The 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes NZ

The best recumbent exercise bikes are designed to provide the best option for a recumbent exercise bike. They are designed to allow the user to exercise in a comfortable and safe way. 

The best recumbent exercise bikes are versatile and have different sizes to suit the individual. They allow the user to be in control without any difficulties and have a comfortable ride. They also provide an easier workout because they offer riders more stability, reducing the amount of strain put on their joints and progressing them at a slower pace.

The best recumbent exercise bike has the rider seated upright and pedalling backwards, rather than standing and facing forward as on a regular exercise bike. As a result, there is less strain on your back during an intense workout by a recumbent type bicycle as compared to other types.

In this blog, we have mentioned some features to look out for when you are shopping for a recumbent bike. We will also point you towards some popular recumbent exercise bikes that you can buy today.

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How to choose the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for you

There are some important factors that you need to consider while buying a recumbent exercise bike that can help in enhancing the riding experience.  Below we list some of the factors to look out for.

Size: It is very important that you choose the appropriate size of your bike if you are going to get the best from it. The average recumbent exercise bikes normally measure about 60 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 44 inches in height, but this can vary from brand to brand. If you are not sure about which size would be the best for you, make sure you check for its dimensions before purchasing.

Adjustable seat: One of the most crucial features that you need to look for when it comes to a recumbent exercise bike is a well-adjustable seat. This is because you should be able to adjust your seat easily and customize it according to your height. In fact, you should be able to adjust the seat post height, vertical movement, and angle settings at your convenience.

Resistance Level: This is also referred to as tension. You need to find out which level of resistance is suitable for you and how this will affect the workout that you are doing. If you are a beginner, it may be best to opt for the medium level to start with, but if you exercise regularly, then it would be better to get a more advanced model with more resistance levels.

Manual vs Electronic magnetic: These are the most common options the best recumbent exercise bikes offer. Manual bikes tend to be cheaper, but they do not come with any digital features. They typically have speed and time features with a countdown timer. You need to be the one who changes the settings to control these manually operated bikes. On the other hand, electronic magnetic bikes are more expensive but offer you more options for tracking your workouts and monitoring your progress through an advanced set of features.

Programs: This is another feature that you need to take into account when looking for the best recumbent exercise bike. You can choose one with a variety of programs such as interval training, custom programs, and even heart rate-based programs. You can also pick a machine that allows you to use your own custom-made programs if you have any in mind.

Portability:  If you need to move your bike around, then look for one that has wheels and a handle. This will make it easier to move the bike around

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The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes NZ


1. Intenza 450Ri2s Recumbent Bike

Intenza 450Ri2s Recumbent Bike

The Intenza 450Ri2s Recumbent Bike is perfect for stationary as it has a robust frame structure which ensures stability and durability. It also has an ergonomic seat and back support which ensures maximum comfort in the racing position. The machine is also great for low-impact workouts as there is a 3-phase self-powered hybrid generator which delivers consistent performance for a smooth, quiet workout. The belt drive system ensures smoother, quieter operation of the bike. It has an intuitive LED backlit user interface, It is simple to operate and maintain the machine.


2. Recumbent Exercise Bike Magnetic

Recumbent Exercise Bike Magnetic

The Recumbent Exercise Bike Magnetic is a great way to do recumbent exercise. It has an advanced two-way external magnetic flywheel technology that provides greater inertia, stronger power and a smoother riding experience. Additionally, the Silent Magnetic System helps to minimize noise and vibration, making it an ideal solution both for home use and commercial in gyms or exercise rooms.  It has 8 resistance levels so you can adjust your workouts to match your personal preferences and needs.


3. Egojin Recumbent Bike

Egojin Recumbent Bike

The bike boasts a rust-proof steel frame with powder-coated surfaces, which prevents the bike from getting rusty. The body-friendly design allows various people to ride the same bike without any discomfort or injuries. The silent magnetic system provides stability and reliability during your workout. It also offers eight resistance levels and lumbar support to make long journeys more comfortable. The adjustable seat length allows you to increase or decrease the chair’s range of motion, making it easier for you to adjust yourself throughout your ride.


4. TSB Recumbent Bike

TSB Living Recumbent Bike

The TSB Recumbent Bike is a great recumbent bike because it has an industrial-strength powder-coated rust-proof steel frame. The body-friendly design ensures that you can enjoy riding the bike and remain comfortable. The magnetic system is silent which allows you to enjoy the ride without being disturbed by any sound. It comes with eight resistance levels which are adjustable so that you can tailor your workout depending on how intense or light you want it to be. It also has lumbar seat support which will help keep your back in good shape as well as an adjustable seat length for riders of all sizes.


5. Ape Style Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

Ape Style X-Frame Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

Ape Style X-Frame Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike is a great exercise Bike because it is capable of being used in different workout strengths. The resistance is adjustable and the balanced flywheel provides a smooth, quiet ride. It has a digital LCD display and heart rate sensors for safety.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to choose the best recumbent exercise bike for you. We know how hard it can be to find the perfect recumbent exercise bike for you so we wanted to share some tips along with our top picks. With this information, we hope you’ll be able to find the perfect recumbent exercise bike for your home!