Top 5 Best Selfie Stick in NZ

Selfie sticks have become a very popular way to take memorable photos from a unique perspective. They can help you create unique angles to share with friends and family. 

With their convenient length, ease of use, and ability to take pictures without having to hold a camera, selfie sticks are a must-have tool for capturing all of those special moments. 

There are so many different models available, and determining which model is right for you can be difficult. In this blog, we’ll be covering what to look for in a selfie stick, how to use it, and where to buy one. we’ll also provide you with a few tips on what brands to trust.

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How to choose the Best Selfie Stick for you

What are selfie sticks for?

These sticks let you capture a photo from a unique and elevated perspective. They’re great for capturing moments that would otherwise be impossible to shoot, such as an action scene or taking a photo on top of the sky Tower.

They’re also useful for group photos because everyone can get into the frame without having to ask someone to take it. It’s also easier to take pictures of yourself, especially in awkward positions or when you don’t have someone else with you.

Many selfie sticks will come with a phone or tablet mount already installed, though if you want one that can accommodate larger devices like DSLRs, then you may want to look for a tripod model.


What size selfie stick is best?

Most selfie sticks will have three to five feet of length, which is often longer than you’ll need. If you want to be able to take a photo with your arm and shoulder in view, then you may need a longer stick. 

On the other hand, if your arms are too short for a selfie stick, then you’re better off going with a shorter model. 

These sticks can be broken down into two categories: telescopic and on-tripods. Telescopic sticks are the most common models, and they’re designed to be folded up. They’re perfect if you want a stick that’s easy to carry around, and that also takes up minimal space when you’re not using it. 


What other features should you consider?

Some of the best selfie sticks offer remote shutter release, a personal tripod that doubles up as a table-top tripod and can securely attach to your phone. Others have Bluetooth shutter, which lets you trigger the camera and take pictures remotely without having to touch your device. 

Most selfie sticks are made of durable and lightweight aluminium, meaning they can be easily carried around. Some also come in a variety of colours.

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The Best Selfie Sticks NZ


1. Bluetooth Selfie Stick with TripodSelfie Stick

The Bluetooth Stick with Tripod is a small device that can be attached to a phone or any electronic device that you would like to mount on it. The Bluetooth Selfie Stick comes with a flexible and adjustable arm, so it can easily be fitted to most devices as well as capable of holding them steady without wobbling. This makes it an ideal accessory for anyone who enjoys taking selfies but also wants the security of having something more stable than just their hands or their phone screen. 


2. Wireless Selfie Stick w/ Extendable Tripod

Wireless Selfie Stick

The 3-in-1 Stick with Bluetooth remote control allows you to take high-quality photos, videos and selfies with ease.  The stick function and tripod bracket make it easy to capture the action. The aluminium alloy body is both lightweight and durable while the Bluetooth connection speed is up to 8 times faster. The built-in 50mAh rechargeable and recyclable lithium battery ensures a long-lasting power supply. This Selfie Stick is perfect for travelling and has a 270-degree rotating and Bluetooth control distance of up to 10 meters.


3. Zhiyun Handheld Smooth XS Gimbal Stabilizer

Gimbal Stabilizer

The Zhiyun Handheld Smooth XS Gimbal Stabilizer is the best accessory for your camera. It’s very easy to use, so you can start shooting in seconds! Its single-click portrait mode allows you to easily change between landscape and portrait photography mode without taking your hand off the camera. In addition, this product has a 260-degree telescopic rod that enables a new perspective and must-have for those who like to throw a party. 


4. DJI Osmo Mobile 5 Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone Gimbal

The DJI Osmo is a pocket-sized gimbal that is designed for smartphones and is packed with all the features that you would expect from a DJI gimbal. The foldable design and lightweight construction let you take it with you wherever you go and the 3-axis gimbal stabilises your smartphone, providing you with smoother, more stable footage. The Osmo also features ActiveTrack 4.0 technology which helps you to focus on the subject that you are shooting and not the camera.


5. Phone Gimbal Stabilizer Selfie-Stick Tripod

Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

The 3 in 1 Phone Gimbal Stabilizer Stick is a multifunctional accessory for smartphones and cameras. It’s a selfie stick and tripod stand combined with a phone holder. The extendable length allows you to take into account your preferences. The phone holder is designed with a 360 degree, to ensure the best video and photo-taking experience. The Smart vibration reduction technology ensures stable and clear photo and video taking.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post. A selfie stick is a must-have for all your trips or events! With our blog, we tried to answer some common questions that we are often asked about these sticks. Please let us know what you think and feel free to ask us any more questions.