Top 7 Best Security Cameras in NZ

Security cameras have made it easier than ever to keep an eye on everything from home, kids or pets. Just launch a security camera app and you’ll be able to see whether burglars are in your house or if it’s just the cat climbing up curtains.

The camera is equipped with technology that will allow it to start recording if someone has left something outside while you’re out which could be extremely beneficial for small business owners or anyone in the courier industry who would like some peace of mind knowing exactly what package was dropped off at their location without having to constantly check multiple times per day.

There are many cameras available, and the popularity of security cameras is increasing. It can be tough to decide which camera you want to buy because there are so many different options. We’re here today as a guide about what features you should look out for when buying a home surveillance camera. 

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How to choose the Best Home Security Camera 


What type of home security camera do you need?

The two types of home security cameras are indoor and outdoor. Indoor ones tend to be cheaper, but they need an adapter for mains power while outdoor cameras must have to be weatherproof with a battery life that lets you DIY the installation process.

If you want to take pictures of people indoors, but do not use wires or batteries then an RF camera will work best. The only downside is that the cameras need to be recharged from time to time and may die if they are in a hard place for charging them.


Is video quality important?

We are lucky that our cameras can capture crisp, detailed video in all types of light conditions. This means we will be able to see important details like number plates or faces clearly. If your camera isn’t capable of this then you may not be able to make out the details. 

The days when people had smeary and murky low-resolution videos have been banished from history for good now and most modern-day cameras record at 1080p or above resolutions nowadays too so it’s definitely a plus point.

The best cameras today have an important feature called HDR that allows for better video processing. This camera process can brighten up the dark areas of the image without blowing out brighter parts, ensuring you can see everything in detail. Cameras without this are more difficult to balance and therefore often result in unclear visuals.

If you want to use your camera at night, make sure it has a ‘night-vision’ mode using infrared lights. You will need between one and two LEDs for small or medium rooms but larger spaces may require more than that. If the area is outside considered purchasing an outdoor floodlight. They work by pairing bright white floods with cameras so no intruder can get close without being detected.

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What other security camera features should I look out for?

Object, pet, and human detection features can be a big time-saver. Some cameras even allow you to link names to faces so that you know when your kids get home from school which is incredibly useful. 

Pan and zoom allow you to move a camera remotely. This feature may be useful, but not essential for home security cameras with a wide field of view that can capture most angles without using this function.

Smart assistant/speaker integration is being marketed as a feature of smart screens, but it isn’t actually that useful in practice. For example, using  Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to display your camera feed on screen doesn’t add much value and just serves as an annoyance for many users who have no practical application.

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The Best Security Cameras NZ


1. Swann SWIFI Spotlight Motion Security Camera – 2 PackHome Security Cameras

The Swann SWIFI Spotlight Security Camera is a high-definition security camera with a built-in spotlight, providing you with the ability to see what is going on even when it’s dark. The cameras are easy to install and can be viewed from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or computer.

The camera also features night vision, motion detection alerts and two-way audio communication so you can hear what’s going on at home or deter intruders with the built-in speaker. This 2 pack comes with everything you need to set up your cameras including mounting equipment, power supply and cables.


2. Google Nest Cam Indoor Security CameraGoogle Nest

The Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a simple way to keep an eye on your home.

This camera features a 130° wide-angle view and an all-glass lens, so you can see more of the room in 1080p HD, day or night.

The Nest app alerts you when there’s activity detected at home, and it sends a photo of the event with just one tap. And if you have more than one Nest Cam, they can talk to each other and show you what’s happening at both locations.


3. Swann CCTV Security Camera System


The Swann Security Camera System is a complete home security system that will protect you and your family from intruders. The camera features heat/motion detection, allowing it to activate when people or animals are in its field of view.

It can also send an alert to your smartphone when it detects movement. You can be notified by the sound of the alarm, or if you have a smart device, receive an alert on your smartphone. The sensor is weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about whether your house will be protected during bad weather conditions.

The massive 1TB hard drive can store months of recordings.  It’s also easy to transfer videos onto a USB stick.


4. Arlo Pro 4 Wire Free Camera 2 Pack Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro 2K is a wire-free, weatherproof security camera with rechargeable batteries that lasts for 6 months. It provides crisp 1080p video, a 160-degree field of view, and night vision up to 25 feet.

 Arlo Pro works indoors or outdoors and has intelligent motion detection with customizable activity alerts and advanced recording options to capture what you want and skip what you don’t.


5. Security Camera System CCTV POECCTV POE

This NVR is a network video recorder that supports up to 8 channels of 1080P cameras and provides remote viewing via a web browser or mobile device. The NVR can be connected to the internet through a wired or wireless connection and allows you to view your camera system from any location with internet access.

This is a security camera system that supports up to 4TB each. It supports night vision, and it’s suitable for outdoor use. The cameras are easy to install, and you can monitor them from anywhere in the world. 


6. Arlo Pro 3  Wireless Security 2 Camera Kit Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro is the most powerful and easy-to-use wire-free security camera system on the market. With its innovative technology, it can see up to 100 feet in complete darkness. Arlo offers a 2k HDR colour night vision camera that captures sharp images even in low light, an integrated spotlight for visibility during the day, and a wider field of view. 

The weatherproof cameras are completely wire-free and feature rechargeable batteries with an integrated siren alarm that provides optional push alerts. It features rechargeable batteries with up to 6 months of life.


7. Swann 4-Pack 1080p Outdoor Security Camera

Security Camera

The Swann 1080p Outdoor Security Camera is a set of four wireless security cameras that are equipped with the latest technology to ensure superior quality. Each camera produces high-definition video, and it can be viewed from any location through your smartphone or computer. 

It is easy to install and will provide you with real-time video surveillance. The cameras are weather-resistant and come equipped with infrared night vision for clear images in the dark. They also feature motion detection technology that notifies you when there is an activity in your area. It also has audio capability.