5 Best Samsung TV Reviews

If you are in the market for a new television, then you have come to the right place. We’re going to be discussing what Samsung TV is best for your needs and budget. You’ll find reviews of five different models on this blog post. 

Samsung has a long history of producing TVs that are in the top tier for clarity and color, but they never stop innovating. With their latest release, the Samsung QLED TV, they have created a TV so thin it’s almost see-through. This is an amazing addition to any home theatre or living room setting.

Samsung has some newer screen technologies that will provide you with an improved viewing experience. The latest innovation from Samsung’s labs are things like their Super AMOLED displays, which offer better brightness and color accuracy over any other type of HDTV. 

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Samsung’s Smart Things are a great way to manage your home because the interface is clean and stable. It’s newest TV screens offer an incredible way of watching movies and looking at photos. They are so immersive you’ll feel like you’re in them – plus they come with tons more colours than before. 

It’s clear that the Samsung Tizen smart TV interface is an impressive and intuitive tool. It only needs small tweaks to maintain its position as one of the very best around, even with other competitors coming out in droves this year.

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1. Samsung TV 65″ QN900A 8K Neo QLED 2021 Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung QN900A 8k QLED is a TV that will blow you away with its mind-blowing image quality and crystal clear, vibrant colors. These 8k TVs released by the company in 2021 – one at the top of their Neo line up and another from their standard lineup are perfect for any home theater or gaming console setup to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. It is still affordable when it comes time to buy. 

With Samsung’s ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer, the QLED TV has a better wide viewing angle compared with other VA TVs and you can watch from any direction in your lounge. 

It has superb brightness, which makes it perfect for rooms with lots of light and dark colors alike. The native contrast ratio isn’t as great but local dimming compensates by delivering deep blacks without blooming or haloing effects on bright objects like during movie scenes in darker settings.

It has an amazing response time of 4ms with very low input lag. It also supports VRR for smoother gaming performance.


2. Samsung TV 65″ QN800A 8K Neo QLED 2021 Samsung 65 inch

This Samsung TV QN800A  looks like the QN90A Model. Both models have quite similar  features. But  these two models are different in 8K resolution and sound quality.

This new model by Samsung was designed to be extra slim so it can live happily alongside modern décor without looking out-of-place. It’s got amazing speakers packed inside which means you’ll never have to buy another speaker again, even if you’re someone who likes loud volumes while watching movies or playing games on their console player. 

The Samsung Tv QN800A offers an excellent gaming experience with its 120Hz panel, FreeSync and low input lag. It also has amazing HDR peak brightness for videos that are in high-dynamic range. 

The new One Connect box is a game changer for the typical home theater setup. It’s one, sleek slim device that hides all your cables and inputs while powering the TV with just one cable on its backside. it sits flush against any flat surface you mount it to, there are no unsightly cords dangling from behind or coming out of its sides. 

Samsung’s QN800A is revolutionary. Movie streaming and viewing Blu-Ray movies was never this immersive before. Samsung’s 8K Neo Quantum Processor features AI capabilities which try to upscale content that cannot be displayed in its original quality, resulting in an absolutely stunning picture. 


3. Samsung TV 55″ QN85A 4K Neo QLED 2021 Samsung 55 inch

The Samsung TV QA55QN85A is a sleek looking flat screen TV that has the right combination of high quality and affordability. It has a big screen with an eye-catching design that includes small bezels, and it stands on just one foot. This leaves plenty of space for soundbars underneath the bottom of its large screen to provide optimum audio tuning.

This is the perfect Samsung TV for gamers and movie buffs alike. With four HDMI inputs, one of them covers every next-gen console-friendly input including FreeSync Premium Pro, ALLM VRR, 4K/120Hz all with an eARC enabled alternative while another offers Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility and dual band wifi to keep your connectivity running smoothly around the house. 

It is a brilliant choice for any entertainment enthusiast who’s looking to get the perfect balance between cinematic feel, and realistic picture quality. With its intuitive set-up process that can be done with only one remote control in just minutes, you’ll have your TV ready to go out of the box – no more complicated manuals needed. 


4. Samsung TV 50″ QN90A 4K Neo QLED 2021 TelevisionSamsung 50 inch

Samsung’s flagship 4k TV in their new Neo QLED lineup has a host of improvements over the traditional one, like using Mini LED as its backlighting. This allows it to get very bright and combat glare or bring out highlights in HDR content better than before. with more control over full-array local dimming, you can expect excellent picture quality from this Samsung product. 

The improved picture quality will amaze you with brightness that can compete against any light source so whether on your morning commute where sunlight may be blinding or at home watching Netflix late into the night when all of your lights are off: this Samsung SmartTV has got you covered through its brilliance while still maintaining other specs like color accuracy and peak luminance capabilities.

The Samsung QN90A is a dream come true for gamers. The 120Hz panel has an incredible response time, so the gaming experience feels completely smooth and lag-free. It’s also great in dark rooms thanks to its excellent contrast ratio even though it only features decent local dimming when in ‘Game Mode’.

The new Samsung Solar Cell Remote can charge itself by using the sunlight in your room. This is a cool feature to have, but it won’t always work when you need it most – which might be better than keeping those batteries on hand. 


5. Samsung TV 50″ AU9000 4K LED 2021 Samsung TV 50 inch

The Samsung TV 50 inch AU9000 4K LED TV features a 120Hz refresh rate, offering you smooth and seamless action scenes with virtually no motion blur. With its smart functionality, including voice control and an integrated Bixby assistant, you can control your content, search the web or get answers to questions quickly and easily. This Samsung Smart TV also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

This is almost a picture perfect TV. The clean bezel around the top and sides, barely noticeable bottom bezel – what people might notice about this product while installing it everything’s so well put together with minimal flaws. 

Samsung’s newest line of TVs come in a variety of options to fit your needs. From the front, you can see that they’re clean with minimal bezel and simple installation – even if their bottom portions are heftier or don’t join seamlessly at either end. 

It comes in many different sizes so it is easy for everyone to find what suits them best from the size perspective while also providing an amazing picture quality on any flat surface like glass tables or screens. 



Q1. Do you need a TV for playing video games? What things should you consider? 

The most important component for gaming has always been the TV, and whether you prefer Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series X, you will get the best experience with a new TV. it will give your gaming a boost in terms of audio and visuals. With high dynamic range (HDR) technology to bring out colors like never before, Dolby Atmos Audio for more immersive sound effects than ever before – regardless of which console you choose. 


Q2. What is dynamic spatial audio?

With the TV’s dynamic spatial audio, you can really get a sense of how fast that race car is going. The roar from its engine fills up either side of your living room as it drives by and makes for an immersive experience with just one television screen. 


Q3. How essential is a wide viewing angle?

A wide viewing angle is important to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements. If you are buying one TV for your personal home entertainment center, it doesn’t matter how many people will be in front of the screen, the width and height should cover them all nicely. 

But if you need something installed throughout an entire living room with multiple seats spread across the space, then a TV with wider angles makes sense because not everyone can see what’s on that huge flat-screen from right up against its edge.