Top 5 Best Rowing Machine in NZ

Indoor rowing machines are a great way to get fit without ever needing to set foot in a boat and with each stroke using nine major muscle groups, it’s not just for the outdoorsy types. A well-rounded workout has never been easier than on an indoor rower.

They’re great for full-body, cardio-focused exercise and are much more accessible than other at-home options like bikes or treadmills. With just one piece you can get your back muscles in shape while toning up your arms, legs, abs, and chest all with some awesome natural scenery.

Rowing machines provide an excellent workout for both beginner exercisers as well as more seasoned athletes due to their versatility. it’s hard not to find something that doesn’t work on this contraption without putting too much effort into modifying workouts yourself – so whether you want challenging arm moves (biceps curls) or focus exclusively on leg movements.

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Benefits of Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are a great way to stay in shape from the comfort of your own home. They provide all-over cardio and strength training benefits, plus they’re less expensive than most other at-home gym equipment challenge yourself with different intervals or resistance levels for increased calorie burn.

They are also an ideal option to get in shape without putting much strain on the body. They can be useful for people recovering from injuries or even if you don’t have access to high-impact activities due to your circumstances. They’re perfect for those who want an intense workout with a low risk of injury or just someone looking to keep up their cardio while injured and need some other form of exercise.

It is a great full-body workout because it will stress your whole body. After you get warmed up and stretched, the majority of work falls on your legs but if you’re not used to exercising then some other muscle groups are going to be majorly stressed as well. 

This isn’t just for professionals or people at advanced levels beginners can also start out slow with these machines before they build their way up into more intense routines.


How to buy the Best Rowing Machine for you

There are different types of rowing machines available in the NZ market. We will discuss each Model below.


Magnetic rowing 

Magnetic rowing machines are the quietest type of resistance machine. Compared to other models, you can adjust magnetic rowers manually or use a digital console depending on which model it is. 

The only disadvantage is that this kind of machine lacks both reactive and powerful strokes not found in air/water-powered devices used by more advanced athletes looking for an all-around muscle workout.


Air rowing machines 

Air rowing machines generate resistance using a flywheel that rotates within an enclosed cage. You can let more air into the cage to generate more resistance, or close it to lower the resistance.

However, since your power output is based on the flywheel’s speed as much as the damper setting which determines how fast and strong you row, there’s no need for higher settings, in fact, they might tire out muscles quicker than necessary because of their intensity level. 

Air-resistance models are most common but still make noise – so keep this in mind if you live with roommates who would be annoyed by sound levels like these during workouts.


Hydraulic rowers

Hydraulic rowers, or piston rowing machines as they are more commonly referred to, offer a lot of benefits over other models. They are typically the most affordable option and have features that make them easy for storage purposes- usually folding up in many cases.

However, it is important to note that hydraulic rowers only provide resistance through the use of pistons which often don’t actually reflect real-life movements involved with actual rowing. This can limit their range but may not be an issue if you just want your arms stretched out all day.


Water-resistance Rowing

Water-resistance Rowing machines are very expensive and don’t offer the same level of functionality as top models. They’re designed to mimic real rowing with water-filled tanks, and paddles for resistance.

They can often be made from wood which makes them aesthetically pleasing. The major disadvantage is that they have a high cost associated with them which may make you reconsider not buying one.


What else should I look out for?

You want to track your progress in a rower, but you don’t have the time for all those numbers? No problem! There are plenty of options out there if you’re just looking for something quick and easy.

The feedback and data provided by rowers can help you make progress in your fitness. Some models have an LCD display that will show how far you’ve gone, while other more advanced models give information such as the speed or power output of your rowing motion.

If all you want is a quick exercise fix, there’s no need to go for a model with extensive workout metrics like these – just find one which tracks distance travelled so that the next time it gets updated on the screen after each stroke.

The way the rowing machine has evolved over time is amazing. Some of these machines have USB ports so you can export data from your workout, and some include ANT+/Bluetooth Smart which enables connectivity to a range of devices such as smartphone apps or heart-rate monitors.

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The Best Rowing Machines NZ


1. Sportop R700+ RowerSportop Rowing Machine

The Sportop R700+ is a great rowing machine for anyone looking to get in better shape. It has a lot of features that make it easy to use and fun to use. It comes with many programs that allow you to choose the intensity of your workout, making this machine suitable for all fitness levels. 

It is a compact, foldable rowing machine. It has a large enough LCD display screen that shows time, distance, speed, and calories burned. The seat is cushioned for comfort while the footrests have adjustable straps that provide stability during workouts.

The Sportop R700+ Rower has an adjustable pedal design equipped with a resistance control key, which allows you to adjust the level of difficulty as your fitness level improves. The chest strap receiver is built-in, allowing you to track your training data by using a wireless heart rate monitor chest strap. 


2. T Rowing machineT Rowing machine

The T Rowing machine Air And Magnetic Resistance is a great workout for your whole body. With the adjustable footrest, you can set it up to suit your height. The LCD display shows time, distance and calories burned. This rower has 2 modes of operation: air resistance or magnetic resistance.

With the air fan and magnetic resistance function, it can give you a comfortable exercise experience. The seat is designed with special ergonomics to reduce pressure on your legs during the workout. 

It has a space-saving foldable design that makes it easy to store and carry anywhere. This rowing machine features a sturdy steel frame, which ensures maximum stability while you are exercising. Its weight capacity is 150kg.


3. T Rowing Machine FlyWheel FlyWheel

The T Rowing Machine is an innovative, durable and quiet way to get a great workout in the privacy of your home. The system uses a flywheel that creates variable resistance to give you a smooth and consistent workout every time.

The flywheel system also allows for a quieter operation than other rowing machines, making it ideal for use at home. This rowing machine has been designed with commercial-grade glide rails so you can enjoy smooth motion as well as durability. It’s easy to assemble and perfect for beginners who want to start out on the right foot.


4. Genki Magnetic Rowing MachineMagnetic Exercise

While the Genki Magnetic Exercise Rowing Machine is compact and portable, it offers all of the features you need to get a great workout. The frame is made from tubular steel, so it’s sturdy enough for even heavy users.

It comes with a removable water bottle holder that holds your water bottle while you exercise. The seat is padded, so it’s comfortable to sit on as you row. This rowing machine has 15 levels of resistance, with each level increasing in intensity to provide an effective workout for the whole body.


5. Genki Magnetic RowingGenki Magnetic Exercise Rowing Machine

The Genki Magnetic Exercise Rowing Machine is a dual-action exercise machine that combines the benefits of both rowing and cycling. The large, stable adjustable row pedals are sized with foot straps for maximum comfort and stability.

The console is ergonomically adaptable to your height. 16 levels of magnetic resistance will give you a workout that adjusts to your fitness level as you improve. There is a dial resistance knob mounted conveniently right in front of you so you can easily adjust the tension while exercising.