The 10 Best Rice Cookers in New Zealand

If you have a busy life and do not have much time to keep an eye on while cooking rice on the stove or in Microwave then a rice cooker is an ideal option for cooking rice. 

Rice cookers are inexpensive, very easy to use and clean. You just need the right amount of rice and add some water and then a little amount of oil or butter if you want. 

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The Benefits of Rice Cooker.

  • Cook rice accurately, each grain is separate.
  • Rice cookers come with a non-stick removable bowl and have measuring marks inside the bowl. You also get a rice measuring cup so you can cook the right amount of rice.
  • Some rice cookers have automatic multiple programs for cooking brown rice and  oatmeal etc. (depends on model)
  • Most rice cookers have the function of steaming vegetables. 
  • Keep rice warm functions which means it allows your food to be hot for a longer time. 

So far we have discussed the advantages and functions of rice cooker, which can make your cooking easy and convenient. Here are the best collections of Rice cookers for you.


The Best Rice Cooker to buy


1. Breville  Smart Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker

The Breville smart rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology consequently changes the temperature at the ideal time for each period of rice cooking. This rice cooker can cook all types of rice and can prepare soup and porridge.

Its measurement cup allows you to use the right quantity of rice and water to get perfect rice. And steaming functions allows you to gently cook your vegetables and fish.

This is a high-class and nicely built rice cooker from Breville. This is so quick and simple to use. Available in pretty white color. 10 cup capacity with 8 different menu functions. Enjoy luxury in cooking rice with the Breville smart rice box.


  • Auto Keep Warm Function
  • Easy to wash
  • Pot is PTFE and PFOA free

Cons :

  • Bulky size

2. Philips All-In-One Multi-Cooker

Philips All-In-One Multi Cooker

Along with the intelligent cooking system, Philips all-in-one kitchen multi-cooker permits you to enjoy slow cooking, pressure cooking, and multi-cook tasty meals in a single machine effortlessly.

With this multi-purpose cooker, you can whip up tasty delicious meals which normally would take hours of slow cooking. The cooker is perfect for busy working families.

Extra multi-cook programs include steaming, baking, and yoghurt making to make much more dishes and treats to amaze your loved ones. Automatically keep your meals nice and warm for 12 hours long to serve anytime.

This wonderful machine must satisfy you with the price/performance/outcome ratio.


  • Superior power heats up 25% faster.
  • More durable and anti-scratch pot with ProCeramic+ coating.
  • Easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design.
  • 9 safety protection systems
  • 300-watt power cooks quickly.


  • Get Scratches if wash with a hard scrubber
  • A little expensive


3. Panasonic Rice Cooker

Panasonic Rice cooker

Panasonic the famous electric brand presenting a newly designed 2.2mm thick inner pan featuring 6 layers multi cooker. The cooker is in a nice shape with a pretty white surface colour.

16 versatile auto menu modes allow you to cook a range of rice varieties including white rice, brown rice, quinoa, multigrain, porridge, soup, cake, bread, steam, and more.

Pros :

  • Easily cleanable
  • Easy use functions

Cons :

  • Not ideal for porridge cooking.


4. Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker


Russell Hobbs Rice cooker

Cooking rice is simple with the Russell Hobbs 19750 Rice Cooker and Steamer. Its 1.8 Litter limit bowl has sufficient room to cook up to 10 cups of rice. It is helpful for weekend parties or bigger family dinners who enjoy rice.

The glass lid and brushed steel exterior look extremely elegant. Most of all the price is amazingly great for such a standard quality product.

This is one of the most demanding cooking accessories that features automatic switch off, keep warm function, and fuss-free controls, a handy steamer, and a non-stick cooking bowl.


  • Easily cleanable ultra non-stick coating
  • Keep warm function
  • Thirteen preset options


  • Price is quite high
  • Heavyweight


5. Sunbeam Rice Cooker + Saute 10

Sunbeam Rice Cooker + Saute 10

The smart and unique sunbeam rice cooker has an exclusive saute system. This is not just a rice cooker, its exclusive saute system allows preparing different kinds of recipes including pasta, stews, fried rice, etc. Simple and efficient cooker at an affordable price.

Enjoy gatherings with friends or family dinner with the ideal Sunbeam rice cooker. Its nice structure, smooth silver colour finishing, handy body with LED display, handy steamer, easily removable non-stick inner pot, and glass lid make it smart enough and user-friendly.


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Removable Cord
  • Non-Stick Inner Pot


  • Bulky Size


6.  Russell Hobbs -Rice/ Multi-Cooker

Russell Hobbs Rice Multi Cooker

The most demanding, large, and versatile Russell Hobbs cook@home multi-cooker will be your one-stop solution.

Its 11 cooking programs work like a professional chef and offer you delicious and tasty treats. Getting perfect fluffy rice every time doesn’t matter what types of rice you use.

This is a superb trendy and multitalented cooker with a large LED display. Very convenient to use and much easier to clean than ceramic inserts.

The Russell Hobbs brand offers more than quality, style, and innovation. It helps you to create delicious moments to appreciate. It keeps your meal fresh, warm and doesn’t let them dry.


  • 24 hour pre-set timer
  • Large LED display
  • 11 Cooking Programs.


  • Slow at making rice
  • Accumulation of condensation around the lid.

7. Westinghouse Rice Cooker

Westinghouse Rice Cooker

Did you get bored with too crunchy or too gummy rice? The Westinghouse rice cooker is your perfect solution. With the touch of Westinghouse, you can enjoy perfect rice in every meal.

This not just works well for cooking rice but features automatic switch-off, keeping warm, and steaming other goods. Westinghouse rice cooker is the perfect choice for anyone and the perfect size for any kitchen. Simple and easy way to get the perfect texture of rice.


  • Easy to use
  • 5 menu settings
  • Keep rice light and fluffy


  • The lid is not easy to clean.


8. Breville Rice Cooker

Breville Rice Cooker LRC210WHT

Breville The Set & Serve Rice Cooker from Breville is a great product containing a great demand on the market with a lot of positive reviews. Customers are just satisfied with the quality, service, and price of the product.

When your dearest family members are hungry or love to make rice, you just need a Breville set and serve rice cooker.  Measure the rice and water(equal parts of rice and water) with the measuring cup provided, you turn it on, and walk away.

It cooks rice beautifully. Serve to all and enjoy perfect fluffy rice without any mess.


  • The easiest way to cook rice
  • Controls temperature
  • Automatically switches to keep warm


  • Painted metal coating may peel off



9. Midea 5L Rice Cooker

Midea 5L Multi-function Rice Cooker

The Midea presented a multi-functional and latest technology-based rice cooker. Its unique design, LED display, and presence of a touch button on the panel make it standard and cherished.

This smart accessory lets you take advantage of Multi-function cooking by menu settings and automatic keep-warm function. The Midea is designed for you and your family to enjoy perfect rice every time.



  • The slow cooking process is wow
  • Enough capacity for a large family
  • Good qualities accessories


  • Makes a little loud noise


10. Maxim Kitchen Pro 1.8L/10 Cup Rice Cooker

Maxim Kitchen Pro 1.8L/10 Cup Rice Cooker/

The maxim kitchen pro 10 cup rice cooker is a classic rice cooker model. Both for regular or occasional cooking, you can get this cooker with a very affordable budget.

This product is quite portable and has space-saving options. Easily suit with a small or even with a shared kitchen.

Easily controllable handle with lock-in lid. Correctly prepare rice and keep warm. You also can use this cooker to cook meat or vegetables.


  • Easy cleaning bowl
  • Lightweight
  • So affordable price


  • Not well-known brand


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These are the best Rice Cookers in New Zealand Market, these all have different features and functions. You can buy one according to your need and suitability.

What’s your suggestion about all those  Rice Cookers. Share your experience below if you are using anyone from them or let us know if any better one is available in  New Zealand Market.

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