The 5 Best Robot Vacuum in NZ

Are you looking for a way to make your home cleaner and more organized? One solution is to invest in a robotic vacuum. 

Yes, It’s time to say goodbye to your old vacuum cleaner and hello to a robot one. Gone are the days of plugging in, dragging around heavy vacuums, or struggling with cords that keep getting tangled up. A robot vacuum is self-charging and will clean your entire floor without any human input. 

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How do robot vacuums work? 

Robot vacuums have sensors that detect dirt on your floor and map out where it is so it can clean it up. They also have a virtual barrier that prevents them from falling down stairs or into furniture. Robot vacuums require charging before they start cleaning your house, usually 2-3 hours depending on the model of robot vacuum cleaner you purchase. 

This blog post provides you with reviews on the best robot vacuums so that you can find the perfect one according to your needs. 

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How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for you

1. Look for a good brand  

Robot vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep your floors clean and free of debris. They can be programmed to run at specific times, so you don’t have to worry about remembering or being bothered with the task. Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner can be difficult though, as there are many different brands and models on the market today. 


2. The shape of the cleaning brush 

Different robot vacuum cleaners have different brush configurations. The most common type of brushes are rubber flaps or nylon bristles that clean as the unit rolls over a surface. It is the least expensive style to manufacture but provides less thorough cleaning than other options like those with rotating scombroid heads which use spinning disks for agitation in addition to brushing surfaces. 


3. Suction power 

Robot vacuums come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important when choosing one not just to take into account price. Some factors you want to think about before making your purchase include how much dirt can be removed by each pass-through from scrubbing up debris on flat floors, carpets and hardwood flooring alike. How does its ability stack up against pet hair removal?

When it comes to the suction power of robot vacuums, there are a few important numbers. The first thing you need to consider is how many pascals (Pa) with the best models come in at around 2,000 or above. This number gives an indication of just how powerful their motor is and will determine your effectiveness at cleanliness.


What other things do you need to consider?

Vacuum Bin Size :

These vacuum bins need to be emptied more often than regular ones. There is a huge range in capacity from model to model. The largest we’ve seen so far holds around 0.7L while others might only offer as little as half or a quarter that amount (0.4L). 

Vacuum height :

One of the best things about robot vacuums is that they are able to clean under low-lying furniture. However, some models may be taller than others.  It’s worth checking out the dimensions before buying to make sure it will fit in the area you want it to go.

Mop attachments Vacuum :

As robot vacuums with mopping features are becoming more popular, we’re seeing manufacturers build these types of robots to stand out from the crowd. These use a small water reservoir and cleaning pad attached to the bottom that drags around your room as it makes its way around. This type of cleaner is only good for light dirt and dust before you can get going again. 


The Best Robotic Vacuum in NZ


1. Robot i7+ Roomba Robotic Vacuum (available i7 as well)Robot i7 Robotic Vacuum

The Roomba i7+ is a true technological breakthrough in the world of home cleaning. The device has its own intelligent mapping system that helps it remember every nook and cranny, as well as integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to clean up after you’re gone. 

It has rubber rollers, this robot vacuum has no problems manoeuvring through narrow areas. This makes it great for those with limited space or who have specific needs such as allergies and asthma that require stricter cleanings over time in order to prevent health issues from developing further down the line.  It also clears the robot bin by itself. 

It has a premium 3 stage cleaning system that automatically cleans your floor. It’s great for pet hair and pulling debris from corners and edges. This robot vacuum uses dual multi-surface rubber brushes for cleaning and removing dirt, dust, pet hair and allergens from carpets than any other robot vacuum on the market. 


  •    Auto  navigation
  •    Automatically empties the bin


  • Quite expensive 


2. Xiaomi Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Roborock S6

Xiaomi Roborock S6 is a powerful and smart robot vacuum cleaner that can clean your house by itself. It has 13 sensors and an intelligent vision system, so it will avoid obstacles automatically. It uses the 2-in-1 mopping function to sweep and mop your floor with water, making it more hygienic.

 It supports scheduling cleaning time via Mi Home App or Amazon Alexa so you can get on with other things while the machine does its work. A large capacity battery enables 180 minutes of working. It features deep cleaning suction power and long-lasting cleaning touch. 

Xiaomi S6 features a high-precision Laser Navigation System spinning at 300rpm. It maps your home in real-time and automatically creates a cleaning map of the floor plan. The robot vacuum cleaner can create a perfect cleaning route, cleans up to 3 times as efficiently as other robots, and works on all surfaces including hardwood floors, tiles, rugs and carpets.

It is a mid-range robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi, featuring a large 180ml water tank that makes it possible to mop and vacuum up to 150 sqm (1610 sq ft) in one single clean. The S6 also features a high-performance suction motor and the latest SLAM technology for efficient navigation.

 It can smoothly climb over 2cm (0.8in) high thresholds and carpets, moving from room to room without leaving any area untouched. The 180ml water tank can be refilled with tap water or distilled water. 


  • 3 hours battery backup
  • Extended Mop
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to detach brush and water tank


  • Bit Expensive


3. Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum with ReactiveAI Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 Max V Robot Vacuum is the most advanced robot vacuum cleaner ever made by Roborock. This Robot Vacuum is the upgraded version of Roborock S6, with more powerful suction power and better water level detection. It’s equipped with a 13000Pa high-power motor that can generate a strong airflow to clean the dust on your floor.

It has an intelligent mopping system and is equipped with a high-capacity 297ml electronic water tank and a powerful motorized brush roll. The robotic vacuum cleaner can clean effectively and also can choose different water levels for different rooms.  It has a Washable  E11 rated HEPA-Type filter that can pick up to 95% of dirt particles. 

It stands out for battery life. Fully charged, it can clean an area of up to 215 square feet with its standard ‘balanced mode’ – but 20% is depleted during this process. It has 25% More Suction power and has a HyperForce airflow design with 2500Pa for deeper cleaning and is also effective for carpeted floors.

 It has a water tank, which can be used to clean all kinds of dirt including dust, hair, and pet hair. It also features an upgraded laser sensor that enables it to map out your home in 3D and create more efficient cleaning routes while avoiding obstacles along the way. It also comes with the enhanced climbing ability, you don’t have to worry about this robot vacuum bumping into furniture or falling downstairs. 


  • Smart Operation
  • Mobile App
  • Powerful suction


  • Loud in high suction  


4. 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 Ultrasonic and LiDAR 360 Robot

The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 is the latest innovation in robot vacuum technology. It uses ultrasonic and LiDAR dual-eye navigation to map out your room, then it cleans it with a powerful suction system. The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S9 also includes laser mapping for better cleaning coverage, and an anti-collision system that prevents damage during operation.

This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a strong suction power, which can be adjusted based on your cleaning needs. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to operate it from anywhere in your home.  It can clean for up to 3 hours continuously. 

It is designed to clean up to 2,000 square feet of floor space on a single charge and features low, middle and high water levels for more thorough cleaning. The 360 S9 features a LiDAR sensor that scans the room as soon as it begins cleaning and maps out the room so it can avoid obstacles. It has an intelligent water tank that automatically adjusts from low to high based on its location in the house so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the settings manually. 


  • Can do Vacuum and Mop at same time
  • Easy to operate 
  • Quieter than other Model


  • The mop is not very effective 


5. Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Smart Robot VacuumXiaomi Roborock S5

The Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max is a powerful, intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that cleans for you. It has an upgraded Mapping and Planning system which allows it to create a cleaning map of your home and automatically plan its route.

 It can clean on all floor types and the wet mopping function helps it clean effectively even on hardwood floors. Its strong suction power enables it to pick up dust, pet hair, crumbs and other dirt from your carpeted or bare floors with ease. 

It is a powerful smart robot vacuum that mops your floors as well. It’s capable of cleaning an area up to 65 square meters and can be scheduled to clean daily, or even every 2 hours. The Mi Home app allows you to control the vacuum remotely, set schedules and monitor its cleaning progress in real-time. You can also use the app to check on the status of the water tank, filter and can schedule cleaning.

 It is equipped with an upgraded laser rangefinder and a new algorithm, which helps it to map out your home in real-time. It then creates a detailed plan of where it’ll clean and how it’ll get from point A to B.


  • Great Navigation system
  • Cleans effectively 
  • Mop attached


  • Bin is tricky to empty


Is it worth buying a robot vacuum?

There are a lot of people who wonder whether robot vacuums are worth it. There’s no denying that they’re expensive, and if you have an average home with one or two bedrooms, you might not find any benefit to the extra expense. 

But for those living in larger homes who don’t want to sweep or vacuum their floors themselves anymore, it can be perfect for them. It has another benefit that you can schedule your cleaning when you are not at home and it saves your time.

We’ve found the best options for you on the market today and compiled them here in this list so that you can compare features and prices before deciding which is best for your household.