The 10 Best Sewing Machines NZ

Looking for sewing, stitching, repairing or tailoring, here we have the list of the best sewing machines in NZ for you 

If you’re a beginner and interested in doing basic sewing then a good sewing machine is your best helper. It is important that you choose the best sewing machine for you and which lasts a lifetime. 

Here we have the best sewing machines from entry-level machines for first-timers to specialist models for embroidery or heavy-duty materials. If you’re new to sewing and don’t know how to operate a machine, our buyer’s guide will help you. 

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How to choose the Best Sewing Machine for you

Types of sewing machines

1. Computerised sewing machines – 

These machines control different functions of the machine, ranging from a needle up/down function to maximum speed control and are also perfect for more complex pieces of work. You can use either buttons or an LCD display to do different types of stitching.  It also comes with memory functions, which can be useful if you do plenty of sewing.

2. Electronic sewing machines –

This type of machine is great for beginners. This machine is powered by a single motor and you can adjust the speed. it has a foot pedal to operate the machine so you don’t need to use your hands. In this machine, you can select the length and stitch types. This is the most common sewing machine and is easy to operate. 

3. Overlockers – 

These machines are basically designed specifically for stitching edges and for finishings. This machine has decorative stitching choices and is great for overlocking. it is easier to use as it has clear instructions given on the machine. 


What features should you look for?

If you are just a new starter or experienced still you want an easy and perfect sewing machine. A basic sewing machine is good for any type of dressmaking, crafting and for alteration and it should have a range of stitch widths and lengths of straight stitch, zigzag stitches or automatic buttonholes and should be perfect for any kind of task. 

If you are looking for advanced stitching or embroidery, crafting, or home furnishing things so you should look for a wider range of machines. For thicker fabrics, a heavy-duty machine will be good. 


What other things should you consider?


Weight of Sewing machines 

A sewing machine should be light and compact so you can easily move the machine when not in use. Some sewing machines can be heavy or bigger in size.



It is important to check what the machine comes with such as accessories if there are additional ones you can buy. Some machines have built-in storage space as well. 

The Best Sewing Machines NZ  


1. Brother GS2700 Sewing MachineBrother Sewing Machines

The new GS2700  sewing machine is great for entry-level. This machine is quite easy to handle and simple to operate. While you use this machine you do not need oil so you can easily work on it without any hassle. 

This is a huge step forward for entry-level sewing machines. The GS2700  is very easy to clean and easy to maintain.  This sewing machine has the top loading quick set bobbin, which makes it easier to thread than the traditional front loading sewing machines. 

This machine has LED lighting and a Top loading bobbin. this can  do Variable stitch length and width 

Pros:  This is Free arm sewing and very easy to operate.

Cons:  It makes some noise 


2. Brother Sewing Machine GS2510Brother Sewing Machine

This Brother Sewing Machine GS2510 is amazingly easy to use and a great option for beginners. This machine makes it easy and simple to do alterations, sewing and things that need to be repaired. Sewing machines make it easy when you just start your new sewing project. 

You have 25 choices of stitches in this sewing machine and different stitch lengths. This machine has a top-loading bobbin and needle threader and four-step buttonhole. 

You can adjust the stitches length according to your sewing project  

Pros : super easy to work on. It has stitch length adjustment options and has needle threaders. It has an Automatic Buttonhole in a simple  4-Step and is lightweight to carry. 

Cons : No slow speed option and fixed feet.


3. Brother JA1450NT Sewing MachineBrother Sewing Machine

This Brother JA1450NT sewing machine is amazing for those who just started learning sewing. This machine is easy to work on and you can handle this machine according to your choice of sewing. If you are looking to give a new finish to your different dresses or you need to do sewing for household things like curtains, then this is the machine you should grab.  

This machine gives a professional finish to your favourite clothing. It comes with 14 built-in stitches so you have a choice and option for stitching. It has a 4-step buttonhole and top-load bobbin and also has an auto-threading system

Pros :  lightweight and compact sewing machine and has an auto-threading system. This smart sewing machine has an LED sewing light and comes with an instructional DVD.  twin-needle sewing option. 

Cons : Expensive to fix 


4. Brother Home Sewing Machine A16

Brother Sewing Machine A16

This  Brother home sewing machine A16 is great for household and commercial use. This is an awesome way to take your design and idea to the next level. This machine is easy to work on and any new beginner can handle this petite sewing machine. This machine can sew denim, sheers, cotton, and stretch fabrics very smoothly. 

This home sewing machine has a fixed needle bar which is super helpful for needle penetration on heavier fabrics. For an even better finish, it has in-built wider and shorter buttonhole stitches it has 16-built stitches and 3 one-step buttonhole styles.

This machine is very advanced and has a single-action auto needle threading system. You can make a Lock stitch button and can adjust Stitches’ length and width. There is a choice for an up or down needle stop position setting and slide speed control system. 

Pros : This sewing machine is fast and quick to set bobbin. This comes with a start and stops button and sews evenly and smoothly. This comes with LCD Screen.

Cons :  Expensive 


5. Sewing machineSewing machine

This Sewing Machine is easy to start and designed in a user-friendly way and perfect for beginners and suitable for sewing enthusiasts to use. This portable machine is a Multi-function Sewing Machine with a Dual functioning system and also has a reverse Function. 

This amazing machine has 2-speed adjustment options and 12 built-in  Stitches adjustments according to your choice. It has a working lamp for proper light during sewing. Great for quick alteration, mends and hems. 

This  Mini Sewing Machine has a foot pedal that makes it easy to use and is fitted with a light. You can easily do sewing with both hands and can control the speed with your foot pedal.  It has 8 layers of sewing and automatic bobbin rewinding

Pros : this portable machine is a foot pedal operation system and User Friendly Designed It has a working lamp. Quick and easy to use. 

 Cons :  Small size, probably can not sew thick fabric 


6. Grabstore Sewing machineSewing machine

This Grabstore Sewing machine is great for household use. This is suitable for various home sewing things like the home decoration, changing and making clothes, crafting, sewing different design dresses etc. this machine has a power switch to the off position.

This sewing machine is electric and has multi-functions. It gives a classic straight seam once sewn. For perfect sewing, this machine has slots at the bottom of the machine for sewing the sleeves and trousers.

This mini sewing machine is equipped with built-in lighting and thread cutter, it is easy to cut the thread and work under a sufficient light source. 

Pros : This sewing machine is small in size and portable and does stable and smooth stitching. It is simple to roll up.

Cons : Small size, Not suitable large jobs


7. Grabstore Mini sewing machine

Mini sewing machine

This mini Grabstore Mini sewing machine is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It has a desktop foot pedal night light, household straight line cutter automatic winding sewing machine. The best thing about this machine is it is mini size and easy to carry and move to any place. This mini machine body is of Plastic stainless steel. 

This sewing machine is a basic sewing machine and is suitable for beginners. It has amazing features that make it easy to use and great for all sewing machine users.

It is equipped with a lighting lamp for better sight and with a thread cutter which makes it easy to cut off threads. It has a double threads option and perfect stitch control and a bigger size spool that can be used with a rewinding device. 

Pros :  This machine is very lightweight,  simple to use and has the easy replacement of bottom bobbin. It has easy to operate features. This is an amazing value of money.

Cons :  Little Machine, Not suitable for major alteration. 


8. Portable Mini Electric Sewing MachineElectric Sewing Machine

This Portable mini desktop electric sewing machine sews clothes with a single sewing line. This is a very lightweight and portable mini machine and needs a small place to keep it. It is great for offices, simple sewing, household use, new students and craftspeople. 

This desktop sewing machine is easier to use than the big bulky sewing machines. You can adjust the speed slow or fast according to you. 

With this sewing machine, you can give your dress professional finish stitching and can fix, mend or repair in seconds at home. This machine is light powered by a 4AA battery. 

This sewing machine comes with one pack of needle and foot pedals, needle threaders and 4 metal bobbins. 

Pros : lightweight, easy to carry any place even you can take it with you while travelling.  Value of money and affordable and comes with 12 months of warranty. 

Cons : Very tiny, Not well-known Brand.


9. Brother A150 Electronic Sewing machineElectronic Sewing machine

This Brother A150 electric sewing machine is a full-featured sewing machine with great quality features. It has auto thread cutting and auto needle threading features. It has fine tensioning control and it sews beautifully every time, from sheers to stretch and denim.

This machine is incredibly awesome and can do 850 stitches per minute. It has 50 stitches, 3 fonts, 10 one-step buttonholes. For doing parallel top-stitching it has twin needle capability. It has 150 built-in sewing patterns an adjustable speed controller and a foot controller. 

Pros : This stylish sewing machine has a Start-Stop Button and quick Set Bobbin.  Drop Feed, Bobbin Type is  Horizontal. Beginners and professionals both can use this machine. 

Cons : Expensive, Not suitable for a beginner.


10. Thomson 16 Stitch Sewing MachineThomson Sewing Machine

This Thomson 16 Stitch Sewing Machine is good for beginners and enthusiasts craftspeople. It comes With extra accessories and can be a great help for you. It comes with 16 Stitches patterns and Four-step button-hole sewing. It is a great gadget that is great for household and office use. 

This machine has an automatic winding function, adjustable knob control for thread tension and a horizontal rotating hook. It has a built-in LED sewing light that will help you see your stitches, and with a  thread cutter. 

This has forward and reverses sewing With Cutter.  Foot pedals are included and this machine can switch Sew sleeves and cuffs smoothly and evenly.  

Pros : This sewing machine has drawers for accessories and automatic winding functions.  Four-step button-hole sewing and has adjustable knobs for thread tension. This sewing machine can Mend, create, craft and more.  

Cons : Make some noise 


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