Top 5 Best Shelving Units in NZ

Do you have a cluttered garage that’s not only difficult to get into but also full of half-finished projects and loose tools? Think how nice it will feel when everything is neatly organised on shelves, hold everything in place so it doesn’t get lost or mixed up and realize where things are can make all the difference in your day.

Get ready to maximize your garage space with these best shelving units. Here you will know how they can be customized for what you want and need,  explaining some of the best features of them such as durability or strength against water damage. If this is something that’s important then our buyer’s guide will help – it goes into detail on things like picking out exactly which type would work based on your needs. 

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How to choose the Best Shelving units 

The garage shelving units are not all that different, but you should know some things about the frame and assembly. Dimensions really make a difference in which storage option is best for your needs. The taller models will hold more weight than shorter ones do.



You’ll find that the frames of most garage storage shelving units are made from metal, usually some thickness. You can get a budget price for an average-quality product but don’t expect high-quality components at this cost.

Some shelves come with pre-drilled holes for mounting to the wall. Make sure you know how and where these will go before buying, otherwise purchase some other kind of shelving frame that can be attached in this manner as necessary. 



The most of shelves are made of MDF in a Steel frame unit and they all are adjustable so you can adjust according to your need.  Some plastic made shelves units are  modular shelving which allows you to design shelve many different ways

All garage shelving units are safe for the weight they can handle. Each shelf in a storage room has an individual load limit, so you should multiply this number by how many shelves there are to get your total tonnage before attempting moves with heavy power tools like drills and saws from floor space onto these higher levels of equipment racks without jeopardizing their structural integrity or personal safety, but if something is 150kg per unit then it would be better not put all these heavy power tools at once onto one high shelf either.

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The Best Shelving Units NZ


1. Steel Shelving Unit Heavy Duty 

Steel Shelving Unit

This is a great addition to your garage or storage area. It’s easy to assemble and holds up to 750kg per shelf, meaning you can store just about anything on it. This shelving unit is built from heavy-duty steel with a durable powder-coated finish. The shelves are fully adjustable and the cross-bracing means it can hold even more weight than other shelves units.


2. Blackspur Steel Shelving

Steel Shelves

The Black Spur is a tough and smart steel shelving unit with five shelves. It is also possible to make two half-height bays using the 1 Bay kit. The frame is made of powder-coated, heavy-duty steel and the shelves are made from MDF with a tough PVC edge trim. Each shelf can hold up to 265kg in weight, which means that even heavy items like boxes or machinery can be stored on this unit. This makes it ideal for garages, warehouses and workshops where there is a lot of heavy equipment being used all day long. 


3. Keter Tribac 90/5 Plastic Shelves

Plastic Shelves

Keter’s Tribac is a simple, fast and modular plastic shelving that can hold up to 55kg per shelf. This lightweight, durable and flexible storage solution is great for organizing your garage or any other area of your home. It comes with four shelves. And because it’s made from UV stabilized plastic, the Keter Tribac will last longer than traditional wood or metal.


4. Storage Shelving UnitStorage Shelving Unit

This antique white storage shelving unit is a great addition to your home. It has four shelves and is made from sturdy old pine, giving it a great look. The diagonal design adds character to your living space and the wood finish can be placed in any room of your house. It’s easy to assemble.


5.  Warehouse Shelving Racking

Warehouse Shelving Racking

The 5-Tier Storage steel frame is the perfect solution for organizing your garage, attic or basement. Its adjustable height and layers make it easy to store all of your items in one place. The powder-coated finish makes this unit rust-resistant. The boltless assembly allows you to easily put this rack together with no tools required! This storage rack also features sturdy MDF board shelving that can hold up to 175kg on each shelf.


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