The 5 Best Sandwich Press For The Home Chef

A sandwich press is a handy kitchen appliance that can help you make quick and easy meals. Whether you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or a panini for dinner, a sandwich press can help you achieve perfectly cooked results.

The best sandwich press has a mechanism that helps you retain the crispiness and freshness of the bread. In addition, a sandwich press is easy to use since it doesn’t require much skill (unlike a panini grill). 

Whether you’re looking for a compact press for small sandwiches or a large press for family-sized sandwiches, we’ve got you covered. We also help you pick a press that can accommodate your needs as well as your budget.

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How to choose the Best Sandwich Press in NZ

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for a sandwich press. These include:

Size: How many sandwiches do you want to make in one go? If you live alone, a smaller press that makes 1 or 2 sandwiches at a time should be good enough. On the other hand, if you’re a parent making lunches for children, it’s best to get a large one that makes four sandwiches.

Non-stick surface: To make things easier for you, get a sandwich press that comes with a non-stick surface. This allows you to take out the cooked sandwiches easily so you can add more ingredients.

Interchangeable plates: If you’re making sandwiches for more than one person, you might want a sandwich press with interchangeable plates. This way, you won’t have to keep on washing the plates.

Power: A sandwich press with high wattage can heat up fast. This means that you won’t have to wait for long before you can start cooking your sandwiches.

Timer: Timers help regulate the temperature of the press. This way, it will be easier to retain the freshness and crispiness of bread.

Floating hinge: The ability to lift sandwiches by the hinge is a bonus. Some sandwich presses have hinges that let you lift the sandwiches up, which is why it’s called a floating hinge.

Heat settings: You’ll find sandwich presses with different heat settings. The higher the setting, the faster your sandwiches will be cooked.

Easy to clean: Look for sandwich presses with non-stick plates and removable parts that are easy to clean. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing food bits stuck on the surface.

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The Best Sandwich Press in NZ


1. Sunbeam Café Sandwich MakerSandwich Press

The Sunbeam Café Sandwich Press is the perfect way to make healthy, delicious sandwiches at home. With a floating hinge system and sloping grilling plate, it cooks your food evenly and efficiently, and the non-stick cooking surfaces make cleanup a breeze. The variable heat settings allow you to tailor the cooking temperature to your needs, and the robust die-cast metal arm with RotoDial can lock the top plate in place for fast, two-sided grilling or rest above the food for perfect cheese melts. When you’re done, the sandwich press can be locked for compact storage.


2. Kogan Compact Grill & Sandwich PressKogan

The stainless steel design looks great in any kitchen and is perfect for those who want to grill their favourite meats without having to worry about burning them. With 1500W of heating power and adjustable temperature control, you can easily cook your food to perfection. The extendable feet also make it easy to drain any excess oil, while the non-stick, enamel-coated grill plates make cleanup a breeze. The 2 piece drip tray collects oil and the extendable feet make it easy to drain.


3. Sunbeam Cafe Press – 4 Slice Cafe Press

If you’re looking for a top-quality sandwich press that can do it all, then the Cafe Press 4 Slice Brushed Sandwich Press is a perfect choice. With its cheese melt function, you can easily create open melt snacks that are sure to be a hit with everyone. The easy-clean non-stick coating is metal utensil safe and makes cleanup a breeze. The plates lock for vertical storage, so you can save space in your kitchen. The 2400 watts of power make this sandwich press heat up quickly, so you can get your snacks on the table in no time. The stylish brushed stainless steel housing looks great in any kitchen.


4. Russell Hobbs Sandwich PressRussell Hobbs

This sandwich press is a multifunctional press that can prepare a variety of different food items. This press can be used for sandwiches, fried eggs, soft toasted sandwiches, quesadillas, and more. The floating hinge allows for various thicknesses of sandwiches and fried eggs. The temperature indicator lights on the top make it easy to know when the press is hot enough for use. The stainless steel finish is easy to clean and maintain.


5. George Foreman Griller Press Electric Griller

George Foreman Sandwich Press is perfect for grilling, frying, griddling and more. This grill is easy to clean and compact. The floating hinge makes it easy to flip your food and the drip tray clips into place for convenience. This grill is a breeze to use and you can use it for a variety of recipes for an easy and healthy meal. This is one of the best Sandwich Press in the NZ market




What can a sandwich press be used for?

The best sandwich press is a handy kitchen appliance that can help you make quick and easy meals. Whether you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or a panini for dinner, a sandwich press can help you achieve perfectly cooked results.

A sandwich press is also a time-saving kitchen utensil. It helps you save time in the kitchen by pressing your favourite ingredients between two slices of bread and popping them into the toaster for a few minutes.


Is a sandwich maker good for your health?

Yes, the best sandwich press makes healthy and yummy sandwiches, like rye bread with turkey, pesto, raw vegetables, and toasted walnuts. It removes excess oil from food which will make you healthier.


What is the best sandwich maker brand?

Sunbeam, Russell Hobbs and George Foreman are some of the top sandwich presses on the NZ market.  These brands manufacture different models of sandwich makers, from simple counter-top models to multifunctional ones.