Top 5 Best Racing Simulator Cockpit in NZ

If you’re a racing enthusiast, you know that the best way to experience the thrill of the race is to be in the driver’s seat. But for many people, that’s not possible. They don’t have the time or money to travel to races, or they don’t live near a track. The next best thing is a racing simulator cockpit.

Racing simulator cockpits are one of the best investments you can make for your racing game experience. They provide an immersive and realistic experience that is as close to the real thing as you can get without actually being in a car. 

They are often used in racing video games and can be made from materials such as metal, plastic, or fibreglass. They typically include a seat, pedals, and a steering wheel. But with so many different models and features to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the best racing simulator cockpits on the market and help you figure out which one is right for your needs. We’ll cover everything from budget-friendly options to high-end models that offer all the bells and whistles. So whether you’re a casual racer or a hardcore sim enthusiast, we’ve got you covered.


How to Choose the Best Racing Simulator Cockpit

When looking for a racing simulator cockpit, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. 

Cockpit Or Frame: There are many different types of cockpits or frames on the market. Some are adjustable, some are not. You need to decide what is important to you when choosing a cockpit or frame. For example, if you want a cockpit that is adjustable to fit different size people, then you will need to choose one that is adjustable. If you don’t care about adjustability, then you can choose any cockpit or frame.

Seat: A good racing Sim cockpit will have a well-padded seat with adjustable tilt and height. It should be comfortable even after long sessions, and it should feel real.

Cockpit Colour:  Of course, you’ll also want to think about the colour of the cockpit. Most of the budget models are available in black, while higher-end models are available in a variety of colours.

Compatible with all steering wheels and pedals: For racing sims, you’ll want a setup that’s compatible with both steering wheel and pedals. There are many racing simulator cockpit models available on the market, and they can vary in features. Make sure to find one that works with your steering wheel and pedals.

Build quality and stability:  You’ll want to find a racing sim cockpit that’s durable and well-built. You don’t want something that feels flimsy or unsteady. 

Easy to assemble and Foldable design: When you’re looking for a racing simulator cockpit, you want it to be easy to set up and store. So check out the dimensions and other build details to see how easy it is to transport or store.

Wheels and pedals: You also want a cockpit that comes with wheels and pedals, so you can feel the realistic effect of being driving in a racecar. Make sure the wheels are smooth-rolling and adjustable.

Non-slip pedals: Finally, a good racing sim cockpit will have non-slip pedals. This is important for maintaining control and confidence behind the wheel, which is especially important for racing sim fans.


The Best Racing Simulator Cockpits NZ


1. Next Level GT Track Simulator Cockpit

Racing Simulator Cockpit

The Next Level Racing F-GT Cockpit is a racing cockpit system designed for serious sim racer and professional driver training. This cockpit provides the most authentic, comfortable and realistic racing experience possible. It is a GT-styled dual-position cockpit with fully adjustable seats, gear shifter, pedals and wheel to provide an authentic Formula driving position. The high-quality powder-coated steel frame provides strength while keeping weight down to help performance drivers reduce their lap times by reducing fatigue on long races.


2. Playseat Evolution Alcantara

Playseat Evolution

The Playseat Evolution Alcantara is a benchmark SIM in the world of racing simulators. It is compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market, and its durable black-coated fully adjustable framework provides an excellent grip. The seatback also features a comfortable black Alcantara cover. This new edition has been designed to be used by professional racing drivers and offers superior build quality, stability and comfort. It is easy to assemble due to its patented foldable design, which makes it easy for users to store it away when not in use.


3. Playseat WRC Gaming ChairWRC Gaming Chair

The Playseat WRC Racing Seat is a high-quality, robust, yet ergonomic and comfortable gaming chair for all major steering wheel and pedal sets on the market. The adjustable black-coated framework of this racing seat can be folded for easy storage. This racing seat is compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets on the market. The high-quality black Alcantara with the officially licensed WRC logo provides comfort along with stability and long-lasting build quality of this racing seat.


4. Next Level F-GT Lite Racing SIM CockpitRacing Simulator Cockpit

Next Level F-GT LITE Racing Simulator Cockpit is one of the best SIM on the market. This racing cockpit features a highly durable and adjustable design with a 2-position adjustable wheel, pedal, and gear shifter. The seat is made of high-quality material that provides maximum comfort. This cockpit can be positioned on both the right side and left side which makes it more convenient to use for different users.


5. Premium Racing SIM Cockpit Adjustable Chair

Adjustable Gaming Chair

This foldable racing simulator cockpit is the perfect solution for those who want to experience being in the driver’s seat without worrying about space. The cockpit has an adjustable steering wheel, pedals, and height. It also includes a monitor stand as well as a non-slip mat for rock-solid stability and quality manufactured with precision no-flex carbon steel that makes it more durable.




What are the most realistic driving games?

The most realistic driving games are Gran Turismo, followed by the F1 2021, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and  Assetto Corsa Competizione. The most realistic racing simulator cockpit is in GRID Autosport.


Are racing simulators realistic?

Yes, it’s very realistic. The cars in these games look and feel like the real deal. They have the same handling physics and mechanics, the same great sound effects, and the same amazing engine lights. If you’re looking for a smooth racing experience, try a racing simulator.