big luxurious buggy for extra comfort.  Otherwise, you can opt for slimmer models that are light enough to fit onto the bus or subway system and also can be loaded into your car boot easily instead of struggling with carrying it around.

If you’re looking for a complete travel system, think about where you’ll store the attachable parts when they aren’t in use. 

A carrycot that attaches to your buggy might be great and easy for you when driving and you can fit the baby seat and car seat onto the basic buggy frame. 

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What other features should you consider? 

If you are expecting twins or planning to have a second baby within the next year or two of your first child’s birth, then it is best that you invest in a twin buggy with expansion built into its design. Those buggies convert from single prams into doubles and save people money on buying different types of prams for each child over time. 

Another thing, If jogging is something you do regularly with your little one now but want to continue once they have outgrown their infant car seat – look into strollers with large wheels and stability features because these features provide good support for active parents moving around at high-velocity speeds. 

Best Pram accessories? Your choice may include a rain cover, a carrycot for the baby, a car seat, and other useful add-ons. Some prams don’t come with extras so check before buying to avoid extra costs. Budget models less commonly include extra items such as cup-holder and buggy board means you don’t have to purchase these separately.

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The Best Prams NZ


1. Cruiser StrollerCruiser Best Stroller

The stroller is the perfect travel companion, designed to be folded with one hand. It has a modern aluminium frame that is lightweight and sturdy. You can adjust the handle height to fit your needs.  The front comfort suspension system provides a smooth ride over any terrain, while the one-touch footbrake ensures safety on all surfaces.

It is an easy-to-manoeuvre stroller that features adjustable handle height. The stroller has an oversized storage basket. The seat reclines flat for newborns and has a five-point harness that adjusts easily from the back of the seat. The canopy can be adjusted to three different positions.


2. Hub Stroller Best Pram

The Hub Stroller is a lightweight, compact and portable folding stroller that can be folded with just one hand. It is suitable for children up to 22kg and has a basket underneath the seat that can hold 5kg of items. The seat reclines fully so your child will have a comfortable ride at any angle. The front wheels are lockable so you can keep them from rolling when you need to, such as on an escalator or stairs. 

The compact fold makes the stroller easy to transport and store. The seat has six recline positions, so your child can relax or play. The XL sun hood provides extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays for your little one. 

It is designed to be used with the seat fully reclined, so it does not interfere with viewing the baby when he/she is awake. When unfolding, you will find that this stroller has a large storage basket underneath where you can keep everything handy while on the go. Two oversized wheels make it easy to push over rough terrain, while the one-hand compact fold makes it simple to store when not in use.


3. Atom Style Lightweight Stroller Set

Atom Style

The Atom Lightweight stroller is a great choice for parents who want a lightweight and compact stroller that can be used from birth. The full recline seat will ensure your baby has a comfortable ride in any position, while the compact fold means it can fit in most cars. 

This stroller comes with an adjustable carry handle, parent cup holder and child tray. It also features an extra-large shopping basket so you can keep all of your essentials at hand when out and about.

It is a lightweight stroller set that is suitable for children from birth to 25kg. It has a compact design and multiple seat recline which makes it easy to fold and carry with you on the go. The stroller has 3 wheels, and 2 of them have brakes which will help you control the movement of the stroller more easily.

The stroller comes with a removable canopy which provides your baby with shade as well as protection from wind or rain. In addition, it also includes an adjustable leg rest also. 


5. Day2 Pram Studio Collection Day2 Pram

The Day2 Pram Studio Collection is a pram that has been designed to be lightweight, so you can easily push it around wherever you go. It comes with an upright open harness with a magnetic buckle to keep your little one secure and has various seating positions, allowing your child to face frontwards or backward. 

The ultra-light and puncture-proof tyres make it easy for you to manoeuvre the pram as needed. It is an all-in-one stroller that comes with a forward-facing or rearward-facing seat. It has removable cushions for easy cleaning, and the harness system can be adjusted to fit your child perfectly. It can support up to 35 pounds of weight and it weighs only 25 pounds.

The handlebar is adjustable so you can change its height depending on your preference or the size of the person pushing it. 


5. Twin Techno StrollerTwin Techno

The Twin Techno Stroller is a full-sized twin umbrella fold stroller, ideal for newborn babies and children up to 15 kg each. The adjustable full recline 4-position seats allow you to keep your children comfortable at all times.

This double best pram has two independent seats and each has its own individual sunshades and canopies to protect your babies from the elements. It also comes with an extra-large storage basket underneath to hold all of your baby’s necessities while you are on the go. The Twin Techno Stroller also features two child trays and also has two cup holders, one on each side of the handlebars, so you can have access to drinks while pushing the stroller around. 


6. MiiniMo 2 Stroller – SilverMiiniMo 2

MiiniMo 2 stroller is a lightweight, compact and easy-to-fold stroller. The one-hand folding mechanism makes it easy to fold the stroller when needed. It has a spacious seat that can be reclined into a completely flat position for newborns up to 36 months old. 

The sun canopy provides maximum protection from the sun and rain, and it can be adjusted in several positions with its various viewing windows and vents. This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is a compact, one-hand folding stroller that is suitable for newborns up to 36 months. It has an adjustable backrest that reclines into a completely flat position and can be used with or without the footrest.

The sun canopy provides protection against UV rays, while the rain cover keeps your baby dry in rainy weather conditions. 


7. Atom StrollerAtom Stroller

The Atom stroller is lightweight and small enough to travel in the overhead cargo of an aeroplane. It folds easily with one hand, has multiple seat recline positions, and has car seat compatibility.

It is the best travel stroller for parents who are always on the go. It is lightweight, compact and portable that can be folded into a compact bag when not in use. It comes with several features that make it comfortable for your little one to sit in while you travel.

It has an adjustable seat recline so that the baby can be seated upright or reclined depending on his/her mood. The seat also has a 5-point harness system to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort while riding. 


8. VeeBee Doubletake Tandem Pram


VeeBee Pram



The DoubleTake Tandem Stroller is a tandem stroller that can be used as a single. The front seat reclines and the rear seat has a full recline system. The removable front tray and moulded footrest are great for your child’s comfort. It folds compactly, stands upright and offers an included carry strap to make transporting easy.

It is the ultimate double stroller for families with two children. The Doubletake features a front seat that reclines 1 position and a rear seat that can recline into a full lie-flat position, making it perfect for newborns.

It also includes an adjustable leg rest on the rear bench seat, a removable front tray, and moulded footrest to keep your little ones comfortable during long walks.  It has a lightweight frame that makes it easy to transport around town.


9. Valco Baby Snap Ultra P Stroller

Valco Baby


Valco Baby Snap Ultra P Stroller Midnight Black is a lightweight, compact stroller with a sleek look and easy-to-use features. The hood has been redesigned for more coverage from the elements, plus there is a peekaboo window that allows you to check on your little one without having to remove the cover. And if you’re looking for an even easier fold, no need to worry because it has an automatic lock.

With its compact size and extra-large storage basket, this stroller will be perfect for any adventure. It is the perfect combination of modern design and functionality. Its compact fold, reversible seat and 4-position hood make it a great travel companion for mom and dad on the go. 

It features an adjustable footrest, removable bumper bar and reversible seat. The 4-stage hood provides ample shade from the sun. With its compact fold design, this stroller is easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can easily fit it into your car trunk or store it away in your closet.